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Monday, February 26, 2018

EPA stops funding Fake News

For years the federal bureaucracy had a sweetheart deal with the tax-exempt Chesapeake Bay Journal. The Journal would write environmental alarmist stories, and the EPA would underwrote 40% of the publication's budget.

It is the journalistic equivalent of sue-and-settle. Those are Fake Lawsuits in which the EPA gets around congressional limits on it power by having a friendly group sue. The EPA then settles out of court for what it wanted anyway.

Voters elected Donald Trump president, and he is draining the swamp.

That means the EPA will no longer fund Fake News. Trump didn't shut the newspaper down. He just stopped making taxpayers pay for environmental alarmist propaganda. Under Trump, the EPA backed out of a six-year sweetheart deal with the publication.

The tax-exempt Columbia Journalism Review cast this end of corporate welfare as a First Amendment issue.

Forget patriotism. The First Amendment is now the last refuge of the scoundrel.

"Lawyers for the newspaper are pointing to an exchange between the then-head of the EPA’s Chesapeake Bay Program, Nicholas DiPasquale, and John Konkus, a Trump appointee to the agency. In a January interview with Energy and Environment News, DiPasquale said Konkus told him 'everybody knows that the American public doesn’t trust the press' just prior to cancelling the Journal’s grant. DiPasquale also alleged EPA brass were unhappy with Journal coverage of plans to scrap the Bay Program’s funding altogether. An EPA spokesman declined comment," Jon Allsop of the Columbia Journalism Review.

Now he called this a contract -- but was it ever bid?

And what, if any, service did it provide taxpayers?

"The Journal runs 10 issues a year, printing between 30,000 and 40,000 copies of each, and estimates its total reach, including online readers, is around 100,000," Allsop said.

That hardly justifies underwriting the journal.

Why not get a sugar daddy like eco-whacko billionaire Tom Steyer instead of forcing taxpayers to finance this?

An independent press is just that: independent.

The Bay Journal is just another corporate welfare case.


The media chose to go to war with Donald John Trump in 2017 rather than accept him as president.

The media chose poorly.

From Leslie Eastman's review at Legal Insurrection:
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  1. Actually, the First Amendment has always been the last refuge of the scoundrel.

    At least, since the ACLU has been around.

  2. Fine. Let them take the contract to court and sue the EPA. My guess is there is no physical contract, just some sort of verbal agreement that previous administrations chose to honor.

    1. Why would they need a contract? They did n't want any fingerprints on it. They also thought their gravy train would run forever I guess! MAGA! -- BJ54

  3. Glad to see this minor bit of looting the taxpayers stop. But, there's lots more. Where's Congress?

  4. Well, well, well. Who woodda thunk the press were getting slush funds?

    How to make a democrat/Marxist soil their pants?

    "Mick Mulvaney will be in town."