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Friday, February 16, 2018

California communism is in the cards

Monterey County is just south of San Jose and the whole Bay area. A new Facebook group got some play in the local weekly paper. It is called Collectivize Monterey County.

So what are they going top collectivize? Farming? Fishing? Restoring 1950s Buicks (which is really big in Cuba)?




They are going to collectivize tarot card reading.

"Collectivize Monterey County was founded as a Facebook group in August 2017 by Kayla Jones, River Navaille and Angelica Gonzalez as a way for people of color to trade goods and services. Those could include tarot readings, groceries, furniture, rides, counseling or kids toys," Monterey County Now reported.

Only people of color are allowed to collectivize with them.

"They raised money to buy tickets to the Black Panther movie for kids in the local NAACP Youth Council. They’ve reached out to form alliances with Direct Action Monterey Network, Families of Color Monterey County, Revolunas of Watsonville, and Whites for Racial Equity. On Jan. 30 they taped an informational show – with poet RiShana Blake and the band Quiensabe – at Wave Street Studios in which they laid out their manifesto," the weekly reported.

I am fascinated by tarot reading being the No. 1 priority.

Not food, not shelter, not medical care (indeed it is not on the list) but tarot reading.

If your economy is based on reading tarot cards for a living, you may wish to reconsider your life.

Maybe try farming or manufacturing.

Or restoring Buicks.


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  1. Tarot readings: gateway drug for collectivization.

  2. The tarot card readers saw this coming.

  3. I dunno. Tarot reading worked out pretty good for James Bond and Solitaire. Just make sure Mr. Big gets his cut. - Elric

  4. Why is it so surprising? Tarot cards, like communism, both depend on magical thinking.

  5. Fine,go for it. I want to watch.
    from the high lonesome of NE Oregon.
    Used to regularly go down there on
    business and firefighting. Watched Cali slowly slide down the crapper, the Tarot thing is just the toilet paper as it goes down.. TG

  6. Well, Beastwood used to be the Mayor, right? Saw him at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am last weekend and he is not in good shape. Neither is that new shithole.

  7. Tarot, hey? The "Fool Card" shows a young man dancing on the edge of a cliff while he's looking up at the sky; seems appropriate.

    Give these folks their card!

    I'll also be happy to sell them my old Buick, the one with the unrepairable A/C and the oil leak, for a very attractive price!

  8. Monterrey County will be circling the drain REAL SOON.

    1. I thought Marin was the HQ of the wealthy commies.

  9. Well, we've all had our fun dumping on The Tarot. Now for something completely different...

    Meditations on the Tarot: A Journey into Christian Hermeticism

    I've been reading it off and on for more than 10 years. I expect to go back to it indefinitely.

  10. In a race for most insane county in California, Monterrey is pulling up close to Leader San Francisco. Los Angeles drops out of second and is fading fast. Expect a major play by Los Angeles.

    1. Given that ICE is hitting LA for illegals with records (criminal) currently...surely it will.

  11. Only in the looney bin we call California.