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Saturday, January 06, 2018

Bill Clinton almost cost a Secret Service man his life

The book identified the man only as “Reverend.” He was one of a group of Secret Service agents who clandestinely chauffeured Bill Clinton around the capital in the 1990s so he could meet with his mistresses.

That's right, the rat not only cheated on his wife, but his girlfriend as well.

Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner reviewed a new book, "Secrets of the Secret Service: The History and Uncertain Future of the U.S. Secret Service," by former Secret Service agent Gary J. Byrne.

From Bedard:
Clinton demanded a tiny motorcade to secretly dash around Washington unnoticed, ordering that the cars try to obey laws like stopped lights.
And in one of those motorcades, an unnamed Uniform Division officer trying to keep up ran a red light and was T-boned in an intersection, suffering a traumatic brain injury.
Identified only as “Reverend,” Byrne wrote that the driver and two others were injured and that the rest of Clinton’s motorcade drove on, leaving D.C. Police to clean up the mess. At the time, the police did not know that Clinton was being chauffeured around Washington incognito. 
It gets worse.
Afterward, according to the book, the agency tried to block payments to “Reverend” until he threatened to go to court where the details would be revealed. Still, the affair cut into the agency’s morale.
From the book:
“Word of what had happened to Reverend spread like wildfire through the Uniformed Division because any UD officer could have been in Reverend’s place. And although many would take a bullet for the president, what was the risk for? Were Clinton’s sordid personal affairs worth an officer’s life? Was that the duty we had signed up for, the reason we spent so much time away from our families?”
A man nearly died covering up Clinton's trysts -- and Clinton wanted to not compensate the man.

The Arkansas State Police provided the same service for decades. His wife didn't care. She outsourced the sex.

But dumbass Lewinsky did care.


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  1. President Bubba mostly thought with his other brain. That'll always cause trouble.

    1. Yup, Mike. The little head ruling the big head.

    2. Instead of the Bald Eagle, the motorcade should’ve been flying a flag with a lustily crowing rooster.

      A rampant cock, as it were.

  2. I guess Byrne thinks it's now safe to print this.

    1. I read Byrne's other well written book on Clinton. If the crime family aka Clinton's plan to sue, he is probably way on down on their lists.

  3. I firmly believe that if The Whole Truth about Vilehelm Jaifferson Clintoine ever comes out, we'd learn that he is threatening Wilt Chamberlain's record for Most Women Ever Banged (supposedly 20,000).

    1. I doubt that WJC is in Wilt's league, but he is certainly giving JFK a close race for most pu$$ies grabbed. And while the press covered for both horndog Dem presidents, there is no rumor or innuendo about the private lives of the Trumps that is too salacious to print.

  4. The Doug Wead book on Hillary vs Trump "Game of Thorns" has a summary of Clinton scandals that runs perhaps 90 pages. Infuriating that so many covered for Bill. A thoroughly despicable human being.
    JimNorCal (aka Deplorable SurBot)

  5. It's safe now.

    Everybody's investigating them.

    Thank you once more, Donald Trump.

  6. It might be worth while to take these 'tell all' books with a grain of salt or two. This new Wolf Book being the best example. It must be quite a temptation to somewhat inflat the drama in a remembered incident before writing it down in the new book.

  7. But was Clinton a "stable genius"? Rehashed 90's can't cover for the Trump clown car.

    1. We sure as hell know where you stand,troll.

    2. Clinton was never brought to heel because he made the people who could have done so rich through favors. Trump will also make some of those same people rich but they will have to take actual risks to earn the money. It was so much easier with Bill, you know. The door just opened and the treasurer was right there all heaped up, with a shovel and a bag included as free gifts. Danny Devito said once he missed that "nice Clinton feel", meaning times were easy if you want to get away with something, wink, wink. Life is harder under Trump now that the cash counter is closed,the treasury locked, cameras every where.

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