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Friday, January 05, 2018

2018 on pace to be the hottest year ever

1998 was the hottest year ever. No, 2005. No, 2014. No, 2016. No, 2017.

But now 2018 is on pace to be the hottest year ever.


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  1. Hey Al, I got a Truth Bomb Cyclone for ya: When sunspot activity basically disappears, it's gonna get colder. And there ain't a goddamn thing you can do about it. Go get another massage, you freak.

  2. I've seen pictures of Niagara Falls frozen before. Weather happens.

  3. So Big Al is referencing his producer-director Michael Mann (not THAT producer-director).

    The last I heard of the good doctor was last summer when one of the dozens of lawsuits he brought against accredited climate scientists that disagreed with his predictions of doom finally made it to court in Canada. It made the news when the defendants lawyers asked that Dr. Mann produce his documentation showing how he had come to his conclusions so they could scrutinize them. Unsurprisingly Dr. Mann did the indignant thing and refused, probably figuring that the stupid defendant did not have the mental capacity to understand Dr. Mann's true genius. Leftists are never to be questioned, only those that question them are......and those questioners are to be sued and jailed and ex-communicated from the human race as well.

    And it was good to see Big Al again. In a neck-and-neck race with Hillary trying so hard to be relevant.

    1. I think Mann was refusing to supply the documentation with the BS excuse that it was proprietary information (I think that was the excuse offered in Steyn's trial, and the judge allowed it...seriously). So, we're supposed to change civilization based on a model that we can't even see what went into it (GIGO), and gee, you'd think information gained from working at a public institution would be fair game for the public to know about.

  4. Michael Mann, he of the debunked hockey stick graph and the "hide the decline" e-mail. - GOC

  5. In 1968, my Biology II teacher assured us that the oceans would all be dead before the end of the century. It's now 2018, she's dead, the oceans live.

  6. I think we had a couple of these when O'bummer was Pres and there was no special comment. Now with an R in office we have BOMBS!!!! I can't wait until we get all the stats on the homeless people we didn't see since Pres Bush left office.

  7. If it's gonna be so warm this year I wish it would hurry the hell up. It was minus 3 when I got up.

  8. Well, right now it sure looks like the "alarmist" stories published in Time, Newsweek, the WaPo and others- back in the late '60s & early '70s- were true! They were right, we're going into another Ice Age, and we're all going to freeze to death!

    Or, it's just weather.

  9. but of course the bomb cyclone can only occur because of the warming causing reverse inverse effects. So they say. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  10. Maybe they're going to bring back the "global cooling" thing from the '70s. Why not? It's no less plausible than any of their other Chicken Little doom-and-gloom apocalypses.