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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Mueller messed up Flynn's guilty plea

Retired Army Lieutenant General Michael Flynn may formally withdraw his guilty plea because the crack Robert Mueller investigative team hid evidence that would exonerate General Flynn.

On Friday, U.S. District Judge Emmet Sullivan ordered Mueller to give Flynn any exculpatory evidence which could clear him.

This is a routine order for Sullivan, who learned his lesson while presiding over the trial of Senator Ted Stevens. The Bush administration's prosecutors hid evidence.

Once discovered, the verdict was reversed - but it was too late for Stevens and the Republic. He barely lost re-election, which would later give Democrats 60 seats in the Senate.

That cleared passage of Obamacare.

The same prosecutorial misconduct may be happening in the Flynn case, according to Margot Cleveland.

"Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor and author of Licensed to Lie: Exposing Corruption in the Department of Justice,”writes that Flynn should withdraw his guilty plea and suggests that Sullivan, as 'the country’s premier jurist experienced in the abuses of our Department of Justice, . . . is the best person to confront the egregious government misconduct that has led to and been perpetrated by the Mueller-Weissmann investigation and to right the injustices that have arisen from it.," she wrote.

The Mueller team is not conducting a criminal investigation.

The team is engaged in the cover-up of rampant political espionage by the Democratic Party and the Obama administration. These are dirty cops. The press supports them.

But Judge Sullivan may let Flynn change his plea.

"The Supreme Court has never addressed the question of whether a defendant may withdraw a guilty plea if the prosecution withholds exculpatory evidence during plea negotiations. The lower federal courts are split on this question. In his revised standing order issued on Friday, Sullivan dropped a lengthy footnote, detailing the case law and setting forth his position that, if material exculpatory evidence is withheld during plea negotiations, a defendant is entitled to withdraw his guilty plea," Cleveland wrote.

That makes sense. We shall see how that plays out.


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  1. The statists have a problem with Gen Flynn.

    From the archives: Flynn 'Certainly Has a Story to Tell'

    Flynn was privy to every bit of information broadcast outward from Obama's PDB's. He knows names and numbers.

  2. The most disturbing thing when I first glanced at the article was this about the Ted Stevens case:
    "The Bush administration's prosecutors hid evidence."
    Bush just looks worse every time you take a glance over your shoulder. Never elect another one of those Bozos.

    1. Teapartydoc, why do you blame G.W. Bush for the prosecutorial misconduct in the Stevens case? Have you seen or heard of any evidence that Bush influenced the prosecutors? What would have been Bush's motive for doing so?

  3. So Flynn wasn’t a foreign agent and didn’t lie to the FBI? Heh. Your straws keep getting smaller. Of course it’s all Obama’s fault. When Gates flips that will be Obama’s fault too. This is so entertaining.

    1. Apparently, he wasn't, unless you actually know something, rather than just spouting Lefty talking points.

    2. You are aware, aren't you, that apparently the FBI agents who interviewed Flynn thought he did not lie?

    3. Very often in these cases the defendant is told of the 30 or so crimes that will be presented against him if he goes to court. Of course if he will plead guilty to one of these minor offenses then all that goes away. Many totally innocent people have pleaded guilty to a lesser offense for just that reason while being totally innocent of everything.

  4. To Russell - What are PDB’s?
    JC (my initials)

    1. Presidential Daily Briefings. A compilation of intelligence reports from the different agencies.

      -Mikey NTH

    2. Thank you.

      It's very annoying when people use so many obscure acronyms - if you have something to say, say it.

  5. This indicates that one motivation the judge has in doing this, as he seems to be doing in every case before him where appropriate, is in forcing the SCOTUS to rule on whether plea changes are acceptable when there has been evidence withheld during plea negotiations.

    The article is mostly speculation about what would be found if any further evidence is released,and we don't even know yet if there will be any.

    At bottom the problem seems to me that it should not be a crime to lie to federal investigators when the federal government itself makes a living off of lying to us. It is like forcing someone to testify against himself in court, which is itself unconstitutional.

  6. "Where do I go to get my reputation back?"

    I think the damage has been done already.

  7. Steve in GreensboroFebruary 20, 2018 at 9:52 AM

    Mueller's been around forever. Wouldn't he or his team have anticipated Judge Sullivan's order (to disclose exculpatory material)?

    Or did they just assume a black, Clinton-appointed D.C. District Court judge would be in on the fix? Apparently Judge Sullivan is not in on the fix.

    One thing we can all learn from Obamagate is the fundamental fecklessness and incompetence of government employees -- Strzok, Page, McCabe, Comey, the FBI generally that failed to respond to the Cruz-Lakeland shootings.

    Why do our American commies so much want to hand over to the incompetents in government all their personal affairs including their physical safety?

    1. Being quite a cynic of Mueller and his "Democrat Henchmen" I wonder if they will fully disclose everything ordered by this Judge. I worry about "Lib Lawyers on a mission".

  8. Mueller MUST be fired. And be assessed a Great Big (and preferably, a YUUUUUUUUGE) FINE as penalty.

  9. I hope Mueller takes as hard a fall as anyone involved in this witch trial.