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Sunday, February 18, 2018

Cutting LeBron James down to size

Basketballer LeBron James decided to run his mouth about the president, saying Trump doesn’t "give a [F-bomb] about the people."

Trump did to James what he did in September when James called him a bum. Trump ignored him.

James may be 6-foot-8 and the only NBA player most Americans can name, but he's too small a fry. Now that Donald Trump is President Trump, he doesn’t give an [F-bomb] about James or Eminem or Stephen Colbert.

But Laura Ingraham decided to have a little fun at the expense of James.

Now James made his remarks in a video he made with basketball rival Kevin Durant.

On her Fox News show, she said, "Must they run their mouths like that? Unfortunately, a lot of kids and some adults take these ignorant comments seriously.

"Look, there might be a cautionary lesson in LeBron for kids. This is what happens when you attempt to leave high school a year early to join the NBA. And it's always unwise to seek political advice from someone who gets paid $100 million a year to bounce a ball."

Then came her ultimate insult -- her verbal jewel that made a Mini Me out of the 6-foot-8 athlete.

"Millions elected Trump to be their coach, so keep the political commentary to yourself, or, as someone once said, shut up and dribble," she said.

Shut Up And Dribble.

Rather than ignore her and move along, the two raised her profile.

Durant reflexively called it racist. That card expired with the Obama presidency.

But James reduced his argument to a Twitter hashtag: #wewillnotshutupanddribble.

Wow. Such defiance. We Will Not Shut Up And Dribble!

What was he thinking?

He is a star basketball player. That is what he does. Dribble.

The hashtag fails because it is a childish reaction. Why not hashtag I Am Rubber, You're Glue?

For Ingraham, this is a win. She got cheap publicity. Reducing a 6-foot-8 athlete to hashtag size gives her swag.

But if James wants to make money in commercials, this dust-up is a loser. 46% of the country voted for Trump. Not many advertisers want to offend 46% of their potential customers.

However, although I have seen him in an ad or two, I am not sure if that is his post-basketball plan.

If he wants to enter politics, this is a lesson learned. You fall a few times while learning to walk.

Meanwhile, she is egging him on to appear on her show. When the Cavaliers pull a one-and-done in the playoffs, James might show up. A big ratings boost would help her and him.


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  1. James is a racist. The NBA is bunch of thugs just like the NFL. Boycott the NBA and NFL.

    1. Hockey is better than either of those.

    2. Hockey is going SJW now, too. And it's not even just the Canadians. It's only a matter of time before they dye the ice pink.

    3. Have been boycotting the racists in the NBA quite some time now.
      Never forget. Black lies matter and labron is an open, avowed, proud to be racist

  2. OT-would welcome your thoughts Don.

    ***The following two points are never mentioned when gun control/ rights/ ownership is talked about. And they seem important - and helpful - to me.

    *** 1) The 2nd Amendment is not the polar opposite of 'No private citizen can own a gun'. 'Every private citizen must own a gun' is the polar opposite.

    The 2nd Amendment has always been the middle ground. And it is the "natural resting state" between the two opposite solutions; which probably explains its enduring support.

    ***2) The campaign against Drunk Driving greatly reduced the number of deaths due to intoxicated drivers. The campaign focused on the animate (humans); not the inanimate (alcohol).

    Alcohol was not prohibited, and it's use was still permitted.

    The campaign "actions" - Legal, Financial, Social - were focused on the consequences of human behavior when alcohol was combined with driving.

    And very importantly - those that were complicit were targeted too: Bars, Restaurants, Employers, Parents, etc.

    ***It strikes me that if the goal is to reduce deaths due to Mass Shootings, then the solution needs to be in line with the above.

    1. Don't forget we had prohibition at one point, and that didn't work out too well. And even worse, it gave Joe Kennedy enough money to keep his heirs in trust funds for perpetuity, condemning this country to their politics of having never worked a day in their lives.

    2. Exactly. The campaign against Drunk Driving was successful in part because it did not try to take away something that was used responsible by the vast majority.

  3. Got this mental picture of Ingraham as Dr Evil making Number 2 cry by bouncing that big ball off his head.

  4. Lebron is still muy butt-hurt about Hillary losing. And my God, does anyone bitch and moan as constantly as he does; if it's not about politics it's about the poor treatment those unfortunate multi-millionaires get from the old meanies that run the NBA. He's a straight b*tch.

  5. Takes a lot for a big guy to beat up on a woman (even verbally). In an extreme case you get OJ.

  6. LeBum, as he is known in certain quarters, has been playing for 15 years and is very afraid to look behind him. The Cavs aren't supporting him and, if he can't produce, loses that multi-million dollar paycheck.

    If that happens, you can bet his name will be on the police blotter in 10 years.

    Like all the other dumb phenoms.

  7. "Take my talents to South Beach."

    No, LeBong, take your "talents" to Baltimore. The brothers need a new SJW leader.

  8. Words dribble out of his mouth before his brain engages. If asked for what evidence or examples of PDJT not caring he has, LeBron would not have an answer.

  9. Do they even dribble in the NBA anymore?

  10. LeBron, he be hangin' out wit' de wrong crowd. Get him in trouble, it will.

  11. Obviously a man looking forward to Don's list as #45.

  12. James NEVER dribbles. Unless he shoots immediately he always carries the ball.

  13. It should be noted that Ingraham wrote a book criticizing entertainment celebrities who feel called upon to lecture their audience on political issues, "Shut Up and Sing." She's used that "Shut Up and..." phrase elsewhere.

    One minute on Google would have shown no rational basis for calling her remark racist. But progs don't need a rational basis, of course.