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Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Obama parades good, Trump parades fascist

So the great big scoop by Greg Jaffe and Philip Rucker of the Washington Post is that President Trump wants to have a major military parade in Washington on Memorial Day (May 28) or Independence Day (July 4). The Pentagon wants one to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that ended World War I.

Why not have parades on all three dates?

The Post quoted  "a military official who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the planning discussions are supposed to remain confidential," who said, "The marching orders were: I want a parade like the one in France. This is being worked at the highest levels of the military."

While the Washington Post repeatedly said the president was inspired by the Bastille Day parade he saw last summer, I am pretty sure Trump was in a parade or two when he was a captain (class president) at the New York Military Academy.

Still, given that our troops are leaving Iraq after helping to vanquish the Islamic State, a parade acknowledging this in conjunction with other military holidays would be nice.

But the haters immediately mocked the president. Jeryl Bier, a stringer for the Weekly Standard, tweeted, "Our military is invaluable and I respect the military tremendously, and this is dumb."

The only thing that is dumb about this is how Bier's hate fogs his brain.

NPR illustrated its report with a video, "Military Parade in Moscow. May 9, 2017. Moscow Victory Parade."

Funny how anti-Russian the left has become since the Soviet Union ended.

ABC News reported, "It's unclear how much it might cost to bring vehicles and aircraft to Washington."

Yes, flying aircraft 10 miles from Joint Base Andrews in Camp Springs, Maryland, and driving in from Fort Meade will cost thousands of dollars, which of course will break our $4 trillion or so federal budget.

Over at National Review, Kevin Williamson portrayed the president as Trump Jong Un, writing, "Long obsessed with North Korean–style (he would say French) shows of military splendor, President Trump has ordered the Pentagon to get ready to roll tanks down the streets of Washington, D.C."

Yes, because only North Korea has military parades. I am glad to see that National Review is an equal idiocy employer.

"We have more important things to do than to focus on a damn parade," retired Army Lt. Gen. Mick Bednarek, told Politico. "It detracts from all we are doing."

And yet parade fields are common on Army posts around the world. Indeed, General Bednarek had a little ceremony when he took command of the First Army in April 2011.

I guess the First Army had nothing better to do that day but march for their new commander.

This parade of anti-parade stories is more Trump hate, and yes, military generals are not immune to the nonsensical, drooling anger that rages inside a Trumpophobe.

Military parades are common in Washington. And some gave tanks. Barack Obama's Pentagon held plenty of them.

Obama's Inauguration, 2013.

Rehearsing on October 5, 2012.

Memorial Day 2015.

President George Walker Bush held them.

Inauguration Day 2005.

JFK held them.

Inauguration Day 1961.

I cannot recall one president who did not have a military parade.

Suddenly, military parades are wrong because President Trump is holding them?

We have the dumbest media on Earth.


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  1. Someone nominate me for the "float" committee.

    The concept of wheeled crumb and wall memes give me the meat sweats.

  2. Steve in GreensboroFebruary 7, 2018 at 8:15 AM

    What's up with parade with only soldiers with rifles? Our military parades look a little gay in comparison to those held by the Russkies and the Chicoms.

    Recommend we roll a long line of nuclear-tipped missiles down Pennsylvania Ave. That sends the right message to the axis of evil.

    1. Hahaha Steve! Yeah, it's like, we can speak your language, muchachos. Praise the Lord and Pass The Ammunition. More multidimensional chess from Mr. T!

    2. Ike's Second Inaugural in '57 featured a missile towed along Pennsylvania Ave.

  3. Marching our military to celebrate getting out of wars is a bad thing to the people who can think of nothing but getting us into them.

  4. "We have the dumbest media on Earth." but the competition is fierce, I tell you, fierce! -- BJ54

  5. @Don Surber:

    “Funny how anti-Russian the left has become since the Soviet Union fell.”

    Actually, they were entranced with the Rooskies well past the Re-Set Button caper. In 2012 we promised more “flexibility.” The Red Army (Air Force division) was a big hit with the left in Syria. And wasn’t there cooperation on Iran?

    Perhaps they jumped on board a Hate Russia platform around November of ‘16?

  6. We had a great parade in DC after the first Gulf War, led by Stormin' Norman.

    1. When I got out of the military in 1971, there weren't any parades to welcome me home, rather the opposite.

      I'm proud of our military; I'm also in favor of a parade. Our military has been downgraded, underfunded, and denigrated ever since the Manchurian President took office, and it's now time to celebrate them, and celebrate the fact that we now have a pro-American President!

    2. Same here when I got out of the Navy in 1966.

  7. I'm going to guess that trump knows the usual leftist fools will make fun of the idea and make themselves look anti American and anti military.

    1. I agree with Mr Patriot. A win in 18 will allow more agenda success for DT. The military is the only respected government institution left in the US and is likely to stay that way. He will be attaching himself to it in a political way with such a show. This might sound selfish but he needs to fund the military at an increased rate, a difficult task when there is no war or the threat of one and at a time of heavy deficit spending. So to me his motivation is clean and not self serving.
      The standing of pundits politicians and the press, maybe man in general, is largely determined by predictive success. It is a survival trait without which there is no existence. Because Trump got elected and has been successful, his enemies appear to lack this critical ability,so are now suffering intense humiliation, rejection and even poverty. In their pain they first hoped to reverse time using crack pot theories, then to lie away reality. Now they are regrouping to encourage their ragged forces with daily two minute hates in the hope some Oswald can be created to relieve them of their distress, cowardly as they are.
      He is the CNC. Let him have his parade and as many times he wants. He knows the enemy well.

  8. National Review: The only guy worth reading there is Victor Davis Hanson. I have to wonder why he's still there with NR tarnishing his reputation. "Our" media, continuing to shoot themselves in the feet.

  9. Things are warming up.

  10. Having a parade on Memorial Day or your Inauguration Day is fine, even on the 4th of July would be OK. But to just have one cause you want one the way a 4 year old wants cake seems a bit immature. Even more so since there is no real record of military service in his family. Perhaps bone spurs run in the family,

    1. JFC the proposal is for Veterans Day or Independence Day or some other existing military-related day. Why are libtards so fecking determined to be bone ignorant all the time?

    2. It's a requirement to be a lib.

  11. It is ironic that Kevin Williamson got me on the Never Trumper train pretty early but I also got off because I was so disgusted by his prejudice, double standards,self righteousness and mendacity of him and other Never Trumpers.

  12. A parade would cost money that illegal aliens deserve. We shouldn't be spending foolishly when we should be spending stupidly!

  13. "We have the dumbest media on Earth."

    It's hard to KNOW this without checking every journo and media outlet on the planet. But, it's the way to bet.

  14. I think it's nice to have a parade to celebrate some military victories. But to just have a parade for the sake of a parade seems silly. If the President just wants to expand the parades done at holidays like Memorial Day, the Fourth of July etc, that makes sense though those parades don't just include the military but have Boys and Girls Scouts, High School bands etc. On another note, most military are not fans of being in parades themselves. (I have siblings that are Vets as well as cousins in the Army and Marines.) They call it a 'dog and pony' show. And if more money is being spent on that compared to providing aid to Disabled and Homeless Veterans, it's hard to justify it. I've seen the pictures of our Arsenal and we are already badass when it comes to what we spend on defense.

  15. Those were parades. Not military parades. No missiles, no tanks. There's plenty of money for golf trips and ego boosts for Ol' Bone Spurs, but he can't do anything for anyone because he's given away all the money to the bilionaires.