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Monday, February 19, 2018

Happy Not Our President Day

Today is George Washington's Birthday, a federal holiday that is never held on his actual birthday (February 22) as it will never be the third Monday in February. This is how close-enough-for-government-work works.

People call it Presidents Day.

Last year, the forces of evil who opposed a peaceful transition of power protested the very idea that the American people elected Donald Trump president. These nasty people held a Not My President Day.

But he is our president.

And Hillary Clinton is not our president. And I am glad. She is a corrupt and crooked politician who belongs in prison for accepting foreign bribes laundered as donations to her Fake Charity. No one dared bring up the emoluments clause when she was secretary of state.

But she is not our president -- or our first lady or even our problem.

You know who else is not our president? Bernie Sanders, another crook whose wife looted the university she presided over. They should share a jail cell.

You know who else is not our president? Creepy Joe Biden who likes to run his hands over little girls and an occasional boy.

You know who else is not our president? Jill Stein, who collected more money after the election than she did before the election, as she did Hillary's bidding in demanding recounts in three states. It was an exercise not only in futility but stupidity. Stein is just another rent-to-own politician. Her hopeless campaigns for president earn her a good living. The hours are good, you meet a lot of interesting people, and you travel a lot, as Woody Allen said.

You know who else is not our president? John Kerry who said the biggest national security threat is global warming. Someone tell this fool how photosynthesis works.

So Donald Trump may not have been your first selection, or your 21st, or maybe you even voted for Hillary.

But be glad that Donald Trump is the president. He may be noisy but at least he's not corrupt, a crook, or creepy.

And he gets stuff done.


From Leslie Eastman's review at Legal Insurrection:
Surber, a recovering journalist with over 30 years of experience, has been cataloging the #FakeNews that has been regularly offered as serious analysis of President Donald Trump’s actions, policies, and opinions. He has brought his enormous collection together in the longest, most serious book he has yet written: Fake News Follies of 2017.
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  1. And I am very happy that Bathhouse Barry is no longer our president. Unlike the libs, his presence in the White House never affected my feelings on President’s Day.

    And two Woody Allen references in one morning!! My my my. At least these were back when his movies were funny.

  2. Trump is NOT a DeMarxist, like those others Don mentioned.

  3. I liked it better when it was Lincoln's Birthday and Washington's Birthday.

    I also liked it better when Memorial Day was on May 30 and Columbus Day was on October 12 and Veterans' Day was a real Federal holiday.

    PS Joe will grab anything female, regardless of age. Remember the biker chick?

    1. West Virginia -- granted statehood by Lincoln -- moved Lincoln's Birthday to the day after Thanksgiving, ending the gubernatorial practice of granting Black Friday as a day off for state workers. Oh, they still get the day of. They just lost February 12.

  4. And not just all those Dems ... I'm happy that no member of the Bush Family of Failed Presidents is my president this Presidents Day. I was slow to hop on board the Trump train. It probably was not until the Democrat convention that I was fully on board. But one year and one month into the 45th President's presidency, I really can't think who out there among the living would've been better. Despite the crassness, the divisiveness, and the inability (so far) to deliver on repeal-and-replace-Obamacare, or a border wall, or locking her up, he's the right one for this job at this place and time.

    1. How true is this.

    2. The New York Times published a new poll from academia rating our presidents but even partisan Republicans could only vote Donnie Trump as #40. The GOP Profs also liked the Bushes a whole lot better than you do - so to each his own ...

    3. Lesson 1: The NYT is universally known as a deeply partisan organization, and is is usually full of bullbeans. If you quote from them as an authority you too ate going to be seen as full of bullbeans.
      Lesson 2: "Academia rating of a President" makes as much sense as "academia rating of a NASCAR driver". Academics make their living babbling in front of a captive audience, not actually delivering results in a hostile atmosphere.
      Lesson 3: the Presidency is not a popularity contest. Trump delivers. The Bushes mostly didn't.

    4. Any academic who purports to "rate" President Trump -- one year into his presidency -- relative to his 43 predecessors -- is an absolute idiot. It is way too early. Even if we think he's on the right path, ranking him among the presidents is as stupid as giving Barry Soetero the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 based on "potential."

  5. Presidents Day is another fake holiday dreamed up by the Congressional Dems to get another three day weekend off between New Years and Easter - way back in 1971. said President's Day used to be Washington's Birthday celebrated on 2/22 but us old farts know that double presidential birthdays were celebrated in February - on 2/12 we had Lincoln's Birthday as well.

    1. I remember Washington's Birthday's sales, buy one and get the 2nd for 22 cents.

    2. gad?? Is that YOU?? Or are you his conservative brother?

  6. Is THAT why there's less traffic today, Big D? Well I'll be jiggered. Thanks for the heads-up!

  7. Sen Fred Thompson of TN (and Law & Order), was being badgered by reporters, trying to get him to denounce W. His response in defense of his President was something along the lines of, '...he kept two of the sorriest sum bitches that ever disgraced the Senate from becoming President'.


    Indeed. Gore and Kerry were Never My President thanks to W.

    He should be on Mt Rushmore already!! And, save a spot for Trump - if for nothing other than keeping Hillary out of the Big Chair.

  8. In my family, President's Day is only for the 3-day weekend; we honor Lincoln's birthday on the 12th and George Washington's on the 22nd- a day that my late father also celebrated his own birthday.

    Some presidents should not be celebrated; one in particular did nothing but bring dishonor to the position.