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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

QB Trump vs. Crybaby Cory

Democratic Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey is a perfect example of the eternal adolescence that is destroying our country from within.

Booker questioned Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen about a discredited report that President Trump privately called some s***hole countries s***holes.

Booker said it was racist to call a s***hole country a s***hole.

From CNN:
At times visibly upset, Booker said he was "seething with anger" and recalled the "tears of rage" he shed when he first learned of the quote attributed to the President.
"For you not to feel that hurt and that pain and to dismiss some of the questions of my colleagues, saying, 'I've already answered that line of questions,' when tens of millions of Americans are hurting right now because of what they're worried about happened in the White House, that's unacceptable to me," Booker said.
This pussycat is from New Jersey?

He cries because someone might have said a s***hole country is a s***hole?

I am crushed. "Jersey Shore" was a lie. "The Sopranos" too. The Garden State turns out to be filled with pussy willows.

But "Celebrity Apprentice" nailed President Trump. He's a leader. He hires people, gives them a task, and lets them accomplish it.

Marc Fisher, a senior editor at the Washington Post tried to explain the very stable genius of President Trump.

From Fisher:
Those who have watched Trump for decades say he has always encouraged people around him to view him as someone who could see things that others could not. A.J. Benza, a former journalist who covered Trump for many years in New York and in 2001 had a public spat with him when Trump began going out with Benza's girlfriend, said that Trump often talked about being the smartest guy in the room.
"He never meant 'book genius' when he said it," said Benza, who now hosts "Fame is a Bitch," a podcast about celebrity. "He means, OK, he didn't hit the brains lottery, but he's brilliant and cunning in the way he operates. He's amazing at taking the temperature of the room and knowing how to appease everyone. You want that kind of instinct in your quarterbacks, in your generals. It's not what we've ever thought of as what makes a great president, but he's never going to be the guy who makes great speeches. This is who he is."
That's what leadership is.

Washington is not used to real leadership -- or at least leadership at the presidential level.

Obama was a front man for Harry Reid who thought Obamacare was going to be a legacy on par with Medicaid or Social Security. Really. Reid was that dumb.

Oh and Valerie Jarrett ran the White House.

Does anyone think the power behind the throne today is anyone but the man who owns the throne?

Trump is the quarterback.

The general.

The leader.

When it comes to delegating authority, he out-Reagans Reagan. He doesn't bother talking to his Cabinet secretaries. They do not need him to tell them how to do their jobs. He just takes the flak while they do their jobs.

Booker stands a good chance of being the Democratic Party's 2020 presidential nominee.

A man who breaks down when someone calls a s***hole country a s***hole.

LBJ sobs.


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  1. Booker is lying about crying. He probably smiled and thought "opportunity to grandstand".

    Like all democrats he has his head up someone's shithole.

  2. What a putz.

    This is what a "strong man" looks like in Democrat circles? Badgering a woman like this?

    Putz. One of the greatest words invented, just for guys like this.

  3. GREAT right jab on ValJar, Big D. There were, and likely still are, times when I wondered if Soetero needed her permission to go to bathroom.

    1. I was told it was almost that bad, Z.

    2. No, he's a big boy and can potty anytime he wants. But he does need to squat to pee.

  4. I always liked A.J Benza when he was on E!

  5. Woo Hoo!!!
    Don has broken the 10 MILLION mark on the odometer! MAGA!!

    1. ... and... Those hits are accelerating, too.
      More DonBots (ok Surbots - or something)
      I've been reading here since the odometer read 3 or so million.

  6. Isn't Booker the guy with an imaginary friend? Jeez. These Dems should hang their heads in shame and just go away.

    1. Yes he is. Typical democrat fraud. That is why he is considered of presidential timber.

  7. They need a diversion because they cannot tell us how the shitholistanians will benefit the US. They don't want anyone to focus on that question. The media helps provide cover.

  8. First, Jon Gabriel KNOWS how to caption a picture! And Don; well, he KNOWS how to riff on them. Me, I'm guessing Booker ain't a REAL Joisy guy. Thinks he is. Wrongly.

    1. According to wiki, he was born in Washington DC, to IBM'ers, and moved to Bergen County (the bedroom county to NYC). He was born into the 'elite' section of USA. I agree with 'Wrongly.

    2. No one who is really from NJ would be that upset by one word, or even a whole paragraph like it. No one who spent any time in Newark would be upset by it. (Newark, long ago, was a beautiful city; parts of it still are. Check out Branch Brook Park when the cherry blossoms bloom. However, other parts of it...)

  9. As the eternal victims, the poor widdle Trumpsters continue their projection by claiming others just aren't tough enough. Their "general, quarterback, leader" would be sure to have bone spurs if was ever at any risk.

    Once again, Trump continues to be a "poor man's idea of a rich man. A stupid man's idea of a smart man. A weak man's idea of a strong man." The Trumpsters sure keep up their end of that arrangement.

    1. I"m not sure what it is you're trying to say here - but if yada yada is all you got, you look pretty stupid

    2. Remember, Hillary! is still not President.

    3. You know, I can remember when dodging the draft was patriotic.... Bill Clinton says hi.

    4. LOL, "eternal victims?" You can't mean those of us who aren't tired of winning, winning, winning, can you? Are you sure you don't mean the poor little melting snowflakes who have terrible butthurt (like you do) even after a year to get over it?

      You should really try looking in a mirror sometime! (Ask it, "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most butthurt of them all? You'd love the answer- it's YOU! but probably the mirror would break!)

  10. I'm irritated by Sen. Booker's actions and words during that hearing. Knowing that he's full of rage makes him a poor candidate for public office. His badgering of a woman shows him to be the misogynistic sexist he is. What a jerk. He just lost MY vote for president.

  11. I remember it was a common trope on "West Wing" and in other White House dramas to call in the errant cabinet member who had spoken off script. It was a way to let the POTUS and staff throw some weight around. But really sad if you think about it.

    And remember Obama, and predecessors, had all those czars to keep the Cabinet secretaries in line. The Cabinet posts were given as political prizes but with strings.

    Trump has dispersed the power in Washington more than any President since 1915. It is futile to try to take Trump out of office because it would still leave the Cabinet working their departments. And read the statutes, the Cabinet secretaries have the authority from the law. It doesn't derive from the West Wing except as POTUS can fire them.

  12. "he's never going to be the guy who makes great speeches"

    Wrong on that count, as DJT has already given several excellent speeches that outclass Okie Doke Obama by far. Few presidential speeches are memorable. Obama's are recalled not for any eloquence but for revealing how ignorant (and arrogant) he was.

  13. Sad but Kamala Harris is the only thing that will keep Booker off the 2020 Democrat Presidential ticket. Unless there are photos of him having sex with another male. However,in today's electorate that might actually in rease his voter appeal.u