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Saturday, February 03, 2018

CNN admits immigration crackdown leads to higher wages

I am sure that Mark Zandi wishes he could get a do-over in that interview he gave to CNN.

Zandi is the left-of-Lenin chief economist with Moody's Analytics. He wanted to undercut the news that wages rose in Year One of the Trump higher than they did in any of those eight agonizing years of Awful Obama.

Zandi failed.

He set a trap and fell right into it.

The wage increases are not even, Steven.

CNN pointed out, "The job classification with the biggest annual percentage increase was clothing manufacturing. Wages jumped 14% on average according to the labor department data. That's a very small sector with only 116,000 workers, most of whom make high end merchandise. That's because the overwhelming majority of clothing sold in U.S. is imported from low wage countries, leaving behind only high-end clothing manufacturing."

Wow. As a former member of the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union (now part of the Union of Needletrades, Industrial and Textile Employees), I am happy for them.

How did that happen?

Zandi explained.

"These are people who are very skilled. And I'm sure it's very difficult to hold onto those workers," he said.

Why is that?

"I'm sure the crackdown on immigration is having an impact in that sector," he said.

CNN reported this is "forcing manufacturers to pay their remaining workers even more."

Yes, suddenly employers must hire Americans to work in American factories.

"This is only the beginning. It's going to get a lot worse," Zandi said.

Sure, it is worse if you are a liberal with 10 suits and a cushy, six-figure job. The idea of paying $2 more for your new sweater or hoodie must be devastating.

But if you are an American working in a textile mill making $12.59 an hour, that 14% raise under President Trump is pretty darned good.

That works out to $1.76 an hour. Not counting overtime, that's an extra $3,666.21 a year.

Add to that Trump's tax cuts this year, and you have a man or a woman who is doing better than he has done in nine long years.

Trump is enforcing America's immigration laws, which is helping highly skilled but low paid workers earn more live their dream.

Because Americans are dreamers too!

Just like Trump said.


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  1. Real Americans put American citizens and legal immigrants first. I want higher wages for my fellow Americans. Sorry Obama, I'm not sophisticated enough to be a citizen of the world.

  2. These globalist snobs don't even pretend not to hate us any more.

  3. If pelosi thinks $1,000 Is crumbs I'd like to hear her comments about $1.76.

    1. One pelosi crumb is another Pelosi loaf. It just depends on who is handing it out.

  4. Don't overlook the new rules on rapid depreciation of capital investments in equipment that were included in the tax law. Once manufacturers feel confident enough to upgrade their old equipment, labor productivity will rise and employment wages can increase too. There's more good stuff in the pipeline for America's workers. Just wait a couple of years.

  5. "Immigrants do the jobs that Americans won't do" is true in the sense that Americans don't want to do sh*tty jobs for less than minimum wage. And thanks to social welfare programs, they don't have to.

    I guess liberals must like exploiting immigrants and minorities.

  6. “As a former member of the Amalgamated Clothing and Textile Workers Union ...”

    Tell Don to run up a flag, and he’ll head straight for the sewing-machine.

  7. There was an INS raid at the factory where I worked. Bad news: the a-hole was in the country legally. But he had overstayed his visa, so time for him to head back.

    Really bad news, one of the nicest, hardest workers - got deported.

    Suspicion? Someone in the new management (new owners) dropped a dime to close down a section.

  8. And one data point of wage growth means. . ? Or one day's stock price change means . . ?

    Anyone want to comment on best surgical techniques or rocket science?

    Statistical economic trends are difficult to predict.

    Funny that many of you don't trust the "elite experts" but believe anything Mr T says although he is a member of the elite.

    Mr. T is conning you. Just wait and see.