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Thursday, January 11, 2018

Trump saves 1,100 jobs -- and adds 4,000 more

In 2016, Carrier announced it was closing a furnace factory in Indiana and moving it to Mexico.

Barack Obama was cool with this, telling people, “What we have to do is to make sure that folks are trained for the jobs that are coming in now because some of those jobs of the past are just not going to come back.”

Donald Trump was not OK with losing jobs: “If I were in office right now, Carrier would not be leaving Indiana.”

Obama mocked him: “There’s no answer to it. He just says, ‘Well, I’m going to negotiate a better deal.’ Well, how exactly are you going to negotiate that? What magic wand do you have? And usually, the answer is he doesn’t have an answer.”

Donald Trump waved his MAGA wand. Obama's presidency disappeared. The Carrier plant stayed.

In November, the plant announced layoffs. That happens in manufacturing. The numbers became final on Wednesday.

From the Hill:
More than 200 Carrier employees will lose their jobs this week, the company announced.
The 215 employees will leave the manufacturer in its final round of layoffs at the Indianapolis facility.
Carrier said in a statement the layoffs are part of the company's plan to "relocate fan coil manufacturing production lines," which are moving to a facility in Mexico, according to a reporter from the IndyStar.
"Following the transition, Carrier's Indianapolis operations will employ approximately 1,100 people," the statement said.
That's 1,100 more jobs than zero.

Which is a nickname for Obama, isn't it?

Meanwhile, Toyota and Mazda made an announcement:
Japanese automakers Toyota and Mazda on Wednesday announced plans to build a huge $1.6 billion joint-venture plant in Alabama that will eventually employ about 4,000 people.
Several states had competed for the coveted project, which will be able to turn out 300,000 vehicles per year and will produce the Toyota Corolla compact car for North America and a new small SUV from Mazda. Alabama Gov. Kay Ivey and company executives held a joint news conference to announce that the facility is coming to the Huntsville area not far from the Tennessee line. Production is expected to begin by 2021.
"This is indeed a great day in Alabama," Ivey said. "Thank you for believing in the potential of our people in the great state of Alabama. ... Toyota and Mazda, thank you so much. Welcome to sweet home Alabama."
Trump keeps waving that MAGA wand.

He's the hope.

He's the change.


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  1. Yes, but the MSM will only report, "Carrier fires 200; relocates production to Mexico."

    1. The MSM does not pay their employees generously. Except for the on-screen "talent".

  2. It's worth noting Alabama is a RTW state. An absence of union thugs surely played a role in Toyota's decision.

  3. I wonder if these plans weren't in the works and temporarily got shelved when Obama tried to get the VW plant in Kentucky unionized despite the fact that the employees voted down the union.

  4. Teapartydoc,

    From my readings, no, these were not planned, due to the poor and worsening tax structure/environmental structure/regulatory structure of the Lightbringer's administration.

    Between reducing taxes, reining back the EPA and slashing regulations the business environment has changed quickly for the better. Plants planned for Canada and Mexico are being shifted to the USA.

    Now with the Trump Administration starting to look and act against traditional union controls to business, maybe even the old rustbelt will start shining, maybe.