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Thursday, February 01, 2018

Morocco gets its first snow in 50 years

Two to three inches of snow covered parts of Morocco this week. The Washington Post said this was the first snowfall in that Saharan country in 50 years.

Morocco's latitude places it as far south as Florida, although it is much drier.

(Wait for the snowman to appear in the box below.)
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This was not the first snowfall in North Africa this winter.

"Earlier this month, a freak snow coated the giant sandy dunes of the Sahara. Ain Sefra, Algeria, hadn’t seen snow in nearly 40 years until it happened for the first time this century in 2017. Now it’s snowed there two years in a row," the Post reported.

Meteorologist Anthony Watts said roads were blocked, and air travel disrupted, but otherwise people enjoyed the novelty.

"El Houcine Yoabd, in charge of communication at the National Meteorology, told the media outlet le 360, that it has snowed in these regions due to a mass of air coming from Northern Europe," Watts reported.

Great. Europe gets the refugees, North Africa gets the snow.


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  1. Was Al Gore in Morocco recently?

  2. Do you even need to ask? Or was he just thinking about it?

  3. Not "longitude", Don; Longitude is east-west measurement. Latitude is north-south.

    1. Thanks. I should have remembered the Jimmy Buffet song.

    2. Hahahaha! You kill me, Big D!

  4. Rabat and Los Angeles are both west coast cities and share the same latitude

  5. Take it from an old Navigator, Sam is right. Morocco can be at the same latitude, but there is a huge difference in longitude.

  6. I would like to hear what mechanical engineer Bill Nye thinks about this. Not.

    1. The standard reply of the Climate Cultists is that "global warming," 'climate change," or whatever it is they call it this month, causes wild extremes in weather --- hot highs, cold lows, no winds, high winds, no rain, drenching rain, lots of hurricanes, no hurricanes, yada yada yada. That way, there's no possibility of falsifying their claim that human activity is dooming the planet.

  7. Hey, Florida got snow this year too!
    "I survived the FL Blizzard of 2018"

    OK, the "blizzard" in FL was only 0.1 inch LOL.


  8. Actually Morocco gets snow quite regularly at their ski resorts in the Rif and Atlas mountains. I know personally, having been caught in a blizzard in the Rif back in 71.

  9. I sure hope that glowball warmening eases up, before we all freeze to death!