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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Instead of policy, Democrats decide what color to wear

The Democratic Party's problem with relevancy can be seen in black and white.

From NBC News today: "Democratic women plan all-black fashion statement for State of the Union."

From CNN last March 1: "Democratic women wear white to Trump's address."

So while Trump is dealing with border security, offshore drilling, North Korea, Iran, tax cuts, Afghanistan, rolling back regulations, and a host of other problems, Democrats are standing around trying to decide what color to wear to his State of the Union address.

Imagine the conversation.
"How about purple?"
"No, purple makes me look fat."
That hardly shows a party able to tackle the big problems.

From 2017:
Democratic women in Congress made an impression Tuesday evening as they sat in the audience for President Donald Trump's joint address to Congress.
Many of the 66 Democratic women representatives and delegates who make up the House Democratic Women's Working Group wore white clothing, dubbed "suffragette white" in a nod to the women's rights movement in the early 1900s, which encouraged its supporters to dress in white as a representation of purity.
Democrats. The party of purity. As pure as driven slush.

From 2018:
Taking their cue from the Golden Globes, a group of Democratic women in Congress plans to wear black to President Donald Trump's first State of the Union address later this month.
Support for the symbolic protest is high within the Democratic Women's Working Group, which includes all of the Democratic women in the House, Rep. Jackie Speier, D-Calif., told NBC News on Tuesday.
"This is a culture change that is sweeping the country, and Congress is embracing it," Speier said.
There's a culture change and Democrats are embracing it?

Sort of like when they attended Eisenhower's address sporting hula hoops in 1958.

Oh wait, they did not do that.

Democrats were a more serious party sixty years ago. They led. They ended the year taking back the Senate. Two years later, they took back the White House. The party did not waste time on what color to wear to a speech.

Democrats had ideas back then. Big ones that re-shaped America.

Now the party is a bunch of mamby-pambys.

The problem with symbolism is that it is by definition superficial.

No one is for sexual harassment. Not even Al Franken.

But on the lengthy list of problems Americans face and dreams they have, Hollywood actresses having to sleep with Harvey Weinstein to win an Oscar is pretty doggone low.

Democrats to a man and to a woman opposed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017.

Guess what? Those people getting bonuses and seeing their take home pay rise next month are all for it.

Wearing black dresses won't change that.


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  1. Dems want to make "statements". Mostly, "We're dumb." is how it reads to us.

    1. Reckon as the witches of America will want to speak to those Hollywood Lefties about cultural appropriation.

  2. This isn't your father's Democrat Party.

  3. whatever happened to pussy pink?

    1. That was before the merger at which time they were absorbed by Antifa.

      - Ken

  4. The only statement or message that liberals are interested in is, "Look at me!!!"

  5. When my daughter was graduating from High School, everything had to be right: the hairdo, the makeup, the shoes, and especially the dress. My wife & daughter went shopping for weeks, looking for that perfect dress: it must show independence, strength of mind, it must make a statement! as well as being (of course) beautiful. Hundreds of dresses were examined and found wanting. Finally, the perfect dress was found and bought! Then came the fitting. It all went on for ages.

    My part in all this was to pay the bills. I wasn't allowed to see this magnificent creation before the Graduation Ball, but I did get to pick my daughter up after the Ball was over. (My wife and I were estranged at the time.)

    When I arrived at the venue, I found a sea of black dresses. Virtually every female at that ball wore black; my daughter included. What a statement, indeed!

    You may not be surprised when I inform you that my daughter is of the liberal persuasion. Fitting in isn't just important- it's everything!

  6. So while Trump is dealing with border security, offshore drilling, North Korea, Iran, tax cuts, Afghanistan, rolling back regulations, and a host of other problems, Democrats are standing around trying to decide what color to wear to his State of the Union address.

    This is like the movie 'Take The Money And Run'....

    On the morning of the robbery, leader Woody Allen was looking for his grey shirt only to find that his wife had washed it and it was still wet. She told him to wear his blue shirt. He was upset and said that no one wears blue to a robbery. So she told him to call the other guys and find out what they were wearing.

    - Ken

    1. Yeah, Ken, gray is the new black. Fifty Shades of Gay - oops. Sorry. My wife says the new hot color of 2018 is ultraviolet. I trust my wife.

  7. There’s a color that makes Oprah and Hillary NOT look fat?

    Let me guess, it’s in the far-ultraviolet, right?

    1. Damn, you beat me to the punch, Dave! Props to your wife for training you properly, also. Heh heh heh.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Democrats love virtue signaling. Wearing special colors, ribbons, pins, and/or hats is easy and absolves the wearer of all feelings of guilt for being straight, white, and/or male.

    "I'm not a racist, I support Black Lives Matter!" (points to BLM pin)

  10. To Presidential candidate Oprah, you just know Trump will ask you in your first debate with him, “What did you know about Weinstein, and when did you know it?”

  11. Soon they will all be wearing orange.

    1. You win the Internet for that one, so funny!

    2. From your mouth to GOD's ear.