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Thursday, February 22, 2018

Bring back earmarks

Happy birthday, George Washington. We celebrated it on Monday because we are dopes.

Let me give an example. Earmarks. For years, members of both houses of Congress swapped votes for spending in their district or state. Republican Senator Al D'Amato of New York came to be known as Senator Pothole.

Sometime in the second term of President Bush, we conservatives decided these earmarks were bad.

After Republicans took back the House in the 2010 election, they banned earmarks.

But instead of reining in the budget, Congress stopped having budgets. Spending soared, as did the deficits, and worst of all, so did the rancor.

Comity ended in the Senate.

Major legislation passes without one member of either party crossing over. I refer to Obamacare, and the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. That is not how it is supposed to work.

No good came out of this ban. Federal highway money is doled out by the executive branch, giving presidents and the deep state more power.

Now it may seem counter-intuitive in a time when we are draining the swamp to give Congress more power, but that indeed is the real reform.

Sure, there are a bunch of crooks and schnooks in Congress but 100 crooked congressmen (out of 535 voting members of Congress) cannot do one-tenth the damage a sleazy, slick, smooth-talking socialist can do as president.

Bring the earmarks back. Let the horse-trading begin!

After all, politics boils down to deciding whose street gets paved.


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  1. Worst political class in our history?
    Seems likely.

  2. This was another inadvertent move at cost saving that not only didn't work, but ended up in something we've been warned about by geniuses like Acton and Tocqueville: concentration of power.

    It is smart to admit where you've been stupid. Repeal the rules against them and decentralize.

  3. It might, just possibly, get them to talk to members of the other party. What am I saying? That's CRAZY talk.