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Monday, January 29, 2018

DACA dies in democracy

As Donald Trump moves forward with his immigration offer to Democrats to trade them their two little dimes for his one big nickel, the idea that there will be no deal on illegal aliens is setting in on the media.

"Reality sets in that DACA deal might not get done," CNN reported.

No deal is President Trump's preferred plan. He gave Congress six months to re-write immigration law or he will begin enforcing it as it is written -- something most senators do not want. He had to give them a chance because deporting DACAs is not all that popular.

The way you get no deal is by offering a compromise nobody will accept.

"The proposal was panned by the left and the right. Groups who support restricting immigration slammed it as 'amnesty.' Democratic lawmakers and immigration advocates rejected it as a 'massive, cruel and family-punishing overhaul of our current legal immigration system,' as New Jersey's Sen. Bob Menendez phrased it," CNN reported.

Others on the left also are worried.

"Is a deal on DACA slipping away? Congress is weeks away from two crucial deadlines. On February 8, it will once again hit a government funding cliff; as part of the deal to extend the debt ceiling made earlier this month, Mitch McConnell pledged to bring an immigration bill to the floor no later than that date. If no deal is reached in February, March 5 looms large — that’s the deadline that Trump set for action when he terminated the Deferred Action for Child Arrivals program in September. If no deal is reached by March 5, deportations could begin," Alex Shephard of New Republic wrote.

Uncanny. It is almost as if Trump had written the book on the art of the deal.

President Trump's offer is splitting the left, as young illegal aliens with DACA visas see the Democrats not willing to make a few concessions -- particularly the wall and the end to chain migration -- to save the DACA.

The president just drove a wedge through the left. Democrats may bicker their way toward becoming a small, splintered, regional party.

Trump's move carries risks. What if Democrats say, OK, here's your wall, your end of chain migration, and our first-born children? The purists on the right will scream amnesty.

His reply will be, yes, in 12 years.

But that is an unlikely hypothetical.

Leon Fresco, an immigration attorney who led immigration negotiations for Schumer in 2013, told CNN, "When Trump proposed something that in orthodoxy was not possible in the Democrat world and got criticized by the right, that was the end of the deal, because how can Trump agree to something more liberal now? ... For both sides, the deal is completely unacceptable, so that's what makes this very complicated."

Oh, it is not complicated.

The deal is dead. Trump forced everyone to walk away from the deal.

My unsolicited advice to DACAs after March is pack your toothbrush. You're headed home.

And the wall will still be built.


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  1. "The president just drove a wedge through the left."

    It's more like he drove a wooden stake into their heart, and they will continue to maniacally scream and thrash about until their last bit of breath finally escapes them. And the best is yet to come. No doubt about it. President Trump is our Best President Ever. - Elric

  2. It is amazing to be watching The Art of the Deal in living color. The ultimate reality show where the preening pompous blowhards in congress are getting their smug asses handed to them.

  3. I'd prefer no amnesty for DACA holders, but as a compromise I'd be willing to accept as many as 2 million new green card holders now who could ALL become citizens a dozen years down the road in place of the tens of millions of more illegals and chain migration invaders who'd sneak into the country over the same time period.

    1. 10-12 years of good criminal activity allowed or out you go.
      IIRC...the wait time for LEGAL immigrants to become citizens is 7 years. so "AMNISTY" in 12 years....ain't.

  4. Yes, there is no deal - the Democrats do not want one.

    The Russian Collusion story has collapsed.
    They ran out War on Women and sustained heavy Blue-on-Blue casualties.
    The old Tax-Cuts-for-the-Rich didn't work.
    They have DACA and are screaming White Supremacy, but that doesn't seem to be getting any traction.

    It is ten months to November my friends, a long way. Still, the Democrats have brought out their tried and trusty methods and nothing is working. They got the celebrities ready to deploy after the SOTU speech - nobody cares anymore. It has been so long since they have had to have an original tactical thought they have forgotten *how* to think. Sad! MAGA!

    -Mikey NTH

  5. The six months was a sop. And they wuz took. They get nothing and President Trump showed "love". Trump wins bigly. And so do his supporters.

  6. Mister Trump is a one-man, all-by-himself, Rock AND a Hard Place. That is just so COOOOOOL!

  7. Until the voters of South Carolina drive a wedge between Lindsey Graham and his Senate seat, hopefully in the 2020 GOP primary, I fear the worst on immigration.

  8. The wall will be built. The next deal it will be wrapped in is infrastructure. Let's watch Democrats turn down improved roads and bridges in their communities and the jobs it brings because it will inconvenience entry by illegals.

    1. President Trump knows that there is more than one way to skin a cat or build a wall. It's down to the Democrats' choice of seeing it as taking either poison or medicine. They will take one or the other. - Elric

  9. The President’s multipoint offer on immigration may be the first offer in a Dutch Auction, fittingly enough. That’s when the opening is the highest price sought, with the price dropping until someone accepts it. I think many off his supporters would be fine with that approach.

  10. I suspect that he will use SOTU address to make sure that everyone understands that the deal was offered in good faith as a compromise that would have given the DACA folks a legal path to citizenship and that the Democrats just shot down their hopes and dreams.

    Sometime soon he'll urge Republicans to bring similar seemingly reasonable legislation to a vote, possibly several times, until the Dems look like heartless villains.

    1. That will make the enemedia SOOOOOOOOOOO

    2. Guarandamnteed.

  11. Who knew that PDJT is a neurosurgeon? He appears to be implanting spines in some of the 'pubbies. :)