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Sunday, January 28, 2018

Illegal aliens want the wall

Democrats are having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad century.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported on the latest group to support President Trump's call to wall off Mexico.

Illegal aliens.

Ana Rodriguez.

“If building a wall leads us to having citizenship, then I’m all for it. The U.S. is what I know and that’s where I want to live my life — I want to be a part of it in full,” said Ana Rodriguez, 26, of Union City, California.

Her Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals visa expires in October.

If walling off Mexico gets her an extension, she is all for it.

Not everyone in her position supports that.

And of course, the Democrats who want to be her overlords are alarmed. They should be. If Trump gives people like Rodriguez a path to citizenship, who will they credit this to? Republicans or Democrats?

Many American Indians remain loyal Republicans because Calvin Coolidge signed legislation in 1924 granting them citizenship.

Democrats have a problem. They have failed to deliver on their promises to illegal aliens.

"But in a year of uncertainty over their future, some DACA recipients are coming to grips with what they would be willing to stomach it if it meant a path to citizenship," Hamed Aleaziz of the Chronicle wrote.

"Marissa Montes, co-director of the Loyola Immigrant Justice Clinic in Los Angeles, said the uncertainty has worn down the Dreamers who walk into her clinic."

Montes told Hamed Aleaziz: “I think it’s a culmination of an entire life experience. These are kids who have tried to do the best they could to prove they are part of this country. This past year has tested them.”

Now some illegal aliens are willing to exchange the wall for citizenship.

“It’s coming from a point of exhaustion — they’ve tried everything,” Montes said.

“Their instinct is survival and as human beings, how much longer can they endure this? They’re ping ponging back and forth.”

Yep. Constant worry about deportation is a pressure cooker.

But citizenship for illegal aliens was way down on the Democratic Party's honey-do list when they controlled Congress and the White House in 2009 and 2010.

Illegal aliens noticed that.

Rodriguez said, “I’m sure a lot of us will say go ahead and build the wall if that’s what’s gonna let us continue living our lives.”

She added, “We just want to live in peace like everyone else.”

So some illegal aliens are willing to go to the wall to save their visas. And some of us are cool with deporting 90% of illegal aliens instead of 100% if it means we get a wall and curtailment on legal immigration.

We also know that the 12-year wait for citizenship means gang-bangers and the like won't make it, and will be sent back to Mexico. Only the finest who integrate into our society will earn citizenship.

President Trump has forced the hand of Democrats to get a deal done -- and the deal will be on his terms, not theirs.

And the most sympathetic group of illegal aliens -- the DACA -- are beginning to side with him.

If Trump pulls this off, Democrats may become an endangered species.


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  1. If you think about it, only Trump could offer a segment of the illegal alien population a chance at citizenship. Just like only Nixon could initiate a relationship with Communist China. And like the China deal, the Trump deal will have a lot of benefits down the road.

    1. Nixon used China as a wedge againstteh Soviet Union. Upon reflection, detente's intention was to foster this rift. It's always nice to have adversaries fight amongst themselves.

    2. sounds good but they all vote democrat

    3. Not all.

      Blacks went 9-1 dem in 2016, Latinos 2-1.

      Do you want 50,000 Africans/year coming in on the "lottery" or 1/2 of the immigration what we're getting now spread out to those of merit?

  2. Like I said, mass deportation was never an option. OK, Demmies, what's your move?

  3. Dems in a bind but will those that remain and eventually get the right to vote vote republican? Who knows. The black vote went and stayed democrat ignoring the role the republicans had from Lincoln to the Civil Rights era. Or was it due to LBJ being president that the democrats got and kept the vote?

  4. Generally, how people vote is largely economically determined. The poor vote mostly Democrat because they want things for free, as Nixon said, and the rich often do because they want people to think they care about others more than themselves,an attribute shared by saints and kings to which they also feel entitled.
    The Hispanic immigrants of DACA and other deals will eventually vote overwhelmingly for the Democrats, though perhaps not at 90+% like the blacks of today. Trump's 12 year caveat was meant to blunt this blow but it will fall never the less.
    Not being a shaman, I cannot read Trump's mind like our fine leader,but I just don't believe He cares about hypothetical outcomes years from now when he feels the need to keep some promises today.
    Time erodes anger and blame, both of which are always stronger in present circumstance. He wants to take advantage of this human trait, I like to think, to achieve other ends he considers more important. But even if he does, by his opponents he will never be forgiven and by the new citizens he will never be thanked or revered. These too are human traits.

  5. The essence of one of Trump's recent tweets about this was that Democrats would rather have an ongoing problem that they can make hay out of rather than solving the problem. In retrospect Bush's war against Saddam Hussein was a mistake, but I think one of the reasons the Dems were so upset about it is that he was in essence taking away a problem that they used over and over to leverage whatever narrative they were operating at various times. I think this aspect of the current negotiation is driving them crazy.

    1. Agreed. Grievance politics is all they have. They have no interest in jobs, a strong economy, strong military, or anything to do with building up the country. They were already crazy, but President Trump has them absolutely apoplectic. Can anyone name an effectual Democrat solution to any problem? Bueller? - Elric

  6. This is a winning issue IF TRUMP COMMUNICATES IT (since no one else will and the media is lying to paint Trump and all Republicans as racists as Democrats as the only possible saviors from the GOP's hate for all people "of color" as Democrats always put it). Trump has such a chance in the State of the Union. The media will not report it, but some will get the word (as the person in this article who did hear that Trump offered citizenship, which the Democrats rejected).

    The media hides the fact that Trump makes great presidential addresses and always finds someone who hates Trump to be appalled as their only focus, but Trump must keep trying and the SOTU is a good chance to try to get through the media's wall!

  7. Obama stabbed illegals in the back in his first term, now Schumer is doing it. Yet Democrats feel confident that these people, if given citizenship, will vote Democrat.

  8. IMHO, any illegal who is here and who is on welfare should not be eligible for citizenship. If the Dems want to pay their way, then send them back to mexico and they can support them there.


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