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Monday, January 08, 2018

Oprah's fake cry of racism

NBC declared Oprah Winfrey "our future president" in a tweet after she gave a speech at the Oscars or whatever the hell it was that Hollywood held last night.

Liberals fall for the smooth talker every single time.

The Daily Mail: "Shop owner Trudie Goetz holds up the handbag (right) that Winfrey wanted to see."


In her speech, Oprah said, "Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have."

The truth of course is not subjective. We do not each have our own truth.

As Oprah learned in the summer of 2013.

On August 9, the Associated Press reported:
Winfrey says she had a racist encounter while shopping in Switzerland and the apologetic national tourist office agrees. The billionaire media mogul told the U.S. program "Entertainment Tonight" that a shop assistant in Zurich refused to show her black handbag because it was "too expensive" for her.
Oprah was in town to attend the July's wedding of her longtime pal Tina Turner, who lives in a Swiss chateau along Lake Zurich. Forbes magazine estimates that Winfrey earned $77 million in the year ending in June.
Later that day, Reuters reported:
The owner of a luxury goods shop in Zurich has denied that racism was involved when Oprah Winfrey was discouraged from buying a 35,000 Swiss franc ($38,100) handbag.
Luxury shop Trois Pommes denied discriminating against Winfrey, an African-American, who asked to look at a “Jennifer” purse, designed by Tom Ford and named for actress Jennifer Aniston. The owner put the incident down to a language barrier.
“This is an absolute classic misunderstanding,” shop owner Trudie Goetz told Reuters on Friday.
“This has nothing to do with racism, I am here for everyone and the customer is king.”
The sales assistant had wanted to show Winfrey that the bag was also available in other materials, which may have given the TV host the impression the shop did not want to sell it to her, Goetz said.
“Of course that’s not the case. Who wouldn’t want to sell a purse for 35,000 francs?” Goetz said.
Four days later, the Daily Mail reported: "Now Oprah says sorry. Chat show queen says she regrets ever mentioning the racist handbag incident and insists it got blown up after Swiss sales assistant brands her a liar."

Before you speak your truth, make sure it is true.


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  1. But, but, the DemCong told me that a multi-billionaire with no political experience would be unfit for the Presidency!!

    1. They claimed "no political experience." Anybody who thinks a builder/developer with concerns and properties around the world (*and in NYC for pete's sake*) isn't a politician, has no political experience, needs to re-examine the situation.

    2. Exactly. Just shows how clueless the DemCong can be when blinded by their lust for continued power.

  2. NBC has since deleted that tweet. Apparently Russia hacked their toaster again.

  3. African Americans see racism everywhere and claim white people have no idea how difficult it is to live as a black person these days. Hello? Try living with the hatred and discrimination Jews have endured for 2000 years and then get back to me.

    1. 1. They finally got a country which they built up, and over 90% of the rest of the world is obsessed with destroyng it.

      2. Not 2,000 years - try 5,700.

      - Ken

    2. In 1968 I enrolled in the first Black History class offered in Cleveland, Ohio. It was under the banner of Cuyahoga Community College, but was held at a facility around the University Circle area - 5-7 miles from the campus. The guy they got to teach it worked for the Cleveland branch of the NAACP. He had no textbook, no handouts, and basically showed up and winged it. No homework or reading materials. Class time was spent with the teacher exchanging antidotes with the students (maybe 15-18). I remember 3:

      1. Life is better for blacks in the south because people there make it clear to you how they feel about you, while up north they back-stab.

      2. For blacks, Blues is considered country music and Jazz city music.

      3. If whites are so scared of black people, why do whites allow black people in restaurants to cook their food.

      I dropped out about half-way through the class at which time most of the others had stopped coming. I had read writers from Fredrick Douglas to James Baldwin to Claude Brown. The only white person in the class, I realized I probably knew more about black history then anyone else there.

      From the early 70's till sometime in the 90's, Black History was unearthed and taught. Then it became political, not historical. So what we have today from BLM to people like Oprah is that teacher - people telling antidotes because they have no breath of knowledge in which they can put things into perspective.

      - Ken

  4. Dang it, Michael! Don't you want your car?

    1. Like most "generous" Libs who prefer to spend OTHER people's money, Oprah spent not cent of her own money in that car giveaway. As a PR stunt, it was the car company that paid for the cars the audience received. And, as I recall, the audience members had to pay a federal gift tax.

    2. And the company (Pontiac) is out of business.

  5. Roots 2.0

    Potentially a better beat down of a 30 year old Brand than the Clintons.

  6. No shop owner is going to refuse to serve the richest woman in the US, period. Multi-millionaire blacks (multi billionaire in Oprah's case) need to stop claiming racism every time their po' widdle feewings get hurt. Attention rich black people - you look effing ridiculous acting like victims.

  7. Apparently NBC is leaking that they're considering Oprah for President of the Company.

    Who knew?

    Who cares?

  8. This could set up a steel cage match with Kamala “The Ugandan Giant” Harris.

  9. Billionaires (Oprah/Mark Cuban) and celebrities now think they can do what our President did. Jealousy is an ugly vice.

  10. Oh ! Look! A woman in a clown suit offering a $20 fake leather lunch bag for 35K.

    A sucker truly IS born every minute.

  11. Ah, it seems like just yesterday, well, May of 2016, Al Franken was labeled the Trump slayer.

    It is unfortunate what the Left is doing to Oprah in pinning their hopes of defeating Trump on her. The universe seems to sort these things out.

  12. Just what we need. A lesbian version of Obama.

    Oh, wait. They already ran one of those, didn't they?

    1. Barack Obama is the lesbian version of Obama. His "wife" is more masculine than he is, in fact "she" looks like Patrick Ewing in drag and has one helluva 5 O'Clock shadow.

  13. I would say, don't underestimate the lunacy of the Left. At least right now. Harpo is a totally legit candidate in their eyes. Her Thighness and Feel The Bern will be dead by the early spring of 2020, and Gropin Joe will be feelin up 9 year olds. Camel Harris is their best shot. The Dems are in trouble.

  14. It should be noted that Oprah is the queen of identity politics and racism. The Swiss incident isn't the first.

    A quick perusal of every movie she's ever starred in reveals she ONLY does whites-are-the-oppressors-of-blacks movies.

    "I'm black before I'm a woman."
    ~Oprah, when explaining why she was backing Obama instead of Hillary back '07.

    Oprah is a horrible, hate-filled woman.

    1. I'm a Norwegian/German before I'm an American. What a f---ing cun-.

  15. President Oprah to China: “You have the temerity to invade Taiwan on a day when I’m having trouble accessorizing?!

  16. Look up Oprah on Youtube saying, "They just have to die" in reference to older racist Americans.

    Turns out, she was referring to HERSELF.