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Friday, January 12, 2018

Thank you, Lizzz

Lizzz has written the 96th Amazon review of "Trump the Press." I need four more to make 100, folks.

I am overjoyed.

From Lizzz:
How Trump played the media by seeing them more clearly than they have yet to see themselves.
This has been sitting on my Kindle for months and I finally got down to reading it.
It's great: hilarious and insightful. Also lays out who all the cast of characters in the media are--very useful if you follow people on Twitter.
Don's clearly done a lot of research via keywords that shows what a bunch of lemmings the MSM is full of.
And there were lots of tidbits that I missed during the primaries, like just how badly CNBC handled the third debate, actually empowering the GOP candidates to show some courage for a change.
Or how Jonah Goldberg's TDS long predates the election. I liked Liberal Fascism and wondered how Jonah could be so blind. Personal offense and rage has made him blind crazy about Trump.
I just bought Trump the Establishment on the strength of being half way through this.
Thank you, Lizzz.

I hope you enjoy both books, and next month brings us "Fake News Follies of 2017."


Please enjoy my two books about the press and how it missed the rise of Donald Trump.

The first was "Trump the Press," which covered his nomination.

The second was "Trump the Establishment," which covered his election.

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  1. I don't think Goldberg will ever get his status among us back.

    1. Hear, hear! Add Bill Kristol, Richie Rich Lowry and the National Review to that list as well!

  2. Incidental point, from the sidebar:

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    Almost. There.

    1. Party at Big D's in a couple of weeks! Woo HOO! I'll bring some chips and a Budweiser truck.

  3. Sorry, zregime. Us hoity toity CA elitists want to upgrade from Bud.
    The place in Charleston sounds promising?

    Congrats, Don Surber, on building a great blog!

  4. National Review shot their feet, and amputated at the knees.