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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Can Democrats survive 2018?

As Democrats met with President Trump on Tuesday, Democrats showed all they have to offer voters: nothing.

Theirs is a failed party that has for more than one year refused to accept the results of the 2016 election. The Russian dossier disintegrated like a cardboard box in the rain. The late-night jokes now are stale and moldy. The media's cries of wolf are desperate and shrill.

Trump is stronger than he was one year ago.

Washington cannot handle him. The city is built on words. The media falls in love with smooth talkers. Look how Oprah became president on Sunday of the United States of the Golden Globes.

He is a builder.

They have never seen anything like him before.

And so they try to destroy him.

The media and the Democrats have spent a year on this mission impossible.. Emoluments. Russian dossier. 25th Amendment. None of it has worked. They cannot bring him down.

As his first anniversary as president nears, they realize they are in trouble.

Another man who shocked Washington -- Rush Limbaugh -- gave a good assessment of the situation on Tuesday:
You’ve heard the old adage, “At this level, you have to give people reasons to vote for you,” and the Democrats don’t have any right now. Their sole reason for existing is resisting Trump. Their sole reason for having people vote for them is they are gonna be the way we get rid of Trump. And they’re making a major miscalculation assuming that’s what a majority of Americans want.
If Trump has another successful month or two, the Democrats are gonna be in more trouble than they will probably be able to figure out. I think some of them know way deep down in the deep, dark crevices of their tiny little soul that they cannot politically survive a successful Trump presidency. At one time I think they thought they could. No matter what Trump did, good or bad, I think they thought they’d be able to get rid of him ’cause people hate Trump ’cause he’s barbarian, he’s a pig, because he’s not smart, he’s stupid, he can’t put two sentences together.
Oh, that’s the latest from Wolff. “Yeah, Trump can’t put two sentences together.” Here’s a guy that did four rallies a day, hour and a half each with no notes. And he can’t put two sentences together. Meanwhile, over here, the smartest woman in the world, Hillary Clinton, could barely stand up for an hour and a half, much less speak without a teleprompter. And yet Hillary is the smartest woman in the world and Obama’s the smartest guy in the world and Trump is this idiot who is outperforming them all any measure you care to make.
And I think there’s some Democrats deep down very aware of this. And they know that it’s gonna be really tough for them if Trump has another month or two of success. ‘Cause at some point this stupid book is gonna be forgotten. Everything has a life span except Trump. Trump’s always gonna be there. The Wolff book’s gonna die down, it’s gonna fade away and they’re gonna have to come up with some replacement for it.
Limbaugh identifies with Trump because they are cut from the same mold.

Trump's built skyscrapers and resorts. Limbaugh talks and built an anti-establishment movement.

Both men are passionate about their business. Limbaugh saved AM Radio just like Trump saved Manhattan.

Both love their country.

Both revel in being true rebels.

Limbaugh is on to something. Democrats peaked with Obamacare. They have had nothing to offer since.

What's their platform? Equal pay for equal work? It's been the law since 1963. No racial discrimination? It's been the law since 1964. Gun control? It's been the law since 1968.

They might as well come out against the draft. Theirs is an irrelevant party that survives only by playing racist and sexist politics.

If Democrats are having doubts, then Republicans are smelling blood in the water. Good recruiting for congressional races to match the already stellar fund-raising will go a long way toward not only hanging on to the House but doing the ahistoric: expanding leads in Congress in a mid-term.

Trump defies political gravity.

In 1872, Democrats had no candidate for president. They merely went with third party candidate Horace Greeley.

In 1820, incumbent President James Monroe ran unopposed. They gave John Quincy Adams an Electoral College vote to keep intact George Washington's place as the only unanimous choice for president.

This may not happen in 2020, but Democrats need something more than a candidate. They need a reason to exist.


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  1. I've been thinking the same thing. The Demos have been running around like nuts, but they really haven't said anything in years.

    Democrats peaked with Obamacare.

    The Demos peaked with the New Deal. Everything since is variations on a theme.

  2. One very important thing my dad, a HS BB coach, taught me: When you're in the game, play as hard as you can, never mind the score. I'LL be the one who decides when to take you out for the second string. THEN you can start doing your silly synchronized leg crossing that the girls love.

  3. What??? HATE is not enough?? Hate will eat up the Dems. Soon, I hope.

  4. They say Trump can't put two sentences together? Did they watch his speech to the American Farm Bureau Federation convention the other day? If not, they should have. He was the Grand Master of the Podium. He put Okie Doke Obama, the self-acclaimed Greatest Orator of All Time, to shame. He made The Zero look like a JV public speaker. I've listened to several tens of thousands of speakers in m,y lifetime, and Trump is right up there with the best of them: funny, engaging, self-deprecating, clear thinking, at times eloquent, thought provoking, empathetic, entertaining...just a terrific change from the condescending snobbery and hectoring of Mr. Know It All. And guess what? He didn't say I or me every other sentence...or um, or ahh every 3 seconds. Trump showed that, unlike Obama, he can think and talk at the same time. What a refreshing change.

    1. Didn't see the speech, but it sounded like Mr. T. I got so angry last night watching a TV show my wife enjoys, that I left the room and screamed about The Black Jesus's dealings with the Iranians. Pallets of cash and a complete sellout. God damn Barack Obama.

    2. Well said Anonymous. Perhaps you should be "Un-Anonymous".

  5. Those in the MSM and Democratic party that think they have President Trump eating out of their hand.....

    Would be wise to count their fingers.

    The DOJ IG report is right around the corner. Individual experienced Dems and MSM are posturing not to be caught in the fallout. They know what's coming because they knew all along what was going on.

    President Trump is a master strategic planner. Structures have been set, and everything is about to fall. He is all about MAGA. Along with millions of others - starting with his inner circle and patriotic Americans both inside and outside of government - he's leading the transformation....back.

    - Ken

  6. Might want to check the memo from GOP talking points central. After "Sneaky Diane" released the testimony from Fusion GPS, the dossier is revealed to not be the impetus for the FBI investigation or a work of partisan politics. Why was Chris Steele concerned that Trump was being blackmailed?

    1. Son.....

      The avalanche that is already shaking the DOJ is going to bury you and your ilk.

      - Ken

      P.S. And your biggest surprise will be Mr. Mueller.

  7. The recent Trump tax cuts - which haven't gotten anywhere near the amount of reporting they should have gotten - are going to be felt right around the mid terms (they're being felt right now). No democrats voted for the tax cuts. No republicans voted for obamacare. If that's not a mid term election ad that writes itself to nuke the democrats I don't know what is.