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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Where is the media's shame?

Last night, the president of the United States cited 11 stories that the media got wrong, as he held his first Fake News Awards -- or as I call them the Foolitizer Prize.

Most of the stories represented bad journalism in which reporters did not independently confirm what their sources said, or even seek the president's side of the story.

Without any introspection or reflection on this bad journalism (which has hounded him since he was elected) the media blamed the messenger.

A person savaged in the press with erroneous reports fought back.

Instead of graciously accepting the criticism and apologizing for the errors, the press showed itself to be filled with egoists who make Donald Trump look positively humble.

Matt Flegenheimer and Michael M. Grynbaum of the New York Times blamed the victim:
The content of the spectacle was less notable than its premise: a sitting president using his bully pulpit for a semi-formalized attack on the free press.
No, he did not attack the press.

He attacked Fake News.

Jen Kirby and Libby Nelson at Vox wrote:
Trump’s media criticism is so frequent that it’s become background noise in his presidency. Some media outlets have even capitalized on it, using the president’s antipathy to the press to burnish their reputations and sell subscriptions.
But it’s worth pausing to consider what Trump is attempting — and in some cases accomplishing. The president of the United States is going after a free press and, in doing so, is sowing distrust in facts. This subtly erodes democratic norms, and likely contributes to Americans’ suspicion of institutions.
Erodes democracy?

Not accepting the results of the 2016 election does that.

The president merely is showing the media's errors. A narcissistic trade that loves to pat itself on the back with almost as many awards as the entertainment industry is staffed by some of the thinnest skins in the world.

From Politico:
White House Correspondents’ Association president Margaret Talev issued a statement in response to the awards, saying, “Reporters will continue to work every day to inform Americans what their government is doing in their name and with their money.”
That's nice.

But will they ever apologize or acknowledge their malpractice?

Or will they continue to hide their mistakes behind the curtain of the First Amendment as if they have no responsibility to take responsibility for their libels?


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  1. How awesome to have a president stand up to these frauds.

  2. These people miss the obvious.
    Who in their right wisdom would want to get their daily info from a group that is so intellectually and morally vacant to the point of lacking in any semblance of self awareness.

    ...and to then hide behind their own self inflicted paywall mentality all the while sniping at those that dare to question their motives.
    I tell ya!!


    1. Who? People trapped in doctor's offices for an hour or those in airports that have smartphone batteries running low.

      Oh, I forgot...those motivated DACA kids trying to learn English.

  3. Over at BeJohnGalt there's a proposal to call the awards the "Falsies", esp apt since the MSM appears to be heavily populated with boobs.

    A couple thoughts picked up at the JustOneMinute blog. The MLK bust issue was arguably more important than Don ranked it. It only paled because the Trump Admin caught it so quick. Otherwise it could have become a "See Russia from here" meme.
    Also proposed: Charlottesville should have been considered for the top 10.

    1. Notice how no one in the MSM has covered the Charlottesville investigation? Findings were released around mid-December for the cities response.

      So far the Police Chief has resigned, the Mayor is in hiding, and a state investigation is still being conducted which ties to former Governor Terry McAuliffe - a totally corrupt politician whose buddies are the Clinton's, Andrew McCabe of the FBI who is well on his way to multiple indictments, and nutty Tim Kaine who ran with Hilary and is proud of his Antifa son.

      - Ken

  4. I guess to the "press" every error is not intentional, merely the result of " not enough good information" to semi quote J Pace, AP reporterett. It is not the job of the "press" to be accurate, they say, because the time needed to be so would destroy their first strike capability and render them vulnerable to annihilation by a competing fabricator. As the NY Post said, get the story out and leave the truth to the historians.
    In Trump's case no historians are available so he has become his own, using Twitter to set the record straight, chastising his lying tormentors, letting fly his own first strike with every threat they make. They have basically destroyed themselves. They chose the wrong enemy.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Imaginary Trump: "I love a free press. Nobody loves a free press as much as me, a free Honest press.
    What I hate is the Fake News press.
    And I'm going to keep telling the truth and attacking Fake News -- but all the news folk need to do to stop this is to do their job.
    Tell the truth."

    1. The enemedia CAN'T handle The Truth. Indeed, they hate and fear the truth, which is why they can't and won't handle The Truth.

  7. The MSM has worked hard being "little boys who cried 'wolf!'" to such an extent that they have no credibility left. Who cares what they say, we know they lie.

    As a result, President Trump is no innoculated against any scandel - because "this is CNN, the Complete Narcissists Network".

  8. Yes, yes where indeed is the shame? From good people on "both sides", to "Mexico is going to pay for the wall", right up to denials around porn star payoffs. Like a Baghdad Bob for racist rubes, Trump doubles-down on every lie, always trying to gaslight America when caught red-handed. Fake News is just coverage he doesn't like.

    1. What you just posted makes no sense. Please try to be clear in your accusations or to say something that has some factual evidence - or even reasoning - to back it up. It's like I wasted time trying to read your scribble.

  9. Where is the Media's shame?

    "It's bagging groceries with Elvis somewhere in South Carolina."

  10. “apologize or acknowledge their malpractice“

    But ... but ... then that bug up the MSM’s ass would have to die.

    What about the bug, man? Won’t SOMEONE think of the bug?

  11. The LSM thinks Trump picks on them? How hard would it be to report verified facts and keep your useless opinions on the editorial pages? Is that so much to ask?

  12. "Shame". Shame? Did John Wayne Gacy have shame? Or Ted Bundy? Or Jeffrey Dahmer? Or Charles Manson? Or even Pablo Escobar? These media people are now officially psychopaths and should be treated as such. There's a wing at the Trans Allegany Lunatic Asylum that has big 15 foot fences that curve inwards, preventing escape. It's where they put the inmates for their daily walk. Bring it back. NOW.

  13. Here is a delicious video showing just how stupid news people on the boob tube are. This Canadian hammers the clueless feminist so hard she has the vapors at the end: