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Saturday, February 03, 2018

Media must apologize to Donald Trump

On May 4, 2017, President Donald Trump tweeted that Obama wiretapped him.

The press knew this was true. Obama's flunkies gave the New York Times quotes from transcripts of the wiretapping.

Rather than report the president's facts as facts, the Fake News media in concert with the Democratic Party engaged in a huge cover-up.

"Trump's baseless wiretap claim" read the headline on CNN the day after Trump complained about Obama's unconstitutional wiretapping of the political opposition.

CNN quoted anonymous sources who said Trump was wrong.

That is not journalism. That is cowardice. When did the press every allow precious little Obama to be called a liar by anyone anonymously?

There is no double standard here because CNN has no standard. It is no more interested in the truth than a slug in your backyard is.

CNN and the rest of the media got away with their cowardly cover-up of Obama's corruption for nearly a year.

Then came the Nunes Memo.

The jig is up.

"The memo claims that on Oct. 21, 2016 the DOJ and FBI sought and received a FISA probable cause order authorizing electronic surveillance on Page. The FBI and DOJ obtained three FISA warrants targeting Page and three FISA renewals, according to the memo. Then-FBI Director James Comey signed three FISA applications in question on behalf of the FBI, and Deputy Director Andrew McCabe signed one, according to the memo. The memo says then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, then-Acting Deputy Attorney General Dana Boente, and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein each signed one or more FISA applications on behalf of the DOJ," CBS reported.

That assertion is confirmed by Andrew C. McCarthy III, a former assistant U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York. He led the 1995 terrorism prosecution against Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman and eleven others. The defendants were convicted of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing and of planning a series of attacks against New York City landmarks. He also contributed to the prosecutions of terrorists who bombed U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. He resigned from the Justice Department in 2003. He is a contributing editor of National Review and a senior fellow at the National Review Institute.

(That's from his bio at National Review.)

The day before Trump's tweets about Obama spying on him, McCarthy reported on the Obama administration's use of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 to spy on Americans, Trump staffers in particular.

A federal judge hears the government's case, and approves the warrant. Very rarely does a judge say no, which was once a complaint by the ACLU that it has since forgotten in the Age of Trump.

"In this instance, the FISA court apparently found the Obama Justice Department’s presentation to be so weak that it refused to authorize the surveillance. That is telling, because the FISA court is generally very accommodating of government surveillance requests. Unwilling to take no for an answer, the Obama Justice Department came back to the FISA court in October — i.e., in the stretch run of the presidential campaign. According to various reports (and mind you, FISA applications are classified, so the leaks are illegal), the October application was much narrower than the earlier one and did not mention Donald Trump. The FISA Court granted this application, and for all we know the investigation is continuing," McCarthy wrote on March 3, 2017.

Now this was written by a former federal prosecutor in a Never Trump publication.

When I read that 11 months ago, I thought: Watergate on Steroids.

I still think that.

So should anyone.

The refusal of the news media to hold Obama accountable while he was president helped create an atmosphere in which Obama thought he could get away with turning our national security agencies into his personal wiretappers.

And he would have gotten away with it too -- if not for that meddling Devin Nunes.

The press owes Donald Trump a big apology for not believing him -- and for mocking his claim, which has proved to be as true as the sun rising in the east.

Instead, the press acts as if Trump deserved to be subjected to the full force of the nation's spies because well Trump is deplorable.

The premise of the FISA action was brilliantly laid out by James Freeman of the Wall Street Journal.

Try "to imagine how an editor at The Wall Street Journal would treat a draft article alleging a political campaign adviser was secretly working for a foreign government if the story featured uncorroborated opposition research paid for by a rival campaign. If the writer of the draft article assured the editor that readers would not be told where the information originated, it’s a safe bet this would not increase the chances of publication," Freeman wrote.

He was on target.

The press knew the dossier was nonsense when the Clinton campaign pitched it to the New York Times, the Washington Post, and others at a meeting in September 2016.

It is nonsense now.

And yet the press acts as if Obama had a right to seek the FISA warrant and spy on Trump.

The Nunes Memo destroyed that argument.

The press rejects the Nunes Memo. I trust the American people won't.

I agree with Rand Paul's statement: "While I applaud the release of this memo, I also call for Congress to take immediate action to help prevent such behavior in the future. It is imperative it start by listening to Americans who have expressed outrage over its disregard for the Fourth Amendment and reexamining the powers it reauthorized right before we learned of the memo. Continuing to ignore the Constitution will only guarantee that others fall victim to government abusing its domestic surveillance powers."

The FBI and national intelligence are polluted. We need an EPA to clean up the government.

Oh wait, we have one: Congress.

But what about the press's claim to a role in protecting democracy?

What about the press's promise to hold people accountable in the news pages regardless of what is on the editorial page?

What about the press apologizing to President Trump for calling him a liar for almost a year?

Good news.

"Fake News Follies of 2017" will be available on Kindle on February 6.

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The paperback edition is on sale now.

I want to thank the news media for its help in writing my new book, because I could not have written it without their lies, spinning, and cover-ups.

Autographed copies are available. Email me at for details. I am including a "director's cut." I'll email you back the original Chapter 1 that I cut because while the chapter was amusing, it really had nothing to do with the "Fake News Follies of 2017."

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  1. Don;

    Come 'on.

    The MSM is dead. Period. They will never apologize. Never admit they were wrong. Never admit they participated in undermining the American people.

    Those working in it are trying to keep their phone baloney jobs.

    - Ken

    1. They may be dead to us but they are not to too many Americans, including my sister and many of my in-laws.

    2. I run into that too. So what?

      Why do so many here expect the MSM to suddenly say President Trump is OK, so the hapless will blindly follow along? As if this sort of Seal of Approval suddenly helps the blind to see.

      I just picked up a copy of the book 'Megatrends' from the library to reread. At the time it came out - 1983 - it was earthshaking, and most thought the guy was a bit of a crackpot. It has now been obsolete for over 20 years. Society slowly moved on.

      Here is something for you to think about......

      I read a story in 1982 in a computer journal by an Ivy League Economics-Science professor that spent each summer in Moscow teaching. That year it dawned on her that something was different. Then she realized it - for years the government had been advocating people learning computer skills. Suddenly the personal computers and instruction books were nowhere to be found in Moscow. It dawned on her - how can a totalitarian government control the flow of information if computers are used? Then the dilemma - how can a country compete in the world without the use of computers? It was only 10 years earlier that Solzhenitsyn's 'The Gulag Archipelago' was published - a landmark book giving Russian's an understanding of their own history which Stalin had purged. To get that book out, a group of dissidents had to first transcribe it on toilet paper - the thinnest paper available. Then they had to smuggle boxes of it (multiple copies knowing that some would be confiscated) past guards and into other countries where the contents of the book were reassembled and taken to a printing company. Yet by 1982 that book could have been put on one or two '3 x 5' brown diskettes and smuggled out far easier. While I loved Ronald Reagan and know that he was instrumental in the fall of the old Soviet Union, I also know that technology also had a place (I met a Russian auditor at a seminar around 1988 who told me that Russian technology was so backwards that it usually took a month for a local check to clear).

      Move on. People are going to the Internet for their news. The closest we have to real news in the MSM is FoxNews, but.....

      - Ken

    3. And the burial cannot happen too soon. Schadenfreude. It's what's for dinner. ;)

    4. And it's going to be indescribably Schadenfreudelicious!!!

  2. What about indicting and prosecuting some of those people who abused the FISA process? Nothing will prevent a repeat more than putting a few of the DOJ/FBI conspirators in jail for violating Trump's civil rights and for obstruction of justice. That can only be done by Jeff Sessions (Trump's hands are tied politically by Mueller), but he is the last person I would expect to do the obvious, right thing. After all, it was Sessions' needless, cowardly act of recusal (which was never legally necessary according to McCarthy) that allowed the Russian collusion meme to build, when it could have been stopped dead in its tracks.

  3. "The refusal of the news media to hold Obama accountable while he was president helped create an atmosphere in which Obama thought he could get away with turning our national security agencies into his personal wiretappers." Exactly right!

    Let us never forget which "news" media outlets were most involved in spreading this web of lies: the New York Times, the Washington Post, Yahoo News, The New Yorker, CNN (of course!) and Mother Jones.

    These outlets don't deal in "news," they publish lies that they know are lies. They disgust me!

  4. Zero chance of an apology from the media. They will only double down, joining the Democrats in ever more screechy rants.
    There's a generation of news consumers that will go with them. Older folk who didn't connect in any way to the internet remain in that old world where news was a one way street.
    Their children and grandchildren will not follow them down that path.

  5. We'll have to see if the truth can get out past the media. Since the media controls the news and picks what they will say and who they will quote, it's going to be hard. Well, Schiff is king of America right now, right?

    It's really going to be up to Sessions because the way the media won't be able to hide the news is if there is an investigation and a grand jury and people like Comey, McCabe, and Rosenstein get charged with a crime. The IG is doing his part -- but it is still going to come back to Sessions.

  6. Unfortunately the Media is now the creature of a few rich men all of whom, by merely claiming they are The Press, Jefferson mistakenly put above the law. As long as they are not accused by some disgruntled female, what have they to fear? Zero. There is no weather flying at 45000 feet in your G650, I'm told, no turbulence on the way, say, to your deeply bunkered Dacha in Idaho to await a rare eclipse of the sun.
    In NYC recently one of its premiere high schools revelaed a cheating rate of 83% among it student body, many of whom go on to graduate from ivy league schools, seeking power, riches, and often jobs in the Media. Said one resident youth in defense of his friends, or perhaps himself,"It's not academic cheating if you don't get caught".
    Just deny everything or pretend it never happened. Memory is short. Perhaps this gilded youth has already been drafted as a Zucker intern or a gofer by Comey' lawyers.
    The media will never apologize to Trump or anyone they choose to assault. As long as it's owners can travel free of turbulence, never exposed to the consequences of deception, made invisible to law by Jefferson's magic cloak, insensitive to financial pressure from success in other businesses, they won't have to. In fact since they wake up each day richer than the day before,they don't care, period.
    At 45000 feet the edges of space are dark blue and one can see the gentle curving of the earth. Everything below has lost all feature and of little interest. It is a way of life.

    1. You must not have noticed. The MSM is slowly going bankrupt.


  8. (C.R. Fish* discussing the Republican "fracure" in the election of 1860 and the role of the press in the (correct) public perception that a Lincoln presidency would immediately lead to secession by the Southern states and most likely war)

    "Additional to this organized urgency was the press. From the point of view of independent influence the American press of 1860 was probably more representative of American opinion and more powerful in welding it than at any other period. In the Jackson campaign of 1828 the press played a significant part, but it was in large measure subservient to the politicians; few news-papers paid and most editors looked to aid from contracts for the
    public printing (government) or to securing offices. The press today (ca. 1920) is a
    much better purveyor of news than ever before, but its very technical excellence is costly, and the political expression of most papers is controlled by large corporations which the reader cannot visualize."

    Professor Fish's detached writing style as a historian was actually sending up a warning flare to the 20th century. Big money and big agenda.

    Even though the press largely influenced voters in the Northern cities (including NY that voted against Lincoln), those newspapers didn't reach much outside the paved roads where people actually had spirited and insightful debate.

    Lincoln dramatically lost the popular vote to three (splitter) "democrat" candidates.

    Lincoln did, however, win the electoral college based on urban voter population density.

    Did the press ever apologize for being complicit in the first civil war? No. Will they apologize if there is another? No.

    *Carl Russell Fish, The American Civil War, Longmans, Green and Co.,1937 pp 48.

  9. Big D, I am hoping - nay, EXPECTING - that Fake News Follies absolutely pan-fries the chickens of the 4th Estate. 2017 was a horrible year for media, easily the worst performance in my lifetime and arguably the worst in the history of the Republic. A new low. That those people are proud of their shit is unbelievable, but I'm afraid it's the New Reality.

    1. One of the worst things to happen to the media, especially the TV media, was when Walter Cronkite was named "the most trusted man in America" by polls. Ever since then every anchorman/woman/infobabe has acted like the title belongs to them as well. Just look at Lyin' Brian Williams---demoted from the majors to the minors at his network for repeated falsehoods yet there's still no shame in his game.

  10. apparently the FBI will now take a blog post, a Facebook post of that blog post and any Facebook likes as probable cause to the FISA court claiming the Facebook post "verifies" the blog post and the like "verify" the Facebook post ...