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Sunday, January 07, 2018

The Left's gift to The Donald

Having ended 2017 on a high note with passage of the tax cuts (wrapped around the best overall economic news since Clinton was president), President Trump emerged from hibernation at Mar-a-Lago to begin the second calendar year of his presidency.

Waiting at the doorstep at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was a Christmas gift sent after Christmas, "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House," a new book by Michael Wolff.

This work of fiction would by the week's end serve three purposes for The Donald -- all of them good.

First, the book served as the final divorce papers from Steve Bannon, who was the source of much of the nasty material against the president. Conservatism needs to be done with the reckless Bannon. The loss of a senatorial seat in Alabama falls squarely on him.

Second, the book mocked Hillary. Wolff's premise is that Trump did not win but won anyway. That is an unintended rebuke of Hillary. She spent twice as much money and still lost to a man who did not want to win? Ho ho ho.

Third, the book's easily discredited claims underscore the desperation on left to end the Trump presidency. The book serves as a reminder that they have been unable to do so despite repeated (and increasingly bizarre) attempts.

Let us review.

Shortened by the holiday, the week began on Tuesday with this explosive claim in New York magazine:
Donald Trump Didn’t Want to Be President
One year ago: the plan to lose, and the administration’s shocked first days.
No logical person would believe Trump would waste more than a year of his life and $66 million of his own money to pursue a presidency that he did not want.

Which explains why so many liberals fell for it.

From Axios:
Why it matters: Wolff spent 18 months with the Trump campaign and then the Trump administration and conducted more than 200 interviews. "Because no one was in a position to either officially approve or formally deny such access, Wolff became "more a constant interloper than an invited guest'," according to a disclaimer accompanying the story. Wolff says he had "something like a semi-permanent seat on a couch in the West Wing."
One big thing: Everybody thought Trump would lose the election, from Kellyanne Conway, who was interviewing for television gigs with networks in the campaign's last days, to Trump himself, who boasted about starting his own network, had an exit strategy. Trump thought that he would emerge from the campaign with "a far more powerful brand and untold opportunities," such as his own Trump Network. "This is bigger than I ever dreamed of," Trump reportedly told former Fox News head Roger Ailes a week before the election. "I don't think about losing, because it isn't losing. We've totally won."
But a few reporters stopped cheering the book long enough to remember that Wolff's reputation as a journalist was less than stellar.

From Business Insider:
But while many critics of Wolffs in the mid-2000s lamented his personality, skeptics of his new book were most acutely concerned about his journalistic accuracy.
Splinter's David Uberti pointed out that press critics repeatedly questioned the specifics in Wolff's 1998 book "Burn Rate," and that in his scathing review of Wolff's book about media mogul Rupert Murdoch, former New York Times media columnist David Carr said Wolff "never distinguished himself as a reporter" and was "far less circumspect" than other journalists.
Journalists were also skeptical of Wolff's claim that Trump didn't seem to remember who former House Speaker John Boehner was, considering he'd previously commented about Boehner in public at length.
Others like NBC's Katy Tur pointed out that the book's author note left wiggle room for some embellishment, noting that some of the conversations appeared to be recreations.
About Miss Tur. She is a female Keith Olbermann. In fact, they are former lovers. If she has pause, everyone should.

As for wiggle room: if you put it in quote marks, it must be someone's actual words. If not, it is a lie.

By Friday, the press corps was ready to move along to another topic.

Let's see. Unemployment is at 4.1%, the FBI is investigating the Clinton Foundation, and Republican Senators Recommend Charges Against Author of Trump Dossier.

President Trump will have his downs and his ups as the year wears on. But the press just took an up week and raised him higher -- by biting into a story that was too good to be true.


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  1. Not tired of winning.

    Bannon is apologizing now. Too late. He will soon be number 44 on Don’s “Trump Effect List”.


  2. Probably a typo: "Wolff's premise is that Trump did not win" should be "Wolff's premise is that Trump did not want to win".

    Trump promised us lots of winning. Turns out the Swamp fights back. So, it's not easy. But by applying constant firm pressure Pres Trump really is getting some wins. With the Tax Cut bill, as full of baloney as it is, there's a real sense that GOPe is starting to cooperate. The snowball is rolling now, and gaining momentum!

  3. Anyone who thinks Donald Trump would deliberately try to lose at ANYTHING doesn't know Trump.

  4. JimNorCal,would mind clarifying this sentence for the rest of us"With the Tax Cut bill, as full of baloney as it is"

    1. Anon, I could work up a list, but I'm not going to. Suffice it to note that lots of lawmakers insisted on various items of specific value to preferred entities not the general well being of the nation. The tax cuts could be simpler and larger. They could be permanent not expiring after 10 years. The Hollywood Loophole could be removed. Taxes on leftwing non profits and foundations could have been instituted. SALT could be removed as a deduction instead of being limited-this would cause havoc in Blue states and possibly get them to become more responsible.
      There's a long list which I watched being discussed in various blogs and opinion pieces. In the end, not all the Good was inserted and not all the Bad was removed.
      That said,
      1) it is YUGEly better than endless continuing resolutions
      2) RINOs and GOPe appear to be getting on board and savoring a Trump-style victory ... a template for further and more principled future victories one hopes!

  5. JimNorCal:

    I think you are better at making an accurate diagnosis than is Dr. Brandy Lee.

    1. Well, that's faint praise since I'm joined by about 8 billion other humans with more sense than Dr Lee, LOL!

      That's long been a tactical weakness for the Dems. Millions of voters followed Trump's adventures on reality TV and/or in the gossip/society pages. Suddenly he's a madman? He's Hitler? He's a KKK white supremacist? I'd wager he doesn't seem much different to most people.

  6. "No logical person would believe Trump would waste more than a year of his life and $66 million of his own money to pursue a presidency that he did not want.

    Which explains why so many liberals fell for it." Slipped the knife in between the ribs, Don! (You have a WAY with words.)

    1. Indeed! :). I think many political partisans, to their discredit, do not view their political opposition as actual human beings, so they make many logical errors. Don is completely right: No one would waste a full year of the their time and millions of dollars for a job they don't want. The left doesn't view Trump as a human being; he's this abstract MONSTER in their eyes. they can't fathom him as a human being who acts in predicable human ways.

  7. Ferrous Mueller’s getting rusty, time he had a day off.

  8. ok this is the third try to take down trump

    what is next

    plus do you really think the general public even cares or knows about this silly book
    now, creating jobs and debunking regulations for companies to grow and hire
    getting rid of the obamacare mandate,
    now talks of over state lines to buy insurance
    and more religious freedom for pastors in the pulpit
    getting rid of the having to pay for abortions in other countries
    stopping money going to countries that hate us such as pakistan
    cutting my taxes
    bringing down pedophile rings and human trafficking all over the world with the help of world leaders
    still not done
    but you get the gist

    love trump
    and all that i know do too
    and a lot of my friends never voted before until trump came along
    the silent majority sees and hears
    and we are behind trump all the way