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Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Iran's fellow traveler is the New York Times

Want to know why the New York Times is so hostile to President Trump's bans on travel to Iran, or why it is so reluctant to report on protests against the theocratic dictatorship?

Well for as little as $7,895, you can find out why.

That is how much the New York Times is charging per person for its trips to that nation that is part of the Axis of Evil.

This side business helps defray the cost of vanity printing a daily newspaper in the Internet era.

Billing its 13-day, 12-night trips "Iran: Tales from Persia," the tour includes lectures by lefty professors on Iran. The Times offers nine this year. Two already are sold out. Oh, and that $7,895 is just the base price. More luxurious accommodations are available.

From the Times:
Journey with on-the-ground experts who will help untangle this nation’s complex timeline. Starting in Tehran, journey through beautiful landscapes, arid mountains and rural villages, learning about the traditions and cultures of a land whose influence has been felt for thousands of years. Though Iran often rejects Western ways and is frequently under fire for its positions on human rights, its nuclear program and Israel, its role as a birthplace of civilization cannot be denied. This journey with The New York Times, praised for its intensive and clear-eyed coverage of Iran going back decades, takes you behind the headlines.
"Frequently under fire for its positions on human rights, its nuclear program and Israel, its role as a birthplace of civilization cannot be denied"???

Try this: "Frequently under fire for its positions on human rights, its invasion of Poland and its gassing of Jews, Germany's role as in civilization cannot be denied."

But despite (or maybe because of) its financial ties top Iran, the Times initially covered Iranian protests via Thomas Erdbrink in Niseko, Japan, and Nilo Tabrizy in Vancouver, Canada.

They reported: "Scattered Protests Erupt in Iran Over Economic Woes."

Today's report was from London: "Iran’s Supreme Leader Blames ‘Enemies’ for Deadly Protests."

Jordan Schachtel of the Conservative Review wrote:
The New York Times has something of a monopoly on access to the country. Americans can’t travel alone inside Iran, which makes the Times’ tour one of the few accessible routes into Iran. While most tour groups include government minders who travel alongside tourists, tour provider Elaine Sciolino claims the Times’ trip does not include such hurdles.
Now, if Iran were to become a free country again and openly accessible to Westerners, there would be no need to drop an enormous amount of cash on an exclusive New York Times tour. U.S. airlines would surely jump at the opportunity to offer nonstop service from major U.S. hubs to Tehran. A free Iran would essentially shut off the Times’ huge revenue stream.
Does NYT's business deal with Iran taint its protest coverage?

Well, money talks.


And in Farsi at the New York Times.


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  1. Rich old liberals go to have their preconceived fairy tale notions and fantasies of the Islamic conquest of Persia at the point of a sword confirmed. In five star splendor of course.

  2. >>But despite (or maybe because of) its financial toes top Iran, <<

    "financial ties to Iran"

  3. Today President Trump welcomed in the New Year of American politics with a bang! He tweeted about the new publisher of the NYT, whom he hopes will steer the paper back to being a respected publication again (as opposed to a leftist tabloid specializing in gossip as it tries to re-create a staff of Walter Winchell's). Then he tweeted about the Dems playing politics on DACA. Translation - this is a country in which polls have shown consistently for over 3 years that American citizens believe by over 80% that there has been far too much immigration (both legal and illegal), and they want it curtailed. President Trump is forcing the Dems to go on record with the citizens that they want amnesty for all illegals and an open border.

    The Dems - as Pete Franklin used to say - have their feet planted firmly in the air. And Donald J. Trump is exposing them.

    Winning is one thing. But doing it with savvy and humor is the icing on the cake. The man is utterly brilliant! And relentless!!!


  4. CNN ran cover for Iraq for all those years, so who's surprised. Maybe the MSM got together and assigned middle-east countries to each outlet to run cover for and blame America (but, only if there's a Republican in the White House). Very patriotic of them.

  5. "While most tour groups include government minders who travel alongside tourists, tour provider Elaine Sciolino claims the Times’ trip does not include such hurdles." Because the Iranians KNOW the NYT is ON THEIR SIDE and IN THEIR CAMP.

  6. I reckon Russia has lost its allure to the Progressive Left. It has been replaced by the Musselmen and their sharia. - Elric

  7. "Vacation in beautiful Iran! If you don't, you're an Islamophobe and a bigot!"

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. > birthplace of civilization

    No. Just no. Egypt has a claim to that, as well as the "Fertile Crescent" in between and around the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers.

    Iran? No. First mention of them in the Bible is when they sneaked into Babylon and killed King Belshazzar. The Persian Empire had a reasonably good run, but we're talking 500 BC or so, not 3,000 BC.

    And try this one: "Frequently under fire for its massacre of Chinese civilians and treatment of POWs, Japan's role as the most polite people on earth cannot be denied."

    And this one: "Frequently under fire for its treatment of political prisoners under Communism, Stalin's murder of 20 million of his own countrymen, and a drinking problem that makes Ireland look like the Southern Baptist Convention, Russia's role as the world's best chess players cannot be denied."