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Monday, January 15, 2018

Almost trigger World War 3, keep your job

Charles Peters, the founder of Washington Monthly magazine, regularly chastised the government for not firing its incompetents. Unfireable, he moaned.

Which was odd since Peters is a believer in the great patriarchal government that takes care of everyone from cradle to grave -- whether they want it or not.

On Saturday, the most socialist state in the union -- Hawai'i -- had a foul-up when someone's unemployable nephew on the state payroll pressed the panic button and sent a false alarm about an incoming ballistic missile.

Nuclear war is serious business. Hawai'i does not take it serious. This false alarm means people will be less likely to take a real threat serious because they will remember this incident, and hesitate in response.

Vern Miyagi, the administrator of the island's Emergency Management Agency, said he reassigned the person who sent the message.

"This guy feels bad, right. He's not doing this on purpose — it was a mistake on his part and he feels terrible about it," Miyagi said.

That's it.

No name, no shame, no penalty at all.

It's a Democratic Party state, run by Democrats for Democrats.

Think about this unfired guy the next time someone demands firing a Republican for telling a dumb joke. Think about this unfired guy the next time someone demands the resignation of a television presenter who touched someone's tush. Think about this unfired guy the next time someone screams impeachment because someone said Trump said something not nice.

I know there are many good, honest, patriotic, and hard-working people on the government payroll.

But then there is this real-life Homer Simpson signaling that no matter how poorly you do your job, you cannot lose your job in government.


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  1. I think the button-pusher is being protected not because of civil service idiocy, but because he did not act alone. I think this was planned, with full knowledge of at least some highers-up in the chain of command, but the planners got a far different reaction from what they intended, so they've gone quiet on their true motives. Two possible theories on true motive:

    (1) Call attention to how horribly ill-prepared Hawaii (I spell it without the apostrophe) is from a civil defense standpoint and shake down the feds to pay for it.

    (2) Anti-Trump protest gone awry. The media wing of the Democratic party immediately settling on the "Trump's craziness is what made it believable" narrative is evidence of this.

  2. According to his superiors, it was astoundingly easy to make such a mistake. No system is completely idiot proof, but the higher ups and system administrators bear just as much responsibility as the guy who hit the wrong button twice.

    1. It was a computer program. when he hit the key for the alert,the question"Do you really want to do this?" y/n was on the screen.
      Maybe they should add: "do you REALLY want to do this.?"
      However as my old chief pilot used to say:God is my co-pilot, but Murphy is the flight engineer.."


    The Fake Alert did NOT almost start World War III. It did no such thing and it is Fake News to claim it did. The whole incident was hugely overblown by the media from the time it occurred. It was unimportant except to a bunch of snowflakes who overreact to everything in life, including rainbows in the sky. Move on to much more important news, like which Hollywood Democrat Liberal now stands accused of inappropriate touching or looking.

    --Someone who was there during the fake alert

    1. The enemedia said it, so it MUST be tru...well, except that WWIII bit. Messed THAT up, big time.

  4. Wackadoodles on, wackadoodles off, Mr Miyagi.

  5. I'm guessing it wasn't some lowly clerk who made the error. (If it was indeed an error) Whatever computer program they were using would have access restricted to upper management.

  6. Something odd I noticed about Hawaii when I was stationed there.
    The "locals" -- native Hawaiians of Polynesian heritage -- are pretty much without a voice, except for the race baiters who do stuff in their name, but do nothing for them.
    Much of the power in local/state government and civil service (at least at the Federal level) are of Japanese ancestry. I find it kinda funny.