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Monday, January 29, 2018

Journalistic incivility

"He is an idiot-savant who plays in the roiling ocean of Twitter as naturally as a blubbery-necked sea lion," wrote Maureen Dowd of the New York Times today.

"Is Mr. Trump Nuts?" asked a New York Times editorial headline on January 10.

This was followed two days later by a column by Jeffrey A. Lieberman, chairman of psychiatry at Columbia, "Maybe Trump Is Not Mentally Ill. Maybe He’s Just a Jerk."

Then there was the December 22 headline in the Times, "Fifty Shades of Orange."

Imagine the reaction if Michelle Goldberg had filed a "Fifty Shades of Cocoa" column about Obama.

Imagine the reaction if Dowd called Obama an idiot savant.

Imagine the reaction if an editorial asked if Obama were nuts.

These are just a few of the times the Times crossed the line.

That is from the New York Times, which is the Gray Lady of the Journalism craft.

Lesser newspapers sink lower.

The New York Daily News illustrated Trump as a piece of shit.

On Page One.

That was the logical next step after showing him as a clown.

A klansman.

And Hitler.

I lack the imagination to speculate as what is next, but I do know this: Calling the president crazy and depicting him as a piece of s**t are accepted by journalists.

From Day One, journalists have called him a clown -- and not one person or publication in that trade denounced it.

When a cartoonist at the New York Post showed Obama as a monkey -- as cartoonists often had depicted George W. Bush -- the outcry was long and loud, and the newspaper rightly apologized.

But the obscene depiction of the duly elected president of the United States as a piece of s**t went unchallenged.

The news industry is at War With Our President.

The trade as a whole refuses to accept the results of the November 8, 2016, election as legitimate.

Just like the South refused to accept Lincoln's election as president in 1860.

The news media objects to being called the Enemy of the State, but you know what? CNN, the Times, the Daily News, and others sure act like an enemy of the state.

And I fear for our nation because democracy dies in darkness -- and our media casts far too much shade on our republic.


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  1. They aren't at war with him. They are at war with us. He is a convenient proxy. Their Emmanuel Goldstein.

    1. Truly, they are at war with us. They hate us and want us to die.

    2. Another +100 here. They can't bear it that we exist.

    3. +100 too try it libs-molon labe.
      Go into the hills an hollers of Appalachia, or the Rockies or the Kootneys , or the Wallowas/Blue Mountains..
      Try it..

  2. The New York Time lost its credibility a very long time ago. They have proven they have no integrity or honesty in their news room which is why there circulation is in the toilet, They only good thing left is the crossword puzzle.
    A couple of decades ago they decided they no longer liked Americans and thought socialism is a better business profile fore them and the liberal regressive party.

    1. And the crossword puzzle is nothing like it used to be. Quality has been slipping for years, sad to say. JC

  3. If it weren't for daily recon missions to sites like Don's, and the cesspool of ignorant parrots, such as TWTR and Farcebook, no one would know what they are saying.

    Just saying.

    People just go to work, try to pay their bills on the 1st, and raise their kids.

    1. There is much truth in this. All of Don's examples are from the selfish city of snot and snark. They reflect a local kultur Kampf. Trump is the loud mouth barbarian from Queens, the borough that houses the servants, the door men, the waiters, the cleaning ladies, the sommoliers, of the rich and ivy educated who lord the Manhattan and Hamptons social scene. They really can't stand him. Really.
      Oh, yes Obama: he described himself as "a liberal Jew" a couple days ago to an audience in the City. He was referring to his forever feckless PC position on Israel but his audience happily accepted the literal lie for what it was, am emotional declaration of solidarity with their antiTrump, antiBibi feelings.
      They miss him so. He was always the soft spoken Butler with well creased pants who carried out their orders precisely and without fuss then took the subway home to where he belonged, far away, somewhere or other..

  4. Echo chamber hypocrites gots to echo chamber hypocrite.

  5. The left is not going to like having to play by their own rules.

  6. Wow. BOOM. One of your best in a while, Big D. To MoDough I say: Writing like that would have gotten you jailed 150 years ago. Consider yourself damned lucky that you're putting out this drivel today. Not too sure you would have liked prisons back then.

  7. Just as Arthur C. Clarke stated:

    "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic",

    So is Trump to the pea-brains in the press. so far above them intellectually that they fantasize that he's an idiot, although he is the Wizard, and they the Dolts.

  8. The Grey Lady is the Grey Whore. And Maureen Dowd is an old prune in sore need of a lay.

  9. MoDo is mo' dumb, but hey! It's the NYT that prints her stuff. There's a reason we call them the enemedia.

  10. I would be willing to bet that these New Yawk papers fawned over Donald Trump, private citizen back in the day.

  11. "Imagine the reaction if Dowd called Obama an idiot savant."

    My reaction would have been she was flat out wrong, because there was not one thing Obama was good at. Drop the savant, keep the idiot.

  12. If Maureen Dowd had called Obama "an idiot savant," she'd have been half right.

  13. So when did Donald Trump turn down MoDo's non-existant charms? Late 70's. Michael Douglas blew her nasty personality off too. Hundreds have.

    1. She's such a lonely girl, lonely and blue... She's earned it.

  14. How could Obama be an idiot savant?

    They can do math.