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Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Trump Effect: the good

Bloomberg: "Manufacturing in the U.S. Just Accelerated to Its Best Year Since 2004."

As Barack Obama said, those jobs ain't coming back.

Hillary's economic plan was to retrain coal miners to become computer programmers.

Donald Trump's plan was to Make America Great Again.

And we are headed back to greatness.

From Bloomberg:
U.S. manufacturing expanded in December at the fastest pace in three months, as gains in orders and production capped the strongest year for factories since 2004, the Institute for Supply Management said Wednesday.
The survey-based measure of factory activity -- the year’s second-highest behind September, when storm-related supply delays boosted the index -- brings the 2017 average to 57.6, the best in 13 years. The latest gain extends a string of strong readings that’s been fueled by more domestic business investment, improving global economies and steady spending by American households.
The acceleration in bookings indicates production will remain robust in coming months as factories race to limit mounting order backlogs amid declining customer inventories. Increasing export orders underscore improvement in global markets.
The figures suggest manufacturing strength will persist into early 2018, even after the ISM’s semi-annual survey of purchasing managers published last month showed factories anticipate growth in capital spending to slow this year.
Score another one for President Trump. Promise made, promise kept.

Now, I have written about people who foolishly feuded with Donald Trump only to wreck their lives later. I am even keeping a list.

But as a reader pointed out, what about the positive Trump Effect, the good things he has done?

OK, let me make a list of the good that Donald Trump has done since being elected president:

1. Hillary Rodham Clinton is not now nor ever will be president. No other Republican could have defeated her.

2. 43 jackasses have committed careericide by getting into feuds with him. That's the The Feuding With The Donald Effect.

3. He gave us Justice Neil Gorsuch.

4. You no longer are fined for not buying health insurance. The United States of America is a free nation again.

5. Net neutrality is gone. We are back to the Internet we enjoyed up until 2015.

6. He added a record 12 appellate judges including Don Willett. By January 20, we could have 18 Trump-appointed appellate judges or one in 10 of the 179 appellate judges.

7. The corporate income tax no longer is 35%. Trump dropped it to 21%, which is just above the European Union average of 20.9%.

8. For the first time, the Dow Industrial Average topped 19,000 -- 20,000 -- 21,000 -- 22,000 -- 23,000 -- 24,000.

9. For the first time, NASDAQ topped 5,500 -- 6,000 -- 6,500 - 7,000.


A first family to look up to.

11. Black unemployment is at an all-time low.

12. Hispanic unemployment is at an all-time low.

13. Overall unemployment is at a 17-year low.

14. Biggest military raise in eight years.

15. We gave a military-replenishing $700 billion defense budget. Still less than one-fifth of the federal budget.

16. 1,579 regulations gone.

17. Pipelines being built, including Keystone XL.

18. U.S. Household Wealth Hit Record $96.9 Trillion. Up nearly $7 trillion since his election.

19. China investing $83.7 billion in West Virginia, whose annual economic output is $74.9 billion.


It's OK to say, Merry Christmas.

21. No more bowing to emperors or sheikhs.

22. North Korea begging to negotiate.

23. Iran sweating over a regime change.

24. The Islamic State shrinking to Obama size.

25. The bureaucracy shrinking to Little Marco size.

26. The number of illegal aliens shrinking to DNC size.

27. Drilling in ANWR soon.

28. The embassy in Jerusalem soon.

29. The Kathryn Steinle Memorial Wall soon.


Hey, everybody, we're gonna get tax cuts!

And now, 31. manufacturing at a 13-year high.

As always, readers may add to my list.


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And remember, Make America Great Again.


  1. Energy related posts are a subset of out becoming or already are a net exporter of energy.

  2. And still half the country will vote for Dimocrats who may retake the House. Blacks did better under Reagan and both Bushes than they dide under Obungler yet they will still vote overwhelmingly for Dimocrats. Strange. - GOC

    1. It's because of all those horrid EEEVILE Southern Republican Slave Masters!!!!!11!!
      Oh. Wait. RIGHT: /sarc off

    2. Think about that.

      Really think about that.

  3. I suspect you can't train out-of-work miners to be programmers any more than you could "train" them to be MLB pitchers or brain surgeons. It's something you have to start learning and being involved in when you're young and of school age (including college), like learning a foreign language. It's easier to take to it when your brain is young, much harder when you are old and have worked in a totally different field for your entire adult lifetime.

    1. I disagree. We can learn whatever if we want to. If you want to learn to program - really want to, love it eat it breathe it, we can learn. Tell me what I am going to be and I will not
      Learn, do or care. We are not North Koreans being told what we will be.

  4. Recommending folks learn how to do a new job is fine. If it can be done. As mentioned above, the talent and/or proclivity has to be there. But address, also, how many of those “new” jobs are within commuting distances. Too often to take the new job one will have to move a couple of hundreds away. I've been too broke to take a new, better job because of the relocation expenses.

    Training a coal miner to be a programmer or brain surgeon or rocket scientist does little good if there are no programming, brain surgery, or rocket scientist jobs nearby.

  5. The treasonous first family eagerly took meetings with russians to try to get dirt on Hillary. No need to alert the FBI. Yeah, that's something to really look up to in a first family. Campaign over country. Such a garbage excuse for a family.

    1. Quite the imagination you have.

    2. I thought he was talking about the Obamas.

  6. Funny, Hillary would have loved to get some dirt on Donald but there is little to be found. Hillary on the other hand has tons of dirt. All the better to try to bury the bodies.
    And yes, I know... Don't feed the trolls.

  7. Can't get over how tall Barron is compared to Election Night '16; he's shooting upward like the Dow!

    1. I know, right? My very first thought too, Fred. Don't know if I'll be alive in twentysome years but if yes, I'd vote for him. In a freakin heartbeat.