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Friday, February 16, 2018

I am on the radio

I swore off radio interviews after Jimmy Wales sandbagged me on Christmas week. He's a big deal in England. But Silvio Canto Jr. asked me. So I had to say yes because we go back, gosh, 10 years. He talked Teri O'Brien into interviewing me for "Dangerous Thinkers," and I was flabbergasted when she asked me. (Check out whom she has interviewed.)

We talked for 40 minutes. (I am a writer, not a talker, Jim.) She got me to talk.

The result is here. Please enjoy, and give me your reactions at DonSurber@GMail,com

Oh and there is an Apple iTunes version. Free. Please give it a good review for Teri.

I'll skip the usual book plug in this post.


  1. Wow, you _are_ in good company!
    By all means, folks, click to the site and look at the guest list. Very nice.

  2. Don, they misspelled your name in the link to the interview. :)
    Not enough "R"s. Come to think of it, that's what Trump says when he surveys the Senate.

    It's a great listen though. And you are in excellent company, she's talked to some wonderful folks.

  3. She has interviewed some big hitters. And you sure are holding your own (about 25 minutes in so far).

  4. Very good, indeed.

    Maybe you should do more talk.

    Sure beats Scott Adams videos- don't get me wrong, Scott's a winner, but his videos do lag a bit.

  5. Ya done GOOD, Don. Incidentally, about "What Happened", it was covered quite well here:
    When you have time, though; it's pretty long.