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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Who needs Europe?

President Trump is taking his wife and most of his Cabinet to Davos, Switzerland, for the annual economic summit.

The European Union bureaucracy wants to use this to get The Donald. They read the New York Times every day, and therefore, they think he is this great big dumb orange ogre. It's a new riff on their usual and predictable anti-Americanism.

Cecilia Malmstrom of Sweden is the EU's trade tsar. Her doctoral thesis was, "The Region, the Power and the Glory: Regional Parties in Western Europe."

Did you hear my eyes roll when I read that?

She does not seem to realize that before he became president, Trump was building resorts around the world -- and in the 1990s talked 50 international banks out of foreclosing on him.

From Reuters:
Under Malmstrom’s direction, the EU has juggled a dizzying array of trade talks over the past year. In July it clinched a preliminary deal with Japan. And early this year it hopes to seal agreements with Mexico and the Latin American Mercosur bloc.
The retreat of the United States under Trump has played a big role in this push, Malmstrom says. Countries around the world are desperate for new trading partners, and the EU, confident again after years of economic crisis and Britain’s vote in 2016 to leave the bloc, has eagerly filled the gap.
“We have shown that we have overcome that acute crisis, so many countries are turning to Europe for leadership and for partnership,” said Malmstrom, who will also be in Davos.
“With other countries we are now setting the standards and that is also why it is bad for the U.S. to withdraw because there are standards set now and they will be global.”
The piece went on about how Malmstrom thinks the EU will take over and usurp the United States as the world leader.

Good luck, sister.

The United States does not need world trade. We already have everything we need. Oil. Metals. Bananas. I cannot think of a thing we would need from other countries. Rubber? We have oil and natural gas which can be used to make plastics.

The United States represents 25% of the world's economy -- $19 trillion -- which is a pretty good trick considering we're only 4% of the world's population.

Per capita, that works out to just under $60,000 a year per person -- or $10,000 more than those super-efficient Germans.

Oh, I am sure there are some little countries and petro-states that are ahead of us on a per capita basis, but we are the real deal. We do this on a mass scale.

We do so with one of the most diverse populations in the world. While Europe struggles with refugees from the Middle East -- nearly 15% of Germany is foreign-born -- the United States has a population that is 30% minority. Oh and more than 14% of our nation is foreign-born. One-fifth of the world's migrants live in the United States.

The United States is the role model for the world, a capitalist state built on the rule of law and a constitution.

The European Union oddly is an attempt to imitate us, with the EU Parliament trying to mimic our Congress. The problem is, Europe has no president. No national identity.

Oh, Merkel tries but is anyone really comfortable with having a German chancellor running Europe? I thought we had a world war or two to stop that.

Europe does share one thing with the USA. It is torn in half by The Donald.

Old Europe -- England, France, German, and the Nordic countries -- is appalled to find an American president who is an American, unlike that cool globalist Barack Obama.

New Europe -- the countries that suffered communism -- loves President Trump.

The World Economic Forum at Davos this year will be a test -- for the EU.

If the trade tsar of EU thinks she can lecture or embarrass Donald Trump, she is a bigger fool than she appears to be. Trump was an international household word while she was still in college.


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  1. Her name is Maelstrom?

    I know, but that's what I first thought. How apt.

    Even Edgar Allan would have smiled.

    1. We got a Malmstrom Air Force Base in Montana. Has Minuteman missiles.

  2. Laziness is endemic in Europe. They can do alright if they compete with others as indolent as themselves, ie themselves. Otherwise they won't do well. Unlike Obama who was lazy, didn't care, for reasons of ideology,to exert any effort that might elevate his country above others, Trump is purely dynamic and wants to win 100%of the time. In Davos he will hold all the cards against Ms Sweet heart.

  3. I remember the first time I heard the terms old Europe and new Europe used. It was Rumsfeld. And he was one of the first establishment dudes to back DJT, too.
    An important distinction.
    If we get along with New Europe, China, Autralia, the rest of the ASEAN nations, Russia, South America etc., who needs Old Europe?

    The anti-Brexit Englanders need to sit up and take notice.

  4. I beg to differ - there are two things we (the US) need, which are not produced locally in sufficient quantities: coffee & chocolate.

    Okay, maybe we can cut back imports, a bit. But you get to tell The Wife, not me.

  5. Don’t forget to compare Constitutions.

    The U.S. one is a document approx 200 years old.

    The French one, among others, is more of a periodical.

  6. Those western Euro nations' leaders gonna be surprised when they find out our enemedia's been lying about Trump.

  7. "The United States does not need world trade. We already have everything we need... Rubber? We have oil and natural gas which can be used to make plastics."

    The thing that the US has that makes us truly special is inventiveness. We could grow rubber trees in the Gobi Desert if we really wanted to. All you really need is clever people, investment capital and a gambler's nerve. No country but the US has all three.