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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Trumping the Korean War

The Korean War, now in its 68th year, is the longest war in American history, although it has been on hiatus for 65 of those years.

President Trump may have ended it.

From the Daily Mail:
North and South Korea have agreed to form their first joint Olympic team and will march together under a unified flag during the opening ceremony, South Korea has announced. 
The two Koreas agreed to form a combined women's ice hockey team to take part in next month's Winter Olympics in PyeongChang in the South next month. 
Seoul's Unification Ministry says the agreement was during talks on Wednesday at the border village of Panmunjom.
It said athletes from the two Koreas will march together under a 'unification flag' depicting their peninsula during the opening ceremony.
This is not a small party.
North Korea will send a delegation of about 550, including 230 cheerleaders, 140 artists and 30 Taekwondo players for a demonstration, the statement added.
The delegation is scheduled to begin arriving in South Korea on January 25.  
The potential for defections is 550 people strong. That is a huge risk for Kim Jong Un.

Obviously, he is willing to take a huge risk for peace.

So much for the Fake News that President Trump was going to cause World War 3 by mocking and challenging Kim Jong Un.

The Rocket Man tested nukes, misfired some missiles, and watched his mountain where he makes his nukes collapse in the sea.

Not since Harry Truman has an American president challenged North Korea like this. To be fair, most of the other presidents had greater challenges.

But Trump is getting results.

The Republic of Korea wants unification. Trump's actions have forced Kim Jong Un to the bargaining table. A deal where ROK takes over the North and Kim goes into exile in China would be best for everyone.

China used North Korea as a bargaining chip for years, telling the West that North Korea's leader was a madman.

Well, we have a madman of our own. With a bigger nuclear button.


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  1. This is literally unbelievable.

  2. You'd think Democrats couldn't argue against success, but they do.

    1. They wouldn't if it were theirs, but this isn't. Heh, heh, heh. (And a little gloat here, and a little gloat there...)

  3. This.

    Big D, I know you have an affinity for SoKo, and I'll bet you're pleased as soju. Tears came to my eyes when I read this post. I never watch the Olympic Opening Ceremonies - hell, never even watch much Olys at all any more - but I will most definitely be tuning in for this sight. Unreal. Phenomenal. Can it be?

    Meanwhile, Mr. T will smile, give a thumbs-up, and say, "OK, what's next on the list?"

    Dream big, y'all. Think of the first Chik-Fil-A opening in Pyongyang. That will be INSANE. No more night soil and rocks. Free food for a year! Still ain't tired of this winning yet, though, Mr. T!!!

  4. I love it when a plan comes together.

  5. Time will tell. That little nutbag won't go away easily.

    1. Little nutbag is a sports fanatic and is playing South Korea to prop up his regime through the international sporting arena in the same way Putin does. Once the Olympic flame is extinguished, Rocket Man will return in full force.

  6. This is worth watching the opening for.

  7. wrong! The 1948 war between Israel and the Arabs is longer...just a ceasefire.

    1. " now in its 68th year, is the longest war in American history"
      The US was a big part of the 1951 Korean War -- not really at all part of the 1948 Israel-Arab war.

      Japan and Russia are still at war from WW II over the Kurile Islands.

  8. Am I alone here in suspecting that the Norks are up to something?

  9. Part of leadership is letting the followers have enough rope -- to hang themselves or to tie up a big present.

    "Getting N & S Korea on the same Olympic Team" was not likely to be on Trump's list, or anybody's, as the next step.

    But Trump's Twitter negotiation with Rocket Man was shrewdly calculated to pressure Kim to do something, and it was Kim's move.

    I suspect Kim will get a good offer from China to go into exile, along with a feasible threat that ALL of his generals will soon get "an offer they can't refuse" to get rid of Kim.

    Because China does NOT want re-unification, and working Asian capitalism on their border. But Rocket Man might.