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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Best Olympic event: NYT trolling one of its own

My only interest in the Winter Olympics is in which of the Team USA players who dumped publicly on Trump crashes and burns.

But the Olympics gave a watershed moment for the turmoil at the New York Times.

Mirai Nagasu nailed a triple axel and ice skating fans in America went crazy.

Bari Weiss, a new hire at the Times as a conservative columnist, tweeted, "Immigrants: They get the job done."

Well, there was the excuse for Times to dump all over the intellectual diversity hire.

Weiss tweeted in response to the barrage, "Do you need another sign of civilization's end? Here's one: I tweeted "Immigrants: we get the job done" with a video of Mirai Nagasu's triple axel. The line is a Hamilton reference. I know she was born in Cali. Her parents are immigrants. I was celebrating her and them.

"For this tweet I am being told I am a racist, a ghoul and that I deserve to die. So I deleted the tweet. That's where we are."

Now let us put this in perspective. Chloe Kim is a star of this Olympics because her parents are Korean immigrants.

The whole lefty argument for open borders is that immigrants are better than the natives, and we need immigrants to keep the nation going.

Apparently some people at the Times contacted Ashley Feinberg at Huffington Post, who wrote: "many employees of The New York Times were not able to engage in this lively Twitter conversation thanks to the publication’s oppressive social media guidelines that seem only to apply to its reporters — not its opinion writers.

"And thanks to the recent dissolution of the public editor role, employees at the Times are left without any real outlet for internal criticism. So some employees took to Slack, a group chat platform widely used by media organizations, to discuss the incident in a chatroom visible to the rest of the company. They talked about their frustrations with Weiss’ tweet in particular and with management’s response to such instances in general."

Now there are two reasons reporters should not tweet. One, they have other things to do while they are at work. And two, reporters are not allowed to have opinions. Sorry. That's the price paid for objectivity.

And if you are not objective, you are not a reporter.

Feinberg began her column by blaming this teapot in a tempest (smile) on the new editorial page editor, James Bennet, whose brother is a senator.

"At the Times, Bennet brought on a skeptic of both campus rape statistics and climate science. And Bari Weiss, another new contributor and opinion section editor, has positioned herself as a feminist apostate. People at the paper like to talk about the hires as matters of intellectual rigor and viewpoint diversity, but all they’re doing is draping a philosopher’s toga around a troll," Feinberg wrote.

Feinberg was the subject of a Columbia Journalism Review story, "Ashley Feinberg trolls for all the right reasons."

As for calling Weiss "a feminist apostate," I thank Feinberg for pointing out feminism is a religion.

So the Times reporters dodge the no-tweet rule by having an internal chat online that everyone can see.

The conversation included these tidbits:
Person D: i was offended! i think a lot of people here were
Person E: Agree with [Person D]. I was offended at her tweet, but she’s got her hands full on social media. So I disagree with your statement that, somehow, no one cares or is paying attention. Lots of folks are paying attention. But I understand your frustration. Thanks for sharing.
Person B: here at the times, some people are allowed to make mistakes and offend. others are not ever afforded one chance.
i will no longer remain silent about our hostile work environment just so that it will be pleasant for others
Person F: i don’t know, man. it’s really painful when you feel your colleagues are disrespecting you. i don’t know if i agree that fending off people on twitter is more important than hearing people in the building
and it happens pretty often
Person B: and frankly microaggressions and people being obtuse cut the deepest. and this is DAILY.
What we laughed about on college campuses is our world of tomorrow.


There was this exchange.
Person B: and the company should be listening because don’t we still have a discrimination lawsuit pending?
Person J: it definitely felt safer for me yesterday to vent in private than to discuss anything here because I’m always wary of being seen as some sort of internal agitator and given that I work on the [redacted] side, there’s a lot of political line-walking around [redacted].
anyway, I agree with you that the company should be listening, not only because of the lawsuit but because it’s the right thing to do. so thank you!
Finally, there was this:
Person B: i think we are supposed to just read and weep for fear of reprisals such as being blacklisted for promotions or being targeted for the next round of buyouts/layoffs
The bottom line is the bottom line: "the next round of buyouts/layoffs."

Newspapers no longer are cash cows. And the downward spiral is quite evident.

The odd thing is the economy is booming elsewhere in America -- but not in the newsroom.

Fox News reported on the Huffington Post article, and said the Times did not return a phone call for comment.

"However, the HuffPost story was eventually updated with the following statement from a Times spokesperson: 'The Times is deeply committed to a workplace that is reflective of the audience we serve. We view diversity -- of gender, ethnicity, origin, thought and opinion, as critical to our work. And, we want The Times to be a safe and comfortable place to work for all. For that reason, we’ve prioritized training programs and forums to facilitate a constructive conversation around this very important issue," Fox News reported.

Seth Mandel, opinion editor at the New York Post tweeted,  "Important to note that not everyone who works at the NY Times is completely psychotic, but it appears many many ppl there are lunatics and their lunacy is encouraged by cowardly editors who function as glorified babysitters."

And Ashley Feinberg tweeted, "probably just a coincidence that everyone coming to bari weiss’s defense is white."

Feinberg is white.

But she trolls for all the right reasons, according to the formerly prestigious Columbia Journalism Review.

Meanwhile, I hope Mirai Nagasu gets many commercial endorsements.


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  1. Immigrants, they get the job done.... I'm glad. I want immigrants who are here to do things not sit on their backsides and demand money from us. We have people here who can get the job done but don't. Sad to say, too many of them are school teachers. Add in a bunch of other assorted government riff raff and you see where the problem is. As for those unfortunates who don't have jobs in government, they can learn to work or starve.
    I'd like to make a few minor changes to our colleges and universities. Make universities back their degrees. If a graduate cannot find a job in their field of study with in six months, they pay the university nothing, BUT, they have to surrender the degree essentially becoming a 22 year old with little job history and a high school education. Lets end the gender studies and race studies degrees which have no practical application in the working world. That would also apply to the athletes who don't make the cut. Then again, most of them went on full ride scholarships ie, our dime.

  2. I'll just keep waiting for the headline/tweet: "Whites - They get the job done." Not holding my breath, though.

  3. I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning. And that the quote came from the exalted play “Hamilton” super sized it.

  4. What idiots these "journalists" are.

    Aside, things seem to have gone downhill concurrently with "reporters" becoming "journalists" and "teachers" identifying as "educators."

    1. I’ve noticed with women that the best cook or baker always runs her own creations down the most.

      They’ll tell you what they just baked is not all that good, then they’ll hand you a slice of cake so light you have to hold it down like a helium balloon in order to get a bite.

      Same with the Press. The real newshounds let the scribblings speak for themselves. And they don’t pin fancy-schmancy titles on themselves either.

  5. Had to laugh at this point, "...reporters are not allowed to have opinions. Sorry. That's the price paid for objectivity.
    And if you are not objective, you are not a reporter."

    LOL, I only expect objectivity in other forms of entertainment. The "Black Panther" movie is more objective than the NYT, and if objectivity is required in reporters- then they're a very, very rare breed. There are none at the NYT or the WaPo!

  6. All that over a quote from Hamilton.
    Can you imagine the level of freakout if Bari had tweeted MAGA?

  7. "Newspapers no longer are cash cows. And the downward spiral is quite evident." Don's low-balling it. Print media, and possibly television too, will be completely dead by the time Trump leaves office in 2025-- and it probably won't take even that long.

    1. I'm going to disagree. They are too useful as First Amendment privileged microphones for Leftists and as tax writeoffs.

    2. I'm also going to disagree. There is a strong demand for newspapers to line the bottom of parakeet cages.

    3. Parakeets rejoice! Newsprint is available at arts & crafts stores and online. Clean, unused, ready for action!

  8. I saw Hamilton twice, once in New York and once in Hollywood. Hilarious how the white liberal audience ate that immigrant line right up both times.

    Side note. Don't ever pay top dollar to see Hamilton. I paid face value both times for great seats by getting them in a ticket dump 2 days before each show.