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Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Rocket Man kneels

For the last quarter-century, American presidents have paid the Kim dynasty off just to shut it up.

President Trump does not play that. He stood up to Rocket Man and his nukes. Trump pressured China to pressure North Korea, and China closed the Friendship Bridge. (That is a big deal.) I suspect some sabotage here and there as well regarding the nuke program.

Now we are seeing concrete results.

From BBC:
North Korea has said it will send a delegation to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, taking place in South Korea in February, says Seoul.
The delegation will include athletes and supporters, amongst others.
The breakthrough announcement came as the countries met for their first high-level talks in more than two years.
South Korea also proposed holding family reunions during the Winter Olympics for people separated by the Korean War
The issue is a highly emotional one for both countries, and South Korea has constantly been pushing for more reunions to take place.
This means the Olympics are safe.

There is no way North Korea can send a team and then terrorize the Olympics -- without being burned to the ground.

Trump has forced the world to take North Korea seriously. The American media calls him a mad man for this. He's crazy!

Like a fox.

He knows North Korea is too weak to fight a war, much less win one. He will allow the two Koreas to settle this matter once and for all, and amicably. This is how business is conducted.

By June we likely will end a conflict that began in 1950.


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  1. My impression all along was that one day the Chinese would find out that NK was bad for business. Bad for business. Where have we heard that phrase before, Mr. Corleone?

    1. I'm pretty sure the Chinese were behind the invasion in '50. I'm pretty sure your impression is correct.

    2. Not to troll, but the initial 1950 invasion was all USSR. The Soviets got the northern half of the peninsula and a few other goodies in Asia thanks to the communist-infiltrated federal government that Truman inherited from FDR. The cover these assholes used was Stalin's entering the war against Japan the same day we bombed Nagasaki.

      There was no shortage of comsymp academics who revised history about twenty years ago to gift Stalin with credit for the Japanese surrender. I hope Stalin spits in these assholes' eyes when they meet him in hell.

      The Red Chinese started aiding the DPRK when it was clear that MacArthur was going to destroy the North Korean army. Stalin's man in Washington, Harry Truman, denied MacArthur the international diplomatic and political cover needed to complete the mission and initiated the long, shameful tradition of commie politicians' snatching defeat from the jaws of hard-won victories secured by American blood spilled on foreign battlefields.

      Mao joined the fight at Stalin's request both because he needed Soviet foreign aid and because he had almost four million men under arms left over from the fight with the Nationalists burning a hole in his pocket.

  2. i am sure with trump stopping the foreign aid to pakistan was an eye opener for whoever controls the norks

  3. That all sounds great....but....the fat man is still going to keep developing and SELLING nuclear weapons. Who has he sold a weapon? This thing isn't over....not at all. What the fat man gets is more time. Do you really believe that the South Korean Socialist is going to successfully deal with him? Not a chance.

    This is a meaningless gesture. It gives appeasement another chance.

    1. You got a better idea? The status quo ante was not working.

    2. The fat man has no real reason to believe Trump. That's because of all who have gone before him. Here's the thing.....Kim has probably already sold at least one weapon, if not more. That's going to show up in a destroyed city, isn't it? Boosted fission is his clearest way to enhance power. Do you trust our Government to be 100%? No one can. We basically are in a cold civil war as you read this. So, what to do? Assassination or nuclear strikes. South Korea will not go along with that. The only thing I'm sure of is or more weapons have already been sold. Think on that.

    3. knowing a bit about nukes, Kimmies toybox is no more in my opinion.
      Two things.the mountain that Kim used was composite volcano. Rock, Ice ash, and that is about it. where I live most mountainous are composed of layers of Basalt you could set off the "Tsar Bomba" under one and nothing but a little shake.
      However the Nork Nuke site is like setting off a Nuke under Mt.Hood or Shasta. they don't respond well to any kind of disturbance. As in collapse.
      Second It may have been an act of God, or the USAF or both.
      could explain the B-2 flyover at the Rose Bowl. This collapse took out the Nuke scientists of Kim's people and also i will bet, Iran's people as well.
      He is hurt. TG McCoy

  4. I dunno, Don, that seems pretty optimistic, but I was wrong about Trump in 2016, and I could be wrong again. I pray you have pegged it.

  5. People seem to forget that China was caught red handed delivering embargoed oil to the Norks. I think they (China) is being duplicitous in this matter.

  6. I think June is too soon - but I can imagine a deal where the N & S agree on "open separation" which allows more contact -- and maybe even N. Korea "sharing equally" its bomb with S. Korea.

    So S. Korea becomes the new hand feeding Kim & his people, replacing China and beginning to rehabilitate Kim. Without a coup, neither US nor China inspired, and leaving Kim as "King of the North" for ... 99 years? But democracy after.

    Wouldn't China just love to have both Koreas as friendly rivals with each other, plus both having some N.K. nukes?

    And if Trump agrees with the S. Korea agreement, whatever it is, to allow the US to trade with N. Korea, then N. Korea won't need China nor Chinese oil nor anything Chinese. Win-win-win (NK, SK, US) - lose (China).

    While we're dreaming ... why not Dream big?