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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Media knew dossier was Fake News a year ago

"House Intelligence Chairman Nunes claims that Hillary Clinton collaborated with Russia to FRAME Trump using the infamous dossier her campaign paid to commission," read the headline in today's Daily Mail.

The media knew all along the Russian dossier was Fake News -- written by a Russian likely in the Kremlin. I shall show you.

First, the media knew Obama's administration did indeed wiretap the Trump campaign. Reporters for the New York Times had access to transcripts of the unconstitutional eavesdropping, and disclosed this on the Times front page on January 20, 2017 -- an inauguration gift designed and timed to undermine and de-legitimize President Trump and his administration.

This was Watergate on Steroids, as I wrote on March 5, 2017.

Second, the media knew that the dossier was in reality Hillary's opposition research by British "spy" Christopher Steele.

"September 2016: In court filings in London, where he is being sued, Steele says that he briefed reporters at several news outlets following instructions from Fusion GPS. Steele briefed The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, The New Yorker and Yahoo! News," the Daily Caller reported on October 28, 2017.

"Sept. 23, 2016: Yahoo News publishes an article that, it is now known, relied heavily on the dossier’s claims about Page. The article, from veteran journalist Michael Isikoff, contains allegations that Page met secretly with Russian government officials that July in Moscow. Page has denied the allegation and is suing Yahoo! over the article."

Third, reporters knew last fall that Steele met with the FBI to pass along this Fake News dossier -- and that the FBI offered to pay him for Hillary's opposition research!

That same Daily Caller report said, "October 2016: Steele met with FBI agents who offered to pay the former spy to continue his investigation of Trump.

"Mid-October: Steele, again acting on directions from Fusion, met with reporters from the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Yahoo! News.

"Oct. 31, 2016: Earlier in October, Steele conducted an interview on Skype with Mother Jones reporter David Corn. Corn published a piece referring to Steele as a 'Western intelligence official' who had compiled information on Trump’s ties to Russia."

Fourth, they knew the dossier was Fake News. Having been briefed at least twice by Steele on the dossier -- and by briefed I mean listened to his sales pitch -- reporters at the New York Times, the Washington Post, and Yahoo! News declined to do stories, even after Corn broke the story.

Fifth, a year ago the press knew Russians wrote the Fake News.

"Almost certainly, a native Russian speaker wrote the original material, correctly transliterating the Russian 'f' as 'ph.' It was Steele’s job to collate, evaluate and verify this material before passing it to his American client Fusion GPS, a Washington-based political research firm. The company had been hired originally by one of Trump’s early Republican opponents before the contract was taken up by senior Democrats," the Guardian reported on January 12, 2017.

Sixth, Steele worked with the Kremlin to verify the dossier, which underscores the fifth point.

"The dossier says that Trump was offered 'various sweetener business deals' by the Kremlin, but turned them down. The Kremlin also supplied Trump with 'a regular flow of intelligence,' including on the Democrats and other political rivals," the Guardian wrote in a story the day earlier.

Seventh, the colluder was Steele working on behalf of Hillary and the DNC -- and later the FBI.

That story also reported, "The dossier quotes from a large number of anonymous sources. It cites 'a former top level Russian intelligence officer still active inside the Kremlin,' 'a senior Russian foreign ministry figure' and 'a senior Russian financial official.' The report claims to have sources from inside the president-elect’s inner circle. We get code letters, but no names. For example, source G is described as 'a senior Kremlin official.'

"Is it true?

"The sourcing is one of the weakest aspects of the Trump dossier. Information inside Russia’s government and its spy agencies is tightly controlled. Putin’s own decision-making circle is extremely small. For example, his decision in 2011 to seek a third term as president was a closely guarded secret. If the report’s author is to be believed, he or she enjoys extraordinary access to figures at the very top of the Kremlin. This is possible, but unlikely. Cables leaked in 2010 from the US embassy in Moscow revealed that American diplomats struggled to find good sources in Moscow. Russia’s capital is a place where rumour, educated speculation, and planted rumour swirl and where even cabinet ministers don’t have the full picture."

All this was known by the New York Times, the Washington Post, and others more than a year ago.

They knew Hillary colluded with Russia to frame Trump.

They knew before he was inaugurated. And yet they have trumpeted the Fake News dossier for more than a year.

Go back through steps one through seven, and then show me where the reporting shows anything but an attempt to frame Trump.

Watergate took two years and two months to bring down Richard Nixon in August 1974.

We shall see if anyone is indicted this August. The stakes are high. This will determine if we live in a republic or Marxist totalitarianism.

The Fake News media is hoping for the latter.


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  1. Sedition is a crime, and the MSM (PravdAmerika) is guilty. - Elric

  2. I sentence them to eternal irrelevance (at least with people with a modicum of sense!) -- BJ54

  3. The MSM makes Baghdad Bob look like Don Surber.

  4. Gee. Democrats are a bunch of crooks. Never woulda guessed it.

  5. Hillary made George Papadopoulos get drunk and spill his guts to the Aussies, kicking off the entire investigation. Her tricksiness sure is tricky, but luckily the Trumpsters are there to connect dots that aren't there. Oh, but the FBI didn't disclose the political nature of the dossier, except Nunes had to backtrack and admit to footnotes he surprisingly failed to provide in his memo. Keep trying folks....the desperation is sweet.

  6. "the desperation is sweet."

    That's rich coming from the Trump-Russia collusion crowd.