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Friday, January 19, 2018

Trump's got them by the tweets

I was going to put this out there on Twitter, but why monetize my writing for people who hate me and my readers?

So the good people at the once-respectable Wall Street Journal have been following President Donald Trump's tweets for a year now, reading them like the entrails of a goat to divine some sort of evidence that will once and forever end the presidency of a man the snobs of journalism decided is unfit for office.

What the Wall Street Journal found is nothing.

The people assigned this story, however, found they wasted their lives.

If your job consists of spending hour upon hour reading and analyzing tweets, then you have made poor career choices.

I do not care if the person followed so closely is the most powerful human on Earth.

This ultimately doomed quest by the Royalty of Journalism to reverse the last election is nearly unfathomable in its depth.

On Election Night when the people of the United States destroyed the media's narrative of a woman president, the media in general fell into an abyss from which it refuses to budge.

They sit eating Nutella from the jar, while following the president's twitter feed -- hoping for some misspelled word that will be his undoing.

You think I exaggerate? I wish it were exaggeration. Trump very briefly had that "covefe" tweet up at six minutes after midnight (Eastern) on May 31 before he discovered the typo and deleted it.

Nevertheless, the rabidly anti-Trump press turned covfefe into the kerfuffle of the century.

And in doing so, they proved his point about the constant negative press coverage.

The tweet beat should embarrass people with Ivy League degrees.

Once upon a time, being a reporter was fun and exciting.

You got to cover fires at 2 a.m. and court hearings at 9.

You got to interview rock stars and the fellow who won the lottery.

But now journalism has reduced itself to reading presidential tweets 24/7 in the false hope that he will tweet himself out of office.



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  1. So Trump hits his stride between 6am and 8am at the dawn of the newsday while people are eating breakfast and maybe watching the morning TV shows? Who would have thought such a mental incompetent could have figured out the best time of the day to get his message past the media gatekeepers by enlisting the terminally annoyed Never Trumpers and indefatigable Hillary! supporters in the press? Stable genius or retard? You be the judge.

    1. Ahhh, yes; but it gets even better. That is where human Fourier processes take over (actually, ~20th degree harmonics of a very massive square wave pulse yielding 100K likes). Everything is re-tweeted on TWTR and GAB and posted on Farcebook for at least 48 hours--sometimes over the course months. Meanwhile, red pilled Vikings go to battle with Soy Bern Soros bots during their recess periods. So, it really doesn't matter what time TGE puts out his posts.

      No reason to catch any news network anywhere at "prime time". Everything is done in the basements. QED - Covfefe.

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  2. How is the God-Emperor supposed to prove his greatness when THESE are his challengers? Where are the worthy opponents?

    1. I know what LBJ would have called them--a kind of ants.

  3. That would be yuuuuuuuuuuuuugely sad, Don.

  4. Hi Don,

    For the time graph, I'm pretty sure an app can take the xml data of a twitter feed and generate that chart.

    For the rest of your post - spot on.


    1. Jon,really,I was wondering how they did it.I think Don was being snarky.

  5. Looks like our President is a morning person. I, personally, am a night person, but in reality, who cares?

    1. Looks like Trump is active at all times of the day!

  6. One of the beneficial changes that the internet hath wrought is that we are able to see how dishonest our news media is. We have also seen that there are many amateurs out there who are better journalists than the highly paid professionals.

    1. BOOM, 2xu! My dad always said, to get better, play with people who are better than you. That's why I'm a regular reader of this blog.

  7. When can we expect your take on the House Memo about FISA, etc that so many people excited today?

  8. Dear Mr. Surber, I disagree. I think the WSJ did find plenty, but do not have the insight to understand the information. First, the President's day goes from about 5 AM to 10 PM excluding the prep time for waking and going to bed. I used to have the 4-8 watches at one point when I was aboard ship, so my day began at 3 AM and ended about 9 PM. That's a rough schedule. I was in my twenties, our President is in his seventies. The man's energy seems boundless. Second, between about 9 AM and 3 PM his tweet activity subsides, which coincides with a normal work day, an indicator he is interacting with staff and carrying out typical Presidential duties. Therefore the sitting in bed eating cheeseburgers and watching Fox news meme is complete BS. Third, his early morning tweets are the opening bars of the movement he is conducting and the late evening tweets are the coda. Does the media not have a dictionary which includes the word puppet-master? Fourth, a serious question, can we clone him for future use? Cheers.

  9. Betcha that if Trump tweeted that he’d spent the week “flying backwards and forwards across the country”, the WSJ response would be: “Planes can’t fly backwards ... we got him!”

  10. I trust the media completely:

    1. And keeping them separated so they don't start fighting each other.

  11. Reading that the BO headquarters in DC are buzzing with the people there telling the media the Trump era will be very short, so stay on BO's good side. He thinks he's king, when he's up against a stable genius who can add a new word to the language with a typo up for 6 minutes.

    Keep hearing that, with all else falling apart, they plan to demoralize deplorables with news of the Dim landslide and child molestation stories against opponents, figuring they'll stay home...then they think the House will impeach. If they try that, the current Storm unfolding will look like a summer shower, as it will be the American people this time letting them know what they think of their Banana Republic tactics. Don't think they'll be ready to give up a booming economy so BO, of all people, can "look good."

    Keep up the good work.

    1. P.S. Make that "headquarters IS buzzing."

  12. Even the Covfefe affair blew back on the media. People laughed and played around with the word.
    The press wanted insurrection. They got chuckles.