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Sunday, February 25, 2018

Not My Olympics Team

I hope President Trump does not extend the honor of an invitation to the White House to Team USA.

It is a tax-exempt corporation of entertainers who play niche sports at a quadrennial gathering of similar nationalist organizations from around the world. They are supposed to promote fair play and sportsmanship.

This pack of losers featured too many crybabies who cannot get over the last election.

If this is their attitude, then Team USA represents the 48% of the country still butt-hurt over Hillary getting schlonged 30 states to 20.

No one elected them America's team. They are Not My Olympics Team. They are just a troupe of traveling athletes like the Harlem Globetrotters.

I have already written about two women skiers who started one-sided feuds with the duly elected president -- only to crash at the Olympics. Spectacularly. The snowflakes ate snow.

But I skipped over the gay figure skater trying to feud with Vice President Mike Pence.

Pence ignored him, so should I.

Why can they not just practice and compete, and represent the nation in a positive manner?

Instead of enjoying their moment in the sun, a few Olympians politicized what should be the greatest moment in their lives.

During the closing ceremonies, skier Gus Kenworthy tweeted barbs at the administration.

"Kenworthy, another openly gay Olympian who is not a fan of Pence, has taken this red-hot shot across the bow of U.S.-Russian politics with this fiery tweet on the dusk of the Winter Games in response to Russia’s gold medal win in hockey," Yahoo breathlessly reported.

He tweeted, "Russia's biggest win since the 2016 US Presidential election!"

Enough whine to supply Mogen David for a month.

He also posted a picture of Team USA and wrote, "So proud of all these people! Everybody here has worked so hard to make it to the Olympics and have the opportunity to walk in the closing ceremony! Well... Everyone except Ivanka. Honestly, tf is she doing here??"

Maybe he should just stay in Korea until he figures that one out.

This reminded me of Meryl Streep's speech last year at one of those ceremonies in which she received a lifetime achievement award. Instead of reflecting on her decades of acting and thanking those who helped her, she gave a pedestrian denunciation of the new president.

Considering Harvey Weinstein would have been one of those she would have had to thank, perhaps Streep chose more wisely than I thought.

As for this Kenworthy fellow, he's too small a fish to fry in my list of people who feuded with Donald John Trump -- and wound up worse for the ordeal.

The Trump Effect List:

1. Casey Affleck.

February 2017: "Casey Affleck Slams Trump Administration’s ‘Abhorrent’ Policies in Spirit Awards Speech."

November 2017: "Thousands Sign Petition To Keep Casey Affleck From Presenting At Oscars."

2. H. Brandt Ayers

2017: "Trump breaches moral line."

2018: "Anniston Star's ex-publisher spanked female employees in the 1970s, reports say."

3. Alec Baldwin.

2016: "Alec Baldwin totally nailed Trump on the 'SNL' premiere."

2017: "Alec Baldwin Admits He's 'Bullied Women,' Calls for a Change in Hollywood."

4. LaVar Ball.

November 2017: "LaVar Ball Is Feuding with Donald Trump Over His Son's Release From China."

December 2017: "LaVar Ball sends his sons to play in LITHUANIA after pulling them both out of school in the United States after UCLA-Trump row."

5. Maddie Bowman.

2017: "Olympic gold medal skier Maddie Bowman would turn down visit to the White House."

2018: "Team USA's Maddie Bowman Finishes 11th in Crushing Blow for Former Gold Medal Skier."

6. Hillary Clinton:

2016: "Clinton has 90 percent chance of winning."

2017: "Hillary, I love you. But please go away."

7. George Clooney.

2016: "Clooney's Vow: Trump Will Not Be President; See Trump's Response."

2017: "Clooney's 'Suburbicon' tanks, 'Saw' sequel No. 1 with $16.3M."

8. John Conyers.

2016: "Rep. John Conyers: Donald Trump Is the Next Richard Nixon."

2017: "Rep. John Conyers Jr. resigns over sexual harassment allegations."

9. David Corn.

2016: "MSNBC’s David Corn destroys Ann Coulter for defending Trump’s decision not to release tax returns."

2017: "David Corn investigated for inappropriate workplace behavior."

10. Bill Cosby.

2011: "During an appearance on the 'Today Show,' Bill Cosby slammed Donald Trump's political aspirations, telling him to 'run or shut up'."

2017: "Bill Cosby trying to take out $30M loan to pay mounting legal bills."

11. Lena Dunham.

2016: "Lena Dunham: I'll move to Canada if Trump is president."

2017: "Lena Dunham Apologizes for Defending Girls Writer Accused of Rape."

12. Eminem.

October 2017: "Eminem unleashes on Trump: The 11 fiercest lines."

November 2017: "Eminem is SKEWERED on social media after his bizarre performance on SNL."

Bonus: "Rapper Eminem ‘extremely angry’ that Trump didn’t respond to castigating freestyle rap."

13. Al Franken.

2016: "Al Franken Hilariously Mocks Donald Trump."

2017: "Al Franken to Resign From Senate Amid Harassment Allegations."

14. GQ.

2016: "If You Vote For Trump, Then Screw You."

2017: "Layoffs Hit GQ as Condé Nast Cuts Continue."

15. Kathy Griffin.

2016: "Kathy Griffin Thinks Comedy Should Go All Out on ‘President Piece of Shit’ Donald Trump."

2017: "CNN fires Kathy Griffin."

16. Alcee Hastings.

2016: "Democratic congressman calls Donald Trump 'pile of excrement'."

2017: "Taxpayers paid $220K to settle sexual harassment case involving Hastings."

17. Stephen Henderson.

2016: "Henderson: Vote for Trump was a consent, purposeful or not, to bigotry."

2017: "Free Press’ Stephen Henderson terminated for misconduct."

18. Megyn Kelly.

2016: "GOP Debate: Donald Trump's 'Spat' With Megyn Kelly Is Sexism."

2017: "Megyn Kelly drags down 'Today' ratings."

19. Garrison Keillor.

2016: “So, he won. The nation takes a deep breath. Raw ego and proud illiteracy have won out and a severely learning-disabled man with a real character problem will be president. We are so exhausted from thinking about this election, millions of people will take up leaf-raking and garage cleaning with intense pleasure. We liberal elitists are wrecks. The Trumpers had a whale of a good time, waving their signs, jeering at the media, beating up protesters, chanting ‘Lock her up’ — we elitists just stood and clapped. Nobody chanted ‘Stronger Together.’ It just doesn't chant.”

2017: "Minnesota Public Radio Fires Garrison Keillor Over Allegations of Improper Conduct."

20. Shia LaBeouf.

January 2017: "Shia Labeouf Verbally and Physically Assaults Trump Supporter."

April 2017: "Shia LaBeouf Thriller ‘Man Down’ Sells Just One Ticket at U.K. Box Office."

21. Ryan Lizza,

2016: "Trump Gets Ready to Be a Bad Loser."

2017: "New Yorker Fires Star Reporter Ryan Lizza Over 'Improper Sexual Conduct'."

22. Louis C.K.

2016: "Louis C.K. Compares Donald Trump to Hitler: ‘He’s an Insane Bigot’."

2017: "FX fires Louis C.K. after comic confirms sexual misconduct claims."

23. Macy's.

2015: "Macy's Drops Donald Trump's Fashion Line Over Immigrant Remarks."

2017: "Macy's Announces Store Closings for 2017."

24. Rose McGowan.

2016: "Rose McGowan Blasts Donald Trump, Murdochs, Networks in Open Letter: 'You Are Causing a Worldwide Sickness.'"

2017: "Rose McGowan arrested for felony possession of a controlled substance."

25. Alyssa Milano.

March 2017: "Alyssa Milano on Trump: 'Removing him will be up to' women."

June 2017: "Anti-Trumper Alyssa Milano is broke as a joke, didn’t pay taxes and stiffed her employees."

26. Ed Murray.

2016: Democratic "Seattle mayor decries Trump, says immigrants welcome."

2017: "Seattle Mayor Resigns After Multiple Sexual Abuse Allegations."

27. Rupert Myers.

January 2017: "British GQ writer: Could Obama ‘murder Trump and Pence’ then pardon himself?"

October 2017: "Male feminist writer fired by GQ Magazine after woman accuses him of sexual assault."

28. NFL.

September 2017: "After Trump Blasts N.F.L., Players Kneel and Lock Arms in Solidarity."

November 2017: "NFL TV Partners Set To Lose Up To $500 Million On Ratings Decline."

29. Barack Obama.

During the campaign, Trump tweeted, "President Obama will go down as perhaps the worst president in the history of the United States!"

Obama went on Jimmy Kimmel's show, read the tweet, and replied, "At least I'll go down as a president."

Fifteen days later, we elected Trump as Obama's successor.

30. Rosie O'Donnell.

1996: "Queen of Nice Can Rosie O'Donnell Clean Up Trash TV?"

2017: "Rosie O’Donnell Admits: ‘I Spend 90% Of My Hours Tweeting Hatred’ At Trump."

31. Playboy.

2016: "Hugh Hefner's son feels 'personal embarrassment' that Trump was on Playboy's cover."

2017: "Playboy considers closing down magazine to concentrate on nightclubs and casinos just months after death of founder Hugh Hefner."

32. Tony Podesta.

2010: "Tony Podesta, Superlobbyist."

2017: "Tony Podesta stepping down from lobbying giant amid Mueller probe."

33. Brett Ratner.

June 2017: "Brett Ratner Regrets Not Naming 'Tower Heist' After Trump."

November 2017: "Six women accuse filmmaker Brett Ratner of sexual harassment or misconduct."

34. Eric Schmidt.

January 2017: "Google's Eric Schmidt: Trump Administration Will Do Evil Things."

December 2017: "Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt is stepping down as Alphabet’s executive chairman."

35. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

2016: "Arnold Schwarzenegger: ‘I Will Not Vote for the Republican Candidate for President.’"

2017: "He won't be back: Schwarzenegger's Terminator franchise terminated."

2017: "Arnold Schwarzenegger's Legend of Conan Isn't Happening."

2017: "Donald Trump Says Arnold Schwarzenegger Fired From ‘Celebrity Apprentice.’"

36. Andy Signore.

June 2017: "I am so damn sick of bully @realDonaldTrump taking words out of context to act out his agenda of fear, corruption & bigotry. #NotMyPresident."

October 2017: "‘Honest Trailers’ Creator Andy Signore Fired for ‘Egregious and Intolerable’ Sexual Behavior."

37. John Skipper.

October 2017: "Report: ESPN’s John Skipper Attacks President Trump, Fox News, and Clay Travis, in Private Employee Meeting."

December 2017: "John Skipper's resignation caps a tumultuous year at ESPN."

38. Tavis Smiley.

2016: "Tavis Smiley: BFOTs (Black Friends of Trump) Are Normalizing Racism."

2017: "PBS Suspends Tavis Smiley For Allegedly Forcing Women and Men to Have Sex With Him to Keep Their Jobs."

39. Kevin Spacey.

2016: "Kevin Spacey mocks Donald Trump and calls him a 'disease' at Cannes."

2017: "Actor Anthony Rapp: Kevin Spacey Made A Sexual Advance Toward Me When I Was 14."

40. Alwaleed Bin Talal.

2016: "Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Trolls Trump: ‘I Bailed You Out Twice’."

2017: "Billionaire Saudi Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal arrested in corruption crackdown."

41. George Takei.

2016: "George Takei: Trump's Muslim registry is 'prelude to internment'."

2017: "George Takei’s Facebook empire strains under sexual harassment allegations."

42. Teen Vogue.

2016: "Donald Trump Is Gaslighting America."

2017: "Teen Vogue is going to cease printing."

43. Lindsey Vonn.

2017: "Lindsey Vonn says she doesn't want to represent Donald Trump at Olympics."

2018: "Lindsey Vonn Loses Super-G Medal in Last-Second Mistake."

44. Harvey Weinstein.

2016: "Harvey Weinstein says Trump 'appeals to the worst in us'."

2017: "Harvey Weinstein Is Fired After Sexual Harassment Reports."

45. Brian Williams.

2012: "Donald Trump has driven well past the last exit to relevance and veered into something closer to irresponsible."

2015: "Brian Williams Demoted to MSNBC Breaking News Anchor."


From Leslie Eastman's review at Legal Insurrection:
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  1. The olympics lost all allure when they allowed professionals to compete (I know, I know the soviets, east germans, etc. were pros all along), they added stupid sports. Just another tennis tournament with pros and just another basketball all-star game. I am glad the NHL didn't shut down for this even though I did not watch anyways.

    As for the feud, get two spots ready for NBA coaches Stan Van Gundy who's Detroit Pistons have faded fast since he started flapping his gums, and ultra-loud mouth Greg Popavich, who's San Antonio Spurs are only three games out of missing the playoffs. Sweet.

  2. No one I know has mentioned anything about the Olympics, and I haven't even overheard anyone. These pampered "athletes" are basically the representatives of their rich patrons who are the same elites who hate us and the man we elected president. They can all go to Hell.

    I stopped watching any Olympic stuff years ago when NBC decided to make it all about NBC and their own little band of elite midgets.

    Sports in general are not worth watching any more.

    I'd rather watch grass grow.

  3. Mr. Trump has the secret power to make fools self-identify themselves.
    What more need be said, after MAGA?

    I have to admit I did see a few seconds of the Bobsled, while waiting for a table at a restaurant last night. Don't know who was it it, as it didn't matter to me.

  4. I stopped paying attention to them when the US team (I forget in which sport) trashed their hotel rooms during the Nagano Olympics because they were butthurt they didn't win the gold, then were shocked, shocked! that the Japanese cops went after them for actually breaking the law.

  5. The picture of Jesse Owens reminds of an interview I saw him do shortly before his death. He was asked at that time why he was a Republican. He responded, "Everybody remembers that Hitler wouldn't shake my hand at the Olympics. What nobody remembers is that, when I got home, FDR wouldn't shake it either."

  6. Update: The Weinstein Company on Sunday night said in a statement that it would file for bankruptcy in the “coming days” after it reportedly failed to find a buyer.

  7. I actually watched much more of the Winter Olympics this year than I ever have before, primarily because of curling. (Yes, curling. I'm a Texan and we only see ice if it's in tea or gin and tonics.)

    The story of the men's team's turnround on its path to gold is better than any movie. Plus the entire team was obviously moved as they all sang along with the national anthem after accepting their medals.

    So did the gold-winning women's hockey team, after winning in a shootout over perennial rival Canada. If you get a chance, look at film of all of the women joyously singing the Star Spangled Banner.

    I prefer to look at the games from this angle rather than at the whiny, look-at-me, wannabes who the media loves. And, oh yeah, in further contrast, these guys won gold.

  8. To be fair, Lindsey Vonn was responding to a question, and she pointed out that she did not represent the President, she represented the entire country - which is entirely correct.

  9. 1/3 of the country loathes Trump & 1/3 simply opposes him. 2-3 million more would rather Hillary for president in the last election. It's hard to swing a dead cat and not find 35 people opposed to Trump. America's team opposing Trump simply means they're reflecting the country.

    1. 2-3 million if you count illegal aliens in California.

    2. Seeing as how less than 1/2 The nation voted your numbers are totally bogus. And if we had voter id laws I'm positive Hillary would've lost the "popular" vote aswell

  10. Gus Kenworthy finished 12th in his event. 12th place. Wow, I'm impressed!

    Gus couldn't gain his 15 minutes of fame with his skill so he is trying to get it with his mouth.

  11. Homosexuals picked the wrong word, when they were looking for something more flattering to call themselves. Of course the F-word was right out!

    They decided upon "gay." Which, before then, meant "carefree, happy, having high spirits." Which isn't today's meaning of "gay" at all.

    They should have coined a new word, with its root in "butt-hurt," and that would be a far better word, and infinitely more accurate!