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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Trump delivers. On time. Under budget.

"Trump didn’t win the presidency in 2016 because of his policy ideas. And he didn’t win because of James Comey or Russian interference or fake news on Facebook. Trump won because he connected with voters who are fed up with political elites who mostly serve their own interests. Many candidates promise change, but Trump’s blunt style and disregard for norms made him seem like he meant it. Judging by his performance in office so far, he did."

-- Rick Newman, Yahoo Columnist

The final numbers from the Christmas season are in.

Retailers enjoyed the biggest increase in sales (5.5%) since 2005, when sales increased 6.2%.

The forecast was another 3.6% increase like last year. Maybe 4%.

From CNBC:
Economists and advisers had expected robust spending across the board due to strong employment and consumer confidence. However, many questioned exactly where that increased spending would go.
Over the holidays, the strongest performers were building materials and supply stores (8.1 percent growth ), furniture (7.5 percent growth) and electronics (6.7 percent growth). Clothing/accessories and health/personal care clocked in weaker growth, up 2.7 percent and 2.2 percent, respectively.
People are investing in their homes.

Hmm. People may see housing prices finally recover from the 2008 debacle following President Bush's foolish agreement with Democrats that home ownership is a right. No, it is a business transaction.

People who can't make their rent won't pay their mortgages. That led to a financial collapse, which led to Obama, which led to another failed attempt at socialism.

Under President Trump, the recovery is back on schedule.

It reminds me of that skating rink in Central Park. City Hall putzed around for years with a plan designed by a refrigerator man in Florida.

Trump said here, let me take over. He called the guy who ran the ice arena for the Toronto Maple Leafs, who came come up with a plan that worked. Trump completed the project under budget and six months early.

So it is with the economy. Trump got rid of the refrigerator men in Washington, and brought in capitalists to purge the Federal Registry of bad regulations.

Last month, he signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law.

More than a million workers received $1,000 bonus checks because of this. Some received raises as companies raised their in-house minimum wage.

Next month, the take home pay of the taxpayers at the low-end of the scale will increase by $6.

Scoff all you want. I went 10 years without a raise.

I get the argument that it is not his money he is giving people, but rather the money they earned.

I also get that this will "add" a trillion bucks to the National Debt over 10 years.

But why didn't Obama give us our money back?

And what about that $1.1 trillion he blew in three stimuluses in his first four years in office?

The economy stayed flat.

Under Trump, the economy took off.

Newman ended his piece:
Michael Wolff, in his book, recounts a moment in which a foreigner unfamiliar with the concept asked Trump what “white trash” is. “They’re people just like me,” Trump supposedly responded. “Only they’re poor.” Does any other politician think that way? Some cross over from the wrong side of the tracks, but that’s not really the point. Trump, who grew up well off, came from the right side of the tracks, yet somehow understands the other side. The buzzards circling around him should never forget that.
I don't believe any of that book.

But Trump does have an outer-borough mentality. He's living the American dream.

He wants other to, too.

2017 was the greatest year in American history.

2018 will be better because Trump will be president all 365 days, not just the last 345.


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  1. He's also turned the immigration debate on its head. He made the Demos so desperate to get away from the DACA deal, they had to invent a slur.

    Now people aren't talking about huddled masses, but do we need to import instant welfare cases from failed states (probably what he really said).

  2. Trump probably did say that. His Manhattan Ivy league
    grad neighbors mostly think of him as trash although some of them, those who made their own way to the upper reaches by taking great risk, do not.
    Trump is a kind of class warrior but he is not a slave to a scritured economic philosophy like his political enemies. The attacks on him are driven by egocentric fear of another's success and the selfish envy such a fear creates in the small of spirit. Manhattan is in fact the selfish city and has been, at least since the days of Melville, who knew it well.

  3. Keynesian economists love to apply a multiplier to injections of so-called government money into the economy, while under scrutiny such multipliers amount to little or no growth. But this fabled growth is what is supposed to "pay" for the deficit spending; higher velocity of money, higher GDP, higher tax revenue. Never works out that way, but they keep trying.

    On the other hand supply side economics has resulted in both higher growth and increased tax revenue every time it has been done. But no one has a money multiplier associated with letting people keep more of their own money.

    So we have a fake multiplier that has never worked and a nonexistent one where it does.

    No wonder things are so screwed up.

  4. President Trump is about to make his greatest delivery yet. Check out The Conservative Treehouse: "Pandora's MOAB - President Donald John Trump."

    His election is considerably more consequential than people realize. As Sherlock Holmes would say, "The game is afoot." President Trump is playing n-dimensional chess on a level never before witnessed, both domestically and internationally.

    Hmmm, what's happening with the DOJ IG? Iran, anyone? And Davos coming up? President Trump is moving through our present realities and issues like the Tasmanian Devil. - Elric

  5. It’s a good time to be paying off any debt one might have.

  6. I doubt Trump would define the phrase “white trash” that way. Look at how reacted when someone called himself white trash on The Apprentice:

  7. Rick Newman is half-wrong when he says Trump "didn’t win the presidency in 2016 because of his policy ideas". Stopping illegal immigration IS a policy idea, and IS the single biggest reason Trump won -- folk believed he would stop it. Or at least reduce it.

    Similarly on reducing taxes, and reducing regulations. Those ARE policy ideas.

    Rick is absolutely right that, unlike most GOPe (and silly NeverTrumpers!) who say they have those goals -- voters believed Trump would actually do it.

    Belief in Trump's ability to get the job done.

    He's doing great so far.