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Saturday, January 06, 2018

Media lacks Trump's morals

I have already submitted my predictions for the Fake News Awards of 2017 that President Trump will unveil on Monday at 5 p.m. p.m. on Fox News.

Media Research Center's News Busters has its list -- "Eight Times the Liberal Media Screwed Up on Trump-Russia in 2017" -- which is pretty impressive.

Of course, these are not mistakes.

In each case, the media carried the water of Democrats whom reporters refused to name. In one case, CNN fired three people rather than reveal the names of the Democratic members of Congress who gave them a bum steer that almost led to a $100 million lawsuit by the victim of the Democratic Party smear.

That's how it works.

What struck me in the News Busters list was how Andrea Mitchell looked so smug in a screen capture from a "Morning Joe" in which she appeared behind the chyron, "The President's Place as a National Role Model."

Do tell.

Does that apply to the fellow who ran around town with his pants around his ankles chasing every ugly skirt he could find?

To be blunt: was Bill Clinton a person anyone would want their child to emulate?

Oh, Andrea surely meant Hillary as a role model, but I am glad that my children would never be cuckolded by a cheating spouse.

I also don't think my children would sell out national secrets to the Chinese as Bill did, nor accept millions in bribes from foreign governments laundered through a fake charity, as Hillary did as secretary of state.

But what does the media know about morality anyway?

It has no scruples -- or at least those outlets named in the News Busters list do not.

They reported as news lies from Democrats, and when caught were not honest enough to out the liars.

To be sure, President Trump was an adulterer and has been sued or has sued 3,500 times. That's more court time than Kobe put in.

But Trump was man enough to accept the consequences -- his public humiliation during his first divorce was worthy of "Game of Thrones."

And he deserved it.

But building up a small family business into a worldwide conglomerate of resorts and luxury hotels is a breath-taking inspiration for any child.

Trump put in 12-hour days, six days a week -- and still does.

That this is all foreign to the Washington press corps amuses me.

They see a philanderer like Bill and an enabler like Hillary as good role models.

Someone who actually built something in his life is not.


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  1. It's really hard to live up to the morals of the "stable genius". Instead of calling the FBI when approached by Russia with "dirt" on Hillary, treasonous "moral" Trump family sets up a Trump tower meeting. No collusion though, it was all about adoption. Stable. Genius.

    1. You are a one trick pony,get some new talking points ,troll.

    2. Why should they have called the FBI? Where's the crime in getting such information, whatever the source? And why call the FBI before you know the offer is legit? As it turned out it was bogus and there was nothing to call the FBI about.

      Well, actually the offer was not "bogus". As we now know, the meeting was a setup arranged by Obama/Hillary/DNC and the Deep State to entrap Donald Jr.

    3. The only thing stable about the Clintons is all the horsesh*t they leave behind.

    4. The Return of Lather, Rinse, Repeat part seventeen and a half, The Angry Clinton Suck Up.

    5. Hillary was quite correct when she said “If that f*****g bastard [Donald Trump] wins, we all hang from nooses.” She knows that her and the rest of the cabal's actions would earn the lot of them a Traitor's death. You just better hope you don't show up on the payroll records or you may get a hemp necktie, too, anontroll.

      BTW You will notice that all your heroes like Obama, Hillary, Bill, Nancy, Debbie, etc. have been awfully quiet as of late. You might want to ask yourself why.

    6. So, oppo research is now collusion and is treasonous, but selling influence to foreign countries through your foundation and speech circuit is perfectly nifty. Gotcha. I guess it's okay when you farm out your oppo research to a former spy (at least the claim is that he's a "former" spy) from another country as well.

      The longer this investigation goes on the worse democrats look.

    7. Hi coward, not willing to look at facts but the cNN garbage.
      When this is all done this will be the worst scandal ever to hit our country-by the seditious Democrt machine. TG


    1. Like playing with cats and a laser pointer.

    2. B-I-N-G-O !

      Now, while the rats in the maze chase the cheese (and they are so sure of themselves...see the comment above), the real work continues.

      - Ken

  3. “In each case, the media carried the water of Democrats”

    In the body politic, the MSM are the bladder.

  4. The only way the media class can sleep
    At night is that they don’t have morals or a conscience.

  5. Don, I don't think the media has the morals of Heidi Fleiss. No insult to the D.C. Madam intended there democrat trolls.

    1. Heidi started in LA.

      A glib friend of mine talked to her in a bar for a bit. She was so impressed, she offered him a freebe. He thanked her for the offer, then went home to take a shower.

      - Ken

  6. Hillary was worse than Bill. She went after not just his willing partners but his unwilling victims. She walked on their faces trying to claw her way up into power, victimizing them a second time for her mad ambition.

    As for the news molesters, they are mostly Democrat pom-pom girls. But I think they're also afraid, too. There are many stories out there, Woodward and Bernstein stories, Pulitzer Prize stories, but they're afraid. While they complain "Trump is endangering us!", they actually fear the Obama/Clinton Machine that wiretaps and blacklists them. And like Donna Brazille, they're scared the Pulitzer statue will look like Seth Rich.

  7. Media and Morals should never be in the same sentence.