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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Who's complicit now, Democrats?

Democrats both in and outside the media laughed like hyenas when Saturday Night Live did a fake perfume commercial for Ivanka called, "Complicit." President Trump duly noted it, and nearly a year later, he has his own ad that links Democrats to an illegal alien who laughed in court about killing two police officers.

Trump's ad, too, is called "Complicit." Democrats are crying foul.

They protest not because an illegal alien killed two police officers and is unrepentant.

No, no, no.

Democrats are livid because the president just pointed out a Democratic illegal alien laughed about killing two police officers.

TV presenter Chuck Todd, the husband of a Democratic Party official, expressed  outrage in an interview with Marc Short, White House Director of Legislative Affairs.
TODD: You're taking a very conciliatory tone this morning. I want to play an ad that you guys unveiled last night.
NARRATOR: It's pure evil. President Trump is right. Build the wall. Deport criminals. Stop illegal immigration now. Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants.
TODD: Tell me how that helps negotiations today. You're calling Democrats accomplices to potential murderers.
SHORT: Well, you know that that ad is produced by an outside group and not those of us in the White House.
TODD: Donald J. Trump for President is an outside group?
SHORT: Let me talk about --
TODD: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Donald J. Trump for President is an outside group?
SHORT: It's not done -- it's done from a political organization. It's not done from people working inside the White House, but let me talk about the basis of that ad. Today, what we have is we have over 2,500 people on a terror watch list trying to get into our country each and every day. Each and every  -- I'm sorry, each year. That's about seven per day, Chuck, that are being apprehended or turned away. We want to solve the problem of immigration coming in, and the threat that it poses to our country. I think that that's a natural debate that we should be having. It's not something that we should say, hey, let's do this at some other point in time.
TODD: But, if you want to solve this problem, is that the way to treat opponents, political opponents here? Let me ask you this: is that ad helpful to you today?
SHORT: I think it's helpful to continue to raise awareness of what the crisis --
TODD: The tone of that ad -- you find the tone of that ad helpful?
SHORT: I think that the data in that ad continues to remind people that there are people coming across our border that --
TODD: Data, not tone. Is the tone wrong?
SHORT: I'm telling you that the data of the ad shows that there are people coming across our border that pose threats to our country, yes. 
How dare the president fight back!

With their own words.

In their own style.

From CNN:
Hours into the government shutdown, President Donald Trump's reelection campaign released a hard-right ad accusing Democrats of being "complicit in all murders" committed by undocumented immigrants.
The 30-second video opens with footage of a recent courtroom outburst by Luis Bracamontes, a twice-deported undocumented immigrant accused of killing two Sacramento-area deputies in 2014. The ad labels Bracamontes as "pure evil."
"Now Democrats who stand in our way will be complicit in every murder committed by illegal immigrants," the video's narrator says. "President Trump will fix our border and keep our families safe."
A Republican familiar with the effort tells CNN that the video, titled "Complicit," will only appear online -- not on TV -- for now.
In a statement, Michael Glassner, the executive director of Trump's reelection campaign committee, said the ad was intended to highlight "the stark contrast between 'complicit' Democrats and the President for his full commitment to build a wall and fix our border to protect Americans from drugs, murder and other atrocities."

This ad smacks of a Trump project.

It's effective because it makes supporters see he is fighting back, and it also angers the opposition.

Lastly, it is a wonderful payback for a Saturday Night Live bit.


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  1. Was that hard right ad a hard right jab or a hard right cross?

  2. And like all Trump projects, he gets nationwide publicity for it, free, courtesy of the comically-outraged peckerheads of the MSM.

  3. Luis Bacamontes, meet Willie Horton. Trump steals a page from the Bush book.

    1. Why was it improper to raise the issue of an out-of-touch Dem governor letting a first degree murderer out on a weekend pass? Al Gore was totally legit for attacking Dukakis on this point, Mr. or Ms. Soros-bot. There was ZERO justification for Dukakis letting a first degree murderer out on furlough. Zero. The fact that you're still hurting over it 30 years later means that particular response hit a chord. Also, keep in mind we live in a world where the Democrats still blame the GOP for Jared Loughner despite zero evidence. So, yes, it's hilarious to see you hurting in the posterior over Republicans fighting back.

    2. Does your mommy know you're playing with her computer?

      I didn't think my comment was all that nuanced but I guess it went over your head, so let me clarify: it was just meant to point out---since no one else seems to have noticed---that the Dems have seen this kind of attack before and they should realize it won't work out any better for them this time than it did the last.

    3. A reference to my mother. Oooo. I am so pwned. Actually, my mother is dead. Killed by left liberal policies. Well, actually, she died from heart disease from a lifetime of overeating. Still, (a) Al Gore invented the Willie Horton attack, not Lee Atwater and George H.W. Bush, and (b) any comparisons between President Trump in the Bush family meets my definition of "fighting words." I intensely dislike that family of Clinton-loving failed presidents.

    4. To Republicans, the important thing about Willie Horton was that he was a violent career criminal allowed out of his cell to prey upon the innocent by a delusionary and softheaded governor... who wanted to go on to make similar decisions for the whole country.
      To Democrats, the ONLY important thing about Willie Horton was the color of his skin. Nothing else matters even a little bit.
      'nuff said.

    5. Well, the two of you have me confused- I'm not at all sure that you should be fighting each other, as you both seem to be on the same side.

      It's hard to tell, when someone's "Anonymous," as they're mostly trolls but not always! (And when we have more than one "anon" it's extremely confusing!)

      Please pick a name, anything's better than "Anonymous," and if you're friendly pull up a chair by the fire!

  4. The Democrat Party and their fellow travelers have long ago supplanted complicity with conspiracy. - Elric

  5. It was SO SMART of the Dems to shut down the gummint over illegal aliens, one of the main reasons we voted for Trump, and he knows it. Talk about walking in to the lions' den. Heh, heh, heh.

  6. Mr. T, again. Ahead of time, under budget. They'll cave. More winning. Oh, this Train keeps rolling faster and faster!!

  7. The more pissed the main stream media get the happier I get and the more our president has hit the nail on the head.

  8. I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning!

  9. The next mega yacht you see int he news will be the one bought by the popcorn supplier.

  10. Two dead cops leaving widows and orphans. Kate Steinle bleeding out on the pier for nothing. Half the prisoners are illegals.

    And Chuck Todd is concerned about "tone".

  11. Bottom line: Schumer shut down the government so more of these murderers can get in and vote as substitutes for the dead who will no longer be able to vote when ID's become mandatory.

    1. I'm sure the Democrat Party will find some way to keep the Dead Vote. - Elric

  12. The ad is true -- too bad every time Tone is mentioned, Short doesn't ask if the most important point is whether or not the ad is true. Are the Dems responsible for the murders that occur by illegal immigrants?
    (If not, who? )