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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Press plays to one-third of America

For more than a year, the American media has described President Trump as chaotic.

Before he took office, the Los Angeles Times reported: "Trump has the habits of a showman, not a manager. Get ready for chaos."

The day he took office, the Wall Street Journal Times reported: "Trump has the habits of a showman, not a manager. Get ready for chaos."

On January 31, the Washington Post reported: "Donald Trump's White House is in chaos."

And so it went month after month after month.

February: "Chaos in the White House: 'There's never been anything like this'."

March: "In One Rocky Week, Trump's Self-Inflicted Chaos on Vivid Display."

April: "Trump's Chaos Is Causing Lasting Damage."

What sort of booger-eating morons run these news organizations?

Do they really think scores of banks across the world would loan billions of dollars to such a manager?

Are the editors who run the American press so isolated from the reality of business that they do not see how utterly ridiculous their assertions?

But here we are with a press that is hopelessly out-of-touch with the very reality journalists are supposed to report.

The American people now overwhelmingly reject the press description of President Trump.

Michael Wolff wrote a book that regurgitates all the other Fake News reports of the Trump presidency. He has a best seller.

That few believe.

From the Washington Examiner:
Only one-third of voters nationwide think Michael Wolff's "Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House" book about President Trump's campaign and administration is "credible," a new Morning Consult/Politico poll concluded Wednesday.
The Jan. 4-5 survey found that just 19 percent of voters say Wolff's stories can be believed, while 13 percent say the contents of the book are very credible.
Another 13 percent say the information is not very credible and 12 percent deemed it not at all sound, bringing the total of doubters to one-quarter of voters.
America deserves a press worthy of a great people.

Instead it has Jim Acosta tweeting, "We are real news, Mister President."


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  1. The enemedia has earned our dislike and distrust, "and still, it PERSISTS." It doubles down. It hath no clue!

    1. "SJWs Always double down." Vox Day. - GOC

  2. Each of these supposed “reporters” of the MSM need a 3-D (Designated-Deputy Don) to stand behind them with a tightly-rolled Sunday edition, and read over their shoulders as they type.

    “Now cut that out!” THWAAACKK!

  3. How did such an organized white house allow Michael Wolff so much access? Why does such an organized white house have so much turnover?

    1. Because Mr. T does not tolerate tools, you tool. You ever been fired or demoted? I have, the latter. What do YOU do for a living, tool? Have another Hot Pocket, tool.

    2. Obama had 4 COS's and plenty of early turnover.

      The media never had a problem with that.

    3. Wolff admits in the preface of his book that the contents of it are fabricated. Just like Dan Rather's "fake but accurate" TANG records of GWB that CBS whipped up.

      As to the turn over rate Trump will, like he always has and all successful business owners do, requires a person to be capable of doing the job they're hired for and not release proprietary information to unauthorized parties. If you had a real job with a large corporation you would have to read that company's "business standards and practices" rules. If you violate them that is grounds for your immediate dismissal. I know you don't understand that because you are a paid troll.

      Enjoy your "job" she you still have it. The storm is almost here and your "job" and your "employer" will be gone with the wind.

    4. Trump discards incompetents and hanger-ons, and the democrats promote them.

  4. This rebuts the "showman, not a manager" meme nicely (although the chance of NeverTrumpers actually reading it are about the same as Steve Bannon being invited to a Shabbos meal at Jared and Ivanka's.)

  5. Now that Acosta has been designated Primary White House Correspondent by CNN it's the perfect time to take away his press pass.

    1. Wow, what an advancement!

      Does he get a higher highchair too? What about a gold-colored rattle?

      He doesn't need any more pacifiers, all he does is spit them out anyway!

  6. Hubris always invites Nemesis. ALWAYS. A very powerful lesson from Victor Davis Hansen some years ago. The MSM is the living definition of hubris. And while I very much admire some of the things Steve Bannon has said and written, his fall from grace is likely that overweening pride (that goes before a fall).
    So how is our genius POTUS (VSG if Scott Adams is correct) to avoid the same fate? I suspect that he has taken enough metaphorical kicks to the teeth over the years to acquire some degree of true humility, however hidden he keeps it. As Clint Eastwood has put it in more than one movie: "A man's got to know his limitations!"

  7. Of course in their minds Trump suffers from wrong think - so he must go or be undermined - no matter how. But I really like the phrase ‘booger eating morons’- we have a lot of them here on this island of elitism in the middle of nowhere.

  8. The press has become a rabble commanded by wealthy Tribunes whose vetos have been denied by the present consul. This has happened before.