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Saturday, January 20, 2018

Mexico is paying for the wall

Mexico is a mess that keeps electing socialist demagogues thinking this time it will be different. About 10% of its people have fled north to escape the corruption that goes with socialism.

The people left behind are easier to rule, thus a series of Mexican presidents has encouraged illegal migration.

President Trump is disrupting the flow, which is why the gutter-mouthed Vicente Fox so adamantly opposes him.

Fox said he was not going to pay for a (bad word) wall.


Mexico is already paying for it.

Within a month of Trump's election, Ford scotched a plan to build another plant there. It decided to expand a plant Michigan instead.

Carrier also reversed a plan to leave Indiana for Mexico, after Trump's election.

And now, Fiat-Chrysler CEO Sergio Marchionne says it was a mistake to build Ram trucks in Mexico.

Via Breitbart, Marchionne told CNBC, "The heavy-duty truck, at least in Chrysler’s case, was moved to Mexico in 2008. Ninety percent plus of what gets produced out of Mexico gets sold in the United States. I think this notion of making a car which has got nearly 100 percent utilization in the United States is a bit bizarre. I think it should have never been moved."

It sure is, especially after American taxpayers bailed out Chrysler, which enabled Fiat to buy it at a discount.

Trump dropped the corporate tax from 35% to a mere 21%.

That's well below the 30% Mexico charges.

The wall is going up. And maybe Mexico is not paying for the wall directly, but the indirect payments of losing jobs and factories is much, much higher.

You see, had Mexico played nice -- had Mexico not encouraged millions to head north -- Trump would have had nothing to run on.

Car companies would keep moving south.

The lack of goodwill by Mexico -- calling our president names -- carries a huge price.

And Mexico is paying.


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  1. ++One thing I have noticed is the racism that is in Mexico. As in the Mestizo
    /Spanish hierarchy. My Church does a lot of mission work in the poorest parts of Mexico. One area in particular is to a
    group of people (Los Indios) living in the area of the City dump. they basically are Mexican untouchables. doing the work that mestizos won't do.
    We b uild homes and educate dig and build washing and toilet facilities and the local government does not care. Interesting
    People want a better life at home, these people do not want to go to 'el Norte'. As long as the corrupt government stays in power, nothing will change. but i believe that that will change -thanks to Trump.

    1. I saw similar things, too. The whiter and taller you are, the more opportunity available.

      The old Manifest Destiny thing might be dusted off and the U.S. annexes all the States of Mexico. Think about it... No one is illegal, human rights become seriously enforced and we can defend/contain a smaller border.

    2. I could see doing it as an occupation, though. We could set up a Roman Empire-style provisional government to manage them, destroy the drug cartels, chase the corrupt politicians out of power, teach their kids how to govern themselves, and then give the country back to them (after the wall is built).

  2. Mexican nationalists will tell you that NAFTA destroyed a lot of small farms by opening up Mexican markets to subsidized American agricultural products. Sure we see mangoes, etc., but nearly all the tortillas eaten in North America are made with American corn. These same guys will point out that the at workers you see can do many tasks which would ordinarily require training-- but they already know how to do them, and then ask why is that, you think?

    It was a bad deal for all of us, except the big companies and lobbies it was designed to help.

    I feel sorry for these people, but the answer to the problem is to get rid of the cause, not to compound things by inviting them all for a lunch that never ends.

  3. Half of Mexico is in poverty. The USA is not only a relief valve for revolution but a source of bribe money for the political class via the drug cartels. Even the "rich" need body guards for their children to merely attend school. Fake or attempted kidnapping in Mexico City is a daily occurrence, the cell phone the preferred extortion tool.
    Mexico will never "play nice" lest it become a deeper shit hole than it already is.

  4. The way to get Mexico to pay for the wall is to start taxing the remittances Mexican workers send back to Mexico. Those remittances are a Yuuuge part of Mexico's GDP. - GOC

  5. Has anyone ever seen Mexican TV? It's the worst bunch of amateur, tit-filled, adolescent garbage I've ever seen. Screw em.

    1. Huh, that sounds exactly like American TV to me. Guess I'm not missing anything, I don't watch either of 'em!

  6. Mexico has a YUGE percentage of people in poverty while about 1% of her population controls about 90% of her wealth. Been that way forever. With its natural resources and climate it should be among the world's richest countries. Corruption and incompetence have made it one of the poorest overall.

  7. Why, it's almost like the Mexican government is and has been run by Democrats.

  8. I am humbled by Donald J Trump and I don't live in the United States.

    He is a messenger sent by God.

    Sam C

    1. Welcome aboard The Train, Sam! There's a fine selection of (non-alcoholic) beverages and snacks. Glad to have ya!


  10. You owe nothing to the world at large minus perhaps general ideas such as not permanently damaging the earth, sea or air, other than that look at the world, some of these countries have been around literally longer than the usa and they still are 100+ years behind, why? Because their mentality and level of honor and morality are not and never will be the same. You let such people corrupt your culture and your culture becomes like their culture. It only takes a little leaven to leaven the WHOLE lump. Remember that. The usa is already corrupted by the totalitarian atheists and their islamic antichrist attack dogs, we don't need a 3rd infestation of Latino devil worshiping gencodial gang members. Christian Latinos who don't have gang affiliations can apply legally to immigrate but they should not be allowed to illegally cross borders, have children then be automatically allowed to stay and take advantage of what we created over hundreds of years which they refused to do in their own countries with even more time in history to do the same.

    1. Well said, and I totally agree!

      It's even worse than you said- it's not really like putting leaven in bread, it's more like adding sh!t to your ice-cream.

      I don't want ANY sh!t in my ice-cream, thanks, even if a little bit gives it more flavor!

  11. The nerve of Mexicans to blame Americans for their problems! Mexico has the 15th largest GDP in the world. The only reason there's so much poverty is because there's so much crime and corruption.

  12. In the immortal words of El Kabong, "Ho-Lay!!!!!!!".

  13. The easiest way to make Mexico pay is a 50% tax on remittances sent home by illegals. Not only would that Pau for it but it would end illegal immigration.

    1. They would go back to the old way, envelops full of cash. If we keep the tax reasonable, 10%, they will not complain. Their government already robs them of 10%.
      President Trump s a two edged sword in this matter. If he keeps working on the economy, we will need to import workers.
      The biggest worry I have is that we will get more elitists from sh!thole communist countries like India.