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Friday, January 19, 2018

Rising economy may save Republicans

The Blue Meanies think they will take the House and make the doddering Nancy Pelosi speaker again. They even think they will win 27 of the 33 Senate races this year and control both houses of Congress.

I have no idea what will happen on Election Day.

But Washington's experts on the hinterlands such as Stuart Rothenberg assure me that Democrats will win. Win. Win!

He wrote:
Analysis: It’s a Blue House Wave, but Not Yet a Senate One
Rural, Trump-friendly states make for a formidable map for Democrats
Democrats ought to temper their optimism about the fight for the Senate this year.
Yes, Doug Jones’ victory in Alabama’s special election gives their party a path to a Senate majority in November. But at this point, it remains an unlikely path, despite the official party line.
Even assuming Senate seats in both Arizona and Nevada fall to Democrats — not a certainty, but more likely than not — Republicans can maintain control of the Senate by swiping a Democratic seat in West Virginia, Indiana, Missouri, North Dakota or one of the half-dozen other states carried by Donald Trump in 2016.
Republicans don’t need to win all those states or most of them or even some of them. They need only one, unless another GOP-held seat comes into play.

Those chickens look like eggs to me.

But I am no farmer.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air also thinks he sees eggs.
Now that the tax reform bill has begun to take effect, suddenly the gloom is dissipating. A new Marist poll shows the Democratic lead down to six points, and it’s not the only series showing improvements either.
He linked a Hill story:
An NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll found that when voters were asked which party’s candidate they’d more likely vote for in their district, 46 percent of registered voters said Democrats, while 40 percent went with Republicans. Nine percent are undecided.
That shows a sizable decline from December polling, which found Democrats leading by 13 points on generic ballot polling.
Thursday’s poll found more welcome news for Republicans among registered voters who identify as Independents.
Among those voters, Republicans led by 2 points, with 38 percent of those voters saying they’d vote for the GOP candidate, while 36 percent said the Democratic candidate. In December, polling found that Democrats were leading among Independent voters by 11 points.
Of course we are more than 10 months away from the election.

Historic indicators favor the Democrats.

Americans like a divided government. The party controlling the White House usually loses seats in the mid-term elections. President Trump has ginned up the crazies on the left. Odds are that Rothenberg is overdue to get an election right.

But my 401k is up 30.56% since I voted for Trump.

So I am going to wait a while before I concede the election to the Blue Meanies. Maybe we'll have scrambled eggs instead of chicken wings.


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  1. The same as with the election. No reason for people to waste time going to the polls to vote Trump, it's only a matter of the size of Hillary's landslide.

    Republican super majority coming. Last night started the floodgates opening. Dems should be ashamed to show up in public unless it's with other mentally deranged, anti-American leftists.

    - Ken

  2. . . . Scott Adams has his own polls:

    -- T

  3. the conventional wisdom buried trump a dozen times in 2015 and 2016. So I'm skeptical the conventional wisdom will get this right. we'll see.

  4. Republican have long been the stupid party. Given a chance, they could lose an election with only their candidate on the ballot, and no write in option.

    1. Republicans have long been the stupid party...

      Democrats "That's nothing! Watch this!"

      -Mikey NTH

  5. Even if there was no tax cut, I still thought the Demos were in trouble. Their brand right now is lousy. Witness Cory Booker and a revisit of the Dick from IL's lack of acquaintance with veracity.

    That said, the tax cut not only showed the Rs could get something done, it put a lot of money in people's pockets, a lot of jobs where they hadn't been, and repealed the IdiotCare mandate, which starves the beast.

  6. As long as Mueller carries on his "investigation", I see good times ahead.

  7. We're about to see Trump go back into campaign mode with a shut down. The fact that the red team has "owned" shutdowns in the past is as irrelevant, as is their midterm predictions. Trump will go Beast Mode.

    That, in addition to the soon to ignite thermonuclear #obamagate, will turn the money changers table over in the temple.

  8. "Historical indicators" don't mean crap here. This is the age of the God-Emperor, who can defy political gravity. And besides, most of the incumbents are not on our side anyway, "Republican" or not.

  9. If the economy continues to boom at current levels, I predict Democrats are whistling past the graveyard.

    1. I’m not surprised Pelosi’s whistling, she obviously thinks the well-preserved specimens in there have a body like Death.

  10. Resin manufacturing factory, Lenin’s mausoleum, and Nancy Pelosi’s office.

    Name three place where you catch a strong smell of formaldehyde.

  11. Wait until February 2nd when most people are expected to be able to see the results of the tax cuts. "It's about the economy, stupid" as James Carville said in a rare moment of lucidity.

  12. And this disappointing economic news from Reuters:

    President Donald Trump’s effort to put coal miners back to work stumbled in most coal producing states last year, even as overall employment in the downtrodden sector grew modestly, according to preliminary government data obtained by Reuters.

    Trump made reviving the coal industry, and the declining communities that depend upon its jobs, a central tenet in his presidential campaign and has rolled back Obama-era environmental regulations to give the industry a boost.

    But coal jobs grew by only 771 jobs and a Pennsylvania mine employing 400 miners is closing as we speak - so growth will be an amazing 0.7%.

    And all those coal-fired power plants that Obama closed remain closed.