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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Illegal aliens boycotting Florida

"More than a dozen advocacy groups issued a warning about traveling in Florida on Wednesday saying immigration arrests there have soared more rapidly in the past year than in any other area of the country," Adriana Gomez Licon of the Associated Press reported.

Boy, President Trump was not kidding when he said they are not sending their best.

(Side note: Liberals always call their lobbyists "advocacy groups.")

The action comes because Immigration and Customs Enforcement and 17 Florida sheriffs are enforcing the law, which is the Immigration Reform Act of 1986.

You know, the law that was supposed to reduce the 3 million illegal aliens we had then.

Now we have four times as many.

A few more reforms, and actual Americans will be a minority in their own country,

Anyway, the open borders lobbyists are warning illegal aliens to avoid Florida, which is the whole point of ICE and the sheriffs cracking down on illegal aliens.

"We are taking the step of warning our communities that as the Florida lawmakers, state, local and federal do not take steps to push back against the anti-immigrant policies, we do not feel like our communities are safe in the state," said Tomas Kennedy, deputy political director at the Florida Immigrant Coalition.

They are not "our communities."

They are American communities, which are being invaded by gangs and moochers.

Sorry, but we already have enough native thugs and welfare recipients.

The Associated Press story had no comment from law enforcement. Adriana Gomez Licon of the Associated Press could not be bothered with getting both sides of the story. Just another lazy day at the Associated Press pumping out Fake News.


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  1. So where are the illegal aliens going? No to Tennessee I hope. I know! California! They really need them there, it seems. -- BJ54

    1. Orlando, which is not technically a part of Florida.

    2. CA, where I reside, is lost to the Orcs. If it wasn't so terrible I'd laugh at the "3 million in 1986, 4 times that now" line- hey, we've got at least 12 million illegals right here in CA!

      Which is a big part of the reason that it doesn't matter who I vote for. It's like trying to hold back the tide with a teaspoon!

  2. If they aren't taking your job, you are paying for their welfare or prison maintenance.

  3. So far at least, haven't seen about the FLA school shooter's legal status or family background. But, if his first name is Russian and last name Hispanic, well...

  4. Is Nikolas de Jesus Cruz a dreamer? We will not find out if we have to rely on the media. Was he doing a job that Americans wouldn't do?

  5. Kinda like the Amalgamated Association of Burglars announcing that they will not rob homes in crime watch neighborhoods. Good. Stay out.

  6. I think "our communities" refers to constituencies, like Black Community.

    Good point, nonetheless.

    And it means FL will be harder to flip. Win-win.

  7. And now a set of evil Dem and GOPe Senators are trying to slam through another amnesty bill. Why can't the shooters ever take on the Senate?

  8. "as the Florida lawmakers... do not take steps to push back against anti-immigration policies"
    translation: "as ...officials finally take steps to enforce immigration laws"

  9. Sound like a win-win.
    The illegals are telling other illegals not to come to their state- prejudice maybe but if it is effective, that is good news for Florida.