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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Trump just showed Congress it is his town

President Trump just did something no other president nor the Founding Fathers could pull off.

He negotiated a major piece of legislation right before the nation's unblinking eyes, live and in living color.

He brought reporters and cameras in to watch an hour of negotiating between him and 22 members of Congress.

This was unprecedented.

Unpresidential, some may say.

For a fellow who is supposed to be so authoritarian -- so unconstitutional -- so oppressive, President  Trump sure was being open.

The press yammers about transparency and accountability.

They could not handle real transparency.

He knew they could not. That is why he did it.

There before the eyes of everyone Trump showed who is president and who ultimately decides whether we grant amnesty to a million people who should not be here out of the estimated 12 million illegal aliens who also should not be here.

From NBC, which thinks Oprah should be president:
A bipartisan meeting between President Donald Trump and members of Congress on Tuesday appears to have moved negotiations forward, however slightly, on how to address the fate of undocumented immigrants under the DACA program.
Members of both parties and the White House said they agreed that the four issues to be addressed initially include DACA, border security, changes to family-based migration, also known as chain migration, and an end to the visa lottery system, a development that could help narrow the parameters of an otherwise wide-ranging and contentious set of issues around immigration.
But while some progress was made about the scope of the debate, there was no agreement reached on any of the tricky details, only broad sentiments from both sides about the need to solve the DACA issue.
Donald Trump clearly was in charge of the meeting.

Many of the big-shot members of Congress seemed meek while Trump appeared to be all Trumpy and in control.

From NBC:
"We’ll do DACA. Then we can start comprehensive immigration reform the next afternoon," Trump said as television cameras rolled on the first 55 minutes of the 2 1/2 hour meeting, which featured members of Congress talking to the president about where they stood on the issue. It was a rare, extended look inside a policy discussion between the president and lawmakers.
"I’ll take the heat off the Democrats and Republicans," Trump said. "I will."
The flakes on the right -- Ann Coulter, for example -- were quick to say Trump sold out. They say that all the time. It's something they have predicted all along.

Afterward, an actual Flake -- Jeff -- tried to spin the meeting.
"I didn't go in with any hope with anything. With 22 people in the room you don't negotiate, but there were a few encouraging things," Flake told NBC News afterward. He said Trump showed "quite a bit of flexibility when the cameras weren't there in terms of what we do in this phase and in the next phase, and an acknowledgment that a lot of things we want to do are going to be part of a comprehensive bill but not now," he added.
Democrats had hoped to keep the discussions as narrow as possible to immediately create a bill that would address DACA and some components of border security. Trump gave a March 5 deadline for Congress to act, before all DACA recipients‘ legal status expires. More than 1,000 people a day are losing their protected status.
The clock is ticking.

Trump doesn't need a deal.

They do.

He got what he wanted out of the meeting: a photo op that shows Trump -- not Congress -- is in charge.

Optics matter.

Think not?

Trump won that college football championship last night merely by stepping on the field.


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  1. The fakes were dumbfounded at the presser.

    1. Trump yesterday: "I think my positions are going to be what the people in this room come up with."


      So Trump who campaigned and won on: Building a wall which Mexico will pay; halting immigration from Muslim nations; and sending Dreamers home; is now going to agree with whatever Congress sends him "whether I like it or not. I'll sign it"

      President Narcissist is now President Waffler.

    2. LOL, you'd better ask for some better talking points! Those old ones have been beat near to death already, and they're getting pretty icky.

      Are you a Vegan? You obviously have no idea how a sausage is made, or what goes into them, and vegan diet has been known to cause brain deficiencies.

      What you should do is start the day with some healthy sausage & eggs, and read "The Art of the Deal."

      That'll get you straightened out, and then you'll be able to appreciate "Trump the Press" and "Trump the Establishment," even more!

    3. When Mr. Trump was campaigning for my vote, he was quite explicit on his plans about immigration. This worries me. It seems that half the punditry on the right care aghast and the other half saying 'wait and see.' But it is simply illogical to have a person's views held up to ridicule by you or anyone else. So, let me ask: Are you one of those anti-free speech democrats?

    4. Concern troll is obvious, 'TimothyJ'.

      >"Are you one of those anti-free speech democrats?"

      Are you one of those Shareblue shills, Tim? You sure glow in the dark like one.

  2. Wolff book...what Wolff book? It was pure genius!

  3. He dominates whichever venue he chooses to be in. First - I am glad he is using his powers for good and not evil. Second - I am so glad I am on his side.

    -Mikey NTH

  4. Politicians aren't used to making deals out where they can be seen. Sorta like slugs and rats. Or opossums. But they aren't as pretty.

  5. Reminiscent of the old gag about the first day of the Six Day War.

    Little old Israeli militia man walks over a sand dune and tells the Arab army to make nice and go home.

    Commander orders several attacks, all of which is heard explosions and blood-curdling screams.

    Finally, one lone Arab soldier, bloody, battered, his uniform scorched, staggers back to the formation.

    "Stop, stop!!! IT'S A TRAP! There are TWO of them!".

    Same thing.

  6. If Democrats got DACA alone, they would be done. Trump knows this. The price for DACA is curtailing chain migration, ending the visa lottery and border security measures including some wall-building. If Democrats want DACA, they'll have suck it up.

    Coulter is an absolutist. But so are many Democrats. They want absolutely no borders. They have to hide it somewhat for now, but they don't believe in borders because they no longer believe in America.

    1. So, why is Trump talking about doing this in 2 parts: 1) DACA Amnesty for the Wall, 2) Then, later in a separate bill, curtailing chain migration and ending the visa lottery.

      Odds of that second bill getting 60 votes for cloture after the D's already have Amnesty in the first are precisely ZERO.

    2. Maybe you can enlighten me here. I thought that the filibuster was dead. Why the need for 60 votes?

  7. Must be shocking for these losers to be in a meeting headed by a real leader and executive.

    There goes the mentally deranged tangent!

    If senators or congressmen met with other cabinet heads like Rex Tillerson, Wilbur Ross or Steve Mnuchin they would equally be rendered speechless and neutered.

  8. Just remember guys and dolls ,the art of the deal.

  9. So glad we can get a clean bill without that stupid wall. In any case no funds are needed since Mexico is paying for it. Anything else is a lie on the part of Trump. Never forget the mindless chants at the Trump rally. "Who is going to pay for the wall? Who is going to pay for the wall?"

    1. You didn't hear the same reality. LSD is a helluva drug.

    2. "We're going to build a sort of fence...kinda....Who is going to pay for it? American consumers in a convoluted tariff in hopes that you're too stupid to remember that we told you Mexico would pay for it." Catchy chant!

  10. I haven't watched but ... that ... sounds pretty bold and impressive!

  11. However will those Swampies and Swampettes cope with being broadcast nationwide?

    When, in the words of Rock Ridge’s schoolmarm Harriett Van Johnson, they’re going to look like “the leading assholes in their [respective] states”.

  12. It’s my opinion that, at some point in the farther future, Trump’s face is going to show up on the currency.

    And whatever the denomination, he’s going to look like a million bucks.

  13. I appreciate that alot of what Trump says is nonsense, bluster used as a negotiating tactic, and that he's good at this and often is able to get what he wants.

    But, if he signs legislative Amnesty for "dreamers" then he's a TRAITOR to the American people.

    The D's will get their Holy Grail agenda item: Millions of new Leftwing voters. And they will gain control of Congress, the WH, and undo any concessions they had to make in order to get their Amnesty.

    That's assuming any concessions that were made will ever have been implemented, which is doubtful given Trump's talk of a "two tier" legislation - Amnesty immediately in exchange for approval of a wall being built, followed hopefully sometime in the future by legislation stopping chain-immigration and the visa lottery.

    The second half of that will NEVER happen if they do it this way. Once legislation passes for Amnesty, why would D's ever vote for lower immigration in another bill? They wouldn't - they'd have nothing to gain.

    Best result to be hoped for here:
    D's kill the Amnesty bill because they refuse to make any concessions. This would be incredibly stupid on their part, but seems to be the most likely result. Followed by the D's being shamed into helping pass a Budget bill rather than shutting down the government over Amnesty.

    WORST possible result here: Amnesty in exchange for the wall.

    Reminder: Congress passed legislation authorizing, and funding, the wall back in 2006. Trump could, at any time, simply cite that law and build the wall.

    If Amnesty passes, the Republican Party is toast. Our country and culture are toast.

    Trump is NOT inspiring any confidence here.

    1. Here is the scenario that occurs to me. He goes for the two tier deal. Gets both deals through congress and then a california liberal judge tells him and congress that they can't do that and congress faints.

  14. Trump as leader is great; he does seem to be a master of the deal.

    I keep hoping the next Israeli-Palestinian peace talks are also on-camera.

    I suspect that what Scott Adams suggested is the right end point: Trump gets Dems on board with the Wall, ending Chain Migration, end of Visa lottery -- and gives Dreamers amnesty.

    In the meantime, he continues with building the wall w/o a deal, and in deporting illegal aliens w/o a deal.

    The later it goes on, the more the wall is built w/o a deal, the more illegals are deported w/o a deal -- the LESS Trump needs a deal.

    A Feb deal, with many Dems, might be a nice Valentine's present.

    NOT needing earmarks.

  15. Speaking of chain migration...

    Can I, born a citizen of the US, sponsor relatives elsewhere in the world and get them to the US without the "normal" immigration process?

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  17. This is the best write-up of that meeting I've read so far. Cudos, Don!

  18. GREAT political theater. Starring Mr. T. Directed by: Mr. T. Produced by: Mr. T. Executive Producer: Mr. T.

  19. This meeting should not be viewed in isolation. While it was going on, Trump ordered an end to the temporary residency status of several hundred thousand Salvadorans who were granted permission to reside temporarily in the US. Trump's move increases the pressure on the Democrats to negotiate. It tells them they will lose everything by delay and obstruction: Come to the table or there will be more expulsion orders and an end to the lax enforcement by the previous two administrations of the many existing immigration regulations that are already on the books.

  20. Trump is falling for the same thing all Republican presidents fall for. Amnesty now, border security later. It should be just the opposite. - GOC

    1. Interesting how many peopnle completely fall for what is obviously deal-making, not promising. Those who claim Trump is doing this or doing that have no idea what he is doing...that is what "the deal" is all about. Otherwise, it wouldn't require the "art" part. Get it?

  21. Trump supposedly "won the college football championship" by stepping on the field for a photo-op, but apparently never bothered to learn the words to the nation anthem. Such a stable genius.....