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Sunday, February 18, 2018

First Amazon reviews of Fake News Follies are posted

Four readers were kind enough to leave an Amazon review of my new volume, "Fake News Follies of 2017." I thank them not only for reading the book but for taking the time to post a  review.

Let's take a look at them.

First from a Kindle Customer:
Easy read, a great compilation of biased new coverage of Trump before and after the election. I started out anti Trump and reluctantly voted for him for one reason only, He was not Hillary. This book is a great reference when people claim the MSM is not biased and does not publish fake news. It reinforces GlennReynolds description of the press as "democrat operatives with bylines".
Trump definitely is not Hillary.

Next from Richard:
Funny, well written and well organized, Fake News Follies is an entertaining and thoughtful look at the news coverage provided by the press to the American people. Clearly they are not playing it straight. Sure, the press makes mistakes. It's inevitable. But when the totality of news stories not hewing to the known facts is collected and presented as it is in this volume there is but one explanation. Fake News. Don Surber brings to the subject insight that only a veteran newsman could provide. I wish this book would be read by everyone but especially people opposed to Trump because I think it would be sufficient to challenge even a closed off worldview.
You had me at funny :)

Next from Rob Miller (blogs as Joshua Pundit):
What we have here is nothing less than a detailed, well written chronicle of exactly how the American press abandoned all semblance of scruples and journalistic ethics once Donald J. Trump became president. Like Surber's other books, this one will have you laughing out loud and you will find it difficult to put down.
Rob Miller is a great cyber buddy. Good blogger. Works tirelessly on many projects.

From A Brogden:
Unlike Kurtz 's book, Media Madness, which sought to justify and explain away the lies and prejudices of the anti-Trump MSM, Surber relentlessly and methodically documents the tsunami of BS the press has served up since the upset victory by President Trump. Almost without exception everything Trump has done as president has been distorted, mischaracterized, or flat out lied about for over a year. This is how you get 90% negative reporting. This is how you get the press with 28% trust ratings. And by God this is how you get eight years of Trump as President. That he has survived the relentless vilification is remarkable, that he has thrived while his myriad detractors look and sound like evermore shrill petulant clueless children is a testament to his character and an indictment of their's. He wasn't even in my top five choices, until he was the only choice. With each and every day revealing the criminal corruption of Hillary and her co-conspirators at the highest levels of government; Thank God he won. That the MSM have decided to go all in against him just proves how equally corrupt and culpable they are as well. If the press was really interested in "collusion", all they need to "find".... is a mirror.
Yes, the tsunami of BS. I like that phrase!

"Fake News Follies of 2017" is available in Kindle and in paperback.

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  1. The press has a mirror. But it keeps on telling them that they are the fairest one of all.

  2. Actually Doc, I think that mirror you talk of is so smeared with years of pimple squeezings that they can't see farther than the bridge of their nose.

    A classic case of the blind wanting to lead.


  3. I really like Brogden's review, and Anon's comment above.

  4. The start of a tsunami of great reviews. My signed copy arrived yesterday and I am ready to dig in.