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Friday, January 12, 2018

Liberal study claims U.S. has the most partisan press

A new Pew Research Center survey of 38 countries found the United States has the most biased media in the Western world, according to readers and viewers.

While the American press often blows off any complaints about its liberal bias as conservatives-cannot-take-bad news, the truth is they can.

There were no riots in the streets when Obama was inaugurated.

From Pew Research:
On the question of whether their news media cover political issues fairly, for example, partisan differences appear in 20 of the 38 countries surveyed. In five countries, the gap is at least 20 percentage points, with the largest by far in the U.S. at 34 percentage points. The next highest partisan gap is in Israel, with a 26-point difference.
What an embarrassment.

The press in Tunisia is considered fair with only an 11% gap.

The United States is the least fair -- and it is pretty imbalanced.

We deserve better, far better -- a press that reports the news without taking sides.

I support a free press.

When are we going to get one, America?


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  1. When are we going to get a free press? About the time we start seeing real journalists instead of partisan hacks.

  2. Hahahaha ... this is the worst study ever. Compare the US and Turkey - run by an authoritarian government that completely controls the press and throws journalists in jail and perhaps even tortures for negative coverage.

    But everyone in Turkey is happier with their non-partisan press, and have a much lower divide.

    I don't know - maybe because 100,000+ are in jail for complaining? Or is it non-partisan if there is only one side to cover? You can't take sides if you are the only side, I guess!

    What a joke and an example of how people can throw a blizzard of meaningless statistics and polls out to provide quotable sound bites while proving nothing.

    Critical thinking skills are at a premium, but the graphs are professional and pretty!

    1. It's dawning on me that the only thing less creditable then the media, are the polls they cite.

  3. The press is now just part of the entertainment industry which itself is based on scripted fiction. Plots about characters superior to the audience in rank, position or class, especially those concerning a fall from accustomed high position, are usually most compelling. The truth of the plot is of no real importance but familiarity with the character is of great advantage, especially if he be legendary.
    The supporting actors per se are of some importance too but in an age of rapid turn over and fleeting interest not as much as before.
    It therefore follows that there is no objective "free" press and never will be.
    The only objective viewer today, sometimes,is the critic but he cannot stop the play or rewind it or rewrite it.
    Perhaps if there was 'real money', not 'crumbs', or more importantly power, to be had in factual narrative the situation would be different. Not happening now.
    However, brother Surber has written a sharp analysis of these press follies in his own great style that is sure to be fun to read. His work is some solace for an other wise hard reality of our time, namely the greatest amounts of money and power, like Bitcoins, are being mined from fantasy, not reality. I think there will be a market for hard reality someday, simply because actual existence depends on it. Perhaps Trump's sucess will, strange as it seems, bring it into view, like a Firefly, for awhile anyway.

  4. Of course we have a partisan press. It's wholly-owned by the progressive Democrat party. ("Progressive": the first word it brings to my mind is "cancer".)

    1. Things, left to themselves, get progressively worse. Think of that low tire.

  5. The end of the Trump presidency will do to the MSM what the end of the OJ Simpson trial did to Court TV.

  6. Libs are cancer As Sam L says. They infiltrate and conspire to take over whatever they come in contact with, and like the cuckoo, kill anything not their own. But they aren't normal tissue, and don't perform any meaningful function. All they can do is destroy. The only options are extirpation,poisoning (chemo) or destruction of the diseased tissue.

  7. This survey is a joke. Australians are second highest in being happy with the press. All newspapers in Australia are owned by Murdoch or the Left, down to local newspapers. These carry all overseas news as reported by AP or Reuters, who are globalists and all news is bad about Pres Trump. The ABC is a left wing hive which pushes global warming in every newscast. The three other TV stations also push global warming, leftist views, and ridicule Trump. Australia has become a leftist paradise well on the Argentinian downward spiral. Electricity is now being rationed and load shedding is occurring from state to state, and most Australians have no idea, they are told it is local breakdowns. So unless they make an effort to get on to American blogs, they are totally ignorant. Yet there is a vague feeling something is not well, and more people are voting breakaway parties. Australians have multiculturalism shoved down their throats daily and all attacks by muslims are swiftly downgraded and disappear into the memory hole.

    1. This breaks my heart, and is exactly true. I lived in Australia for over 30 years; my kids are Australians.

      They cannot see outside the bubble that they're kept in, and think everyone in the USA is a warmongering racist. Too many Aussies hate and loathe President Trump, solely on what they see on TV and read in their newspapers.

      Worst of all, they believe the garbage that the media puts out, and never realize that so much of the real news is suppressed, so that they never hear about it at all.

      I wish I knew of a solution.

    2. I'd assume that that high rate of satisfaction was found among the people who are happy with any recent Prime Minister who wasn't Tony Abbott.
      These are apparently the only people who are ever polled.

  8. Still remembering a French publisher from 2 or 3 decades ago who was SO PROUD. His paper reported on some major disturbance, maybe the annual Paris "CarBQ", but didn't mention that the perpetrators were Muslim.
    Because that would give aid and comfort to the political right wing.
    "Truth Be Damned", a leftie key differentiator for decades.

    1. In Paris, the annual CarBQ starts promptly at 12:00:01 a.m. on January 1st, and ends at the stroke of midnight on December 31st.

  9. Well I got NUTHIN 'gainst the press
    They wouldn't print it
    If it wasn't true

    -- Joe Jackson, "Sunday Papers"

  10. If you want a free press, you have to liberate it.

    You have to liberate the SH*T out of it.

  11. There is no chance of a honest press in America, they are owned and operated by the left. The Journalist consider themselves as elitist in the leftist bubble, and therefore are infallible, no matter what reality shows.

    I have come to the point where I pay no attention to any of the national media services, and only a little to local news. There are a number of good foreign news agencies to find out what is really happening in the world, and American media has never had a very good reputation at reporting honestly there either.