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Saturday, January 13, 2018

Men are expendable

Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit linked a story at The Chive: "These are the most dangerous civilian jobs in the United States."

He saw a gender gap. These jobs are dominated by men.

Of course. Men are expendable.

It's biological. Our role in reproduction is limited to a night of fun, however the survival of the species also requires men to hunt food, defend the village, and to do things that require someone to hold their beer.

It is our nature.

Consider the cardinal. He is quite colorful. She has some red around the beak but is otherwise brown.

Romanticists say he acquires plumage to attract the ladies. I suppose.

But the red also attracts predators whom he can divert from the nest. Perhaps this makes him a more suitable mate.

In humans, being expendable also explains why more than 90% of combat deaths are men.

But men are far from noble. We also are more than 90% of those in prison.

There are societal reasons, of course. Men are not as sociable as women. Biology does not seem to explain that.

Being expendable explains why men have shorter life expectancies. They used to be the same because childbirth killed a lot of women, but medical breakthroughs have made childbirth safer.

John Merline used the gender gap in danger to explain the gender gap in pay:
Economist Mark Perry has for years noted that there's an even bigger and far more consequential gender gap in the workplace — one that literally means the difference between life and death.
He notes that official government data show that men suffer almost all of the workplace fatalities that take place in a given year.
In 2015, for example, there were 4,836 workplace deaths, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Of those, 4,492 were men, and 344 were women. In other words, men suffered 93% of workplace fatalities that year. This wasn't some aberration. From 2011 through 2015, men accounted for 92.5% of all workplace deaths.
Using the National Committee on Pay Equity's methodology, Perry came up with what he calls the Equal Occupational Fatality Day. Based on the different fatality rates, this day doesn't occur until January 21, 2029.
"That date," Perry says, mimicking the language of the NCPE, "symbolizes how far into the future American women will be able to continue working before they experience the same loss of life that men experienced in 2015 from work-related deaths."
This huge gap has nothing to do with discrimination, of course. It has everything to do with the type of jobs men and women voluntarily choose to take.
That's nonsense.

The top two jobs in workplace deaths -- timber and fishing -- don't pay much. Outside of airline pilots (and there were no commercial aviation deaths last year), I don't see many high-paying jobs on the list.

But Merline is on to something. Men take risks. They start companies and become billionaires. Women marry billionaires. Or are their daughters. Oh sure, there's Oprah. But the five richest women in the world -- Alice Walton, Jacqueline Mars, Maria Franca Fissolo, Susanne Klatten, and Laurene Powell Jobs -- are either widows or daughters.

The notion that men and women are the same is silly. We have the same rights, of course, but our biological functions are different.

Vive la difference.

Because when we stop vive-ing la difference, we will cease having babies.

And that's a real danger.


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  1. Equal Occupational Fatality Day. Is this when we march the hags from HR out in front of a wall and shoot them to even things out?

  2. Back in the early 90's, I was attending a small meeting at work with 2 female superiors. They had known each other for a while. They started with small talk which I wasn't following much until one said to the other - "men are only good for one thing, and if I didn't need that I wouldn't have anything to do with them". Both women laughed.

    I sat there not saying a thing.

    In 2007 I was new to a company and in a department meeting with around 15 people, a mixture of men and women. The head of the department walked in late with her girlfriend to chair the meeting. We all sat quietly as they seated themselves. In an arrogant tone the department manger said, "men are OK once you get them trained". I looked around the conference table at the males. They just sat there taking it. The women seemed to be used to the behavior.

    It was at that moment that I'd had enough and decided to retire.

    Had been working full-time since 1968. Media perceptions aside, my experience has been that women in the workplace are far more sexist then men, and that black people are far more racist then white, brown, red, or yellow people are. I'm hardly alone in that observation.

    As with respect for other peoples religious beliefs -
    sexual harassment is in the eye of the beholder.

    - Ken

    1. I shared those experiences, and more. Years ago, during the Bush43 administration, I attended a Federal government department-level conference where of the 100 attendees, there was one white, straight male among 96 assorted women and three "guys".

      The Hispanic lesbian head of Equal Employment Opportunity proclaimed that next year this conference would better represent the diverse people of the United States. After she invited questions I asked whether her statement meant next year there would be more people like me around the table. You can imagine the response - none of these testosterone-challenged folks caught the irony. A call quickly went out to my supervisor for "counseling". Like you, I retired. I was ready anyways.

      And don't get me started on sleazy office behavior by "professional" women...but they have no sexual appetites or desires there...just predatory males.

      Men have largely made themselves expendable.

    2. To use a term that only people our age would even understand: BINGO!

      Related: Many, if not most, women would rather work for men and, if assured of anonymity, would rather not work in / with a group of women.

    3. I apologize on behalf of my gender. Many of them know not what they do, either willfully or by training. I am grateful to the men who have benefited my family by what they paid me. I have been an excellent employee for them, let there be no doubt--but they are as responsible for it as I am.

  3. "Equal work is equally dangerous" is what every feminut needs to be told when they whine about unequal wages.
    The death statistics tell us nothing about men who are disabled on the job as well.
    For every man killed on the job, there are five or more (guesstimate) who merely have their back ruined for life or some other debilitating injury.

    1. Men used to pick up small pipe and carry it. Because of back injuries the same pipe would be picked by a construction vehicle with the same two labors guiding its movement. The 3+ injuries per year from that activity justified the additional costs according to a regional safety officer.

  4. Rodney Dangerfield:

    My wife and I just had a wedding anniversary. She said, "I wanna go someplace I've never been before." I took her to the kitchen.

    Yeah, I don't get women today.

  5. How many times have I been asked to run out in the rain and roll down the windows in some feminist's car because she didn't want to get her hair wet?

    Bonus: To get you to do this, they ask, sweetly.

    1. Roll DOWN?? They want their cars wet inside? I'd be up for that.

  6. I've said for years, using the Panama Canal project as an example, there aren't women who'd do something like that. "Hey, let's build a canal in a yellow fever ridden country where thousands may die." Men do stuff like that and women think we're crazy. So be it.

  7. Males are drawn to the more dangerous jobs and most of them are also physically demanding. The physically demanding part excludes most women. Can't envision too many women carrying squares of roofing up ladders, etc. Training, supply and demand makes some of the jobs more than minimum wage in many cases. Not all of those in the article like trash collection (except in NYC), yard maintenance, etc. but things like underwater welding, tree removal (especially in densely populated areas), fishing (think deadliest catch), etc. are high paying.

    My old job....
    Fire Pirates!! arrgh!! TG

  9. Don’t know about the Cardinal, but consider the case of Robin. He gets to wear the bright clothes and draw the enemies’ fire. Batman was no fool.

    1. There's a reason why the words "young" and "stupid" are often seen together....

    2. That is something I had not thought of Dave.Makes sense. The ward was always targeted by the bad guys. Batman ain't stupid.

  10. When I was still at IBM a female left me a replacement job on a disk drive because she couldn't lift the motor (this was back when disk drives were big). I said to her, "Equal pay for equal work." Her response was that no one told her she would have to lift heavy things. I told her that was not the point. If she wanted to make the same amount of money as I did, she should be able to do all of the things I was able to do. - GOC

  11. Airline pilots don't have many fatalities. They occur in "general aviation" aircrew, among cropdusters, law officers, bush pilots, medevacs, aerial photographers, etc. whose pay is modest but who would rather be flying than anything else.

  12. The job with the most likelihood of being murdered is also male-dominated: President of the USA. Out of 45, 4 were assassinated.

  13. Fourth on the list is a job called "Government", with 432 deaths. Any idea what makes that so dangerous? And one thing I know for sure, Government jobs are usually loaded with women, moreso than men.