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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Goldman Sachs bet on failure

Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, admitted to CNN that the United States economy would not have soared under a Hillary presidency. Blankfein credited Trump for the economic boom.

And yet Blankfein and his company went whole hog for Hillary.

Why did Goldman Sachs do that?

He left CNN's Christine Romans dumbfounded.

"You know, what a difference a decade makes. A decade ago we were talking about the viability of the American financial system and today, we're talking about an economy that's really, really strong -- a roaring economy if you look at gauges of Main Street. The unemployment rate is four percent," she said at the start of her interview with him on Valentine's Day.

"And the Republican Congress is spending money -- deficit spending -- a $1.1 trillion deficit expected next year. What does that mean?"

Blankfein said, "What could possibly go wrong?"

She shot back, "What could go wrong, Lloyd Blankfein?"

He replied, " I haven't felt this good since 2006."

She said, "Yes, that's not what I want to hear."

Of course not. This is CNN -- a multinational company that supports dictators (Kim Jong Un and Saddam Husein to name two) but hates elected presidents who are not Democrats.

"Is there a risk of overheating here?" she said.

He replied, "Yes, of course, there is. I would say the conditions are not just benign, they're highly supportive of a good economy."

Later, to CNN's chagrin, Blankfein told Romans, "The economy is higher today than it otherwise would be" if we elected Hillary.

What an admission. Blankfein gave Hillary a $250,000-a-year no show job after she left the State Department (that was what Goldman Sachs paid for her 20-minute pep talks). Blankfein also bundled thousands of dollars for her billion-dollar campaign.

She would have been President Hillary, D-Goldman Sachs.

And yet, Blankfein knew the economy would do better under Donald Trump.

And it has taken off under President Trump.

What gives?

"At the time I supported Hillary Clinton. We're not talking about all things. We're talking just about the economy," he said.


Hillary was worse for the economy. He knew that. But obviously, she would have been better for Goldman Sachs.

To be sure, Trump appointed Steven Mnuchin as treasury secretary. But he left Goldman Sachs 16 years ago.

The fact is, Goldman Sachs is the King of Crony Capitalism. Hillary would have imposed rules and regulations that protect Goldman Sachs.

Trump cannot be bought. He's throwing out those regulations, which means Goldman Sachs has to actually earn market share.

Oh the humanity!


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  1. That boy's crazy! Or maybe just bought off.

  2. Goldman's back the Ozark Mafia for 25 years and the Choom Gang for 13.

    They owned the Beast and Zippy when they were in the Senate.

  3. Blankfein was the primary investor in Hillary's son in law's failure of a hedgefund.

    Hillary would probably have made Marc Medvinsky Fed Chair.

    1. Good point on Blankfein. He must no longer fear the Clinton’s so he is free to talk the truth.

      Chelsea Hubbel’s Husband is so skilled, he would not only chair the Fed but double as secretary of the treasury.

  4. Was Tim Geithner (the tax dodger who nonetheless got in as Sec Treas) a Goldman guy?

  5. Goldman Sachs would still be making money if Hillary were POTUS, but at the expense of the rest of the economy.

  6. Gotta wonder whether The Donald has a plan to drain things other than The Swamp.

  7. Another confused liberal Jew. Yawn.