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Friday, December 22, 2017

What Trump thinks he has accomplished

As part of his fund-raising, President Trump sent out a "2017 Accomplishments Survey," which I will share with readers. It is a fascinating look at what the president thinks are his greatest accomplishments in what I modestly consider the Greatest Year in American History.

Here is his survey, which I will follow with my observations:

Economy: Which accomplishment(s) do you most strongly support? (Select as many that apply.)
  •  Highest consumer confidence since 2000
  •  Stock market eight-quarter winning streak
  •  Lowest national unemployment rate in 17 years
  •  1 million new jobs in 6 months
  •  Mining up 28.6% (new coal jobs)
  •  Cutting taxes by $1.5 trillion
  •  Repealing the ObamaCare mandate
Immigration: Which accomplishment(s) do you most strongly support? (Select as many that apply.)
  1.  $1.6 billion down payment passed to build the wall
  2.  Ending catch-and-release immigration policy
  3.  ICE agents have made 43 percent more arrests since Trump took office versus the same period last year.
  4.  Increase in ICE raids on “sanctuary cities” across the U.S.
  5.  Cracking down on dangerous gangs like MS-13
Government: Which accomplishment(s) do you most strongly support? (Select as many that apply.)
  •  Appointed Justice Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
  •  House and Senate passage of Tax Cuts and Jobs Act
  •  Decertifying the disastrous Iran Deal
  •  Cutting two regulations for every new one
  •  Rolling back Obama Executive Orders
National Security: Which accomplishment(s) do you most strongly support? (Select as many that apply.)
  •  Passing $700-billion defense bill
  •  Liberating ISIS’ capital
  •  Calling on NATO allies to pay their fair share
  •  Ending Obama’s cold-shoulder policy toward Israel
  •  Designating North Korea as a state-sponsor of terrorism
Veterans: Which accomplishment(s) do you most strongly support? (Select as many that apply.)
  •  Passing act to streamline VA disability claims appeals
  •  Signing ‘Forever GI Bill,” boosting aid to student vets
  •  Signing VA Accountability Act into law for better veterans care
  •  Implementing a veterans’ complaint hotline
  •  Expanding VA Tele-Health access
Trade: Which accomplishment(s) do you most strongly support? (Select as many that apply.)
  •  Eliminating the disastrous Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)
  •  Shrinking the U.S. trade deficit
  •  Coal exports up 60%
  •  Beginning renegotiations of NAFTA for better U.S. deal
  •  Introducing a trade policy agenda focused on U.S. jobs
Let me explain why these are great.

No. 1, fixing the economy is paramount. Without a strong economy, none of the rest of this matters. The United States would be Mexico without the tequila; we could not afford it.

No. 2, the borders must be respected. Not only must illegal immigration end, but we must curtail legal immigration. A nation that is 14% foreign born is weaker because it is losing its national identity, especially at a time of political correctness in which our elites order us to give deference to foreign customs while mocking patriotism and American tradition.

No. 3, appointing Justice Neil Gorsuch and 12 conservative appellate judges (18 by Trump's first anniversary, please) goes a long way toward restoring a constitutional government in which laws are written by state legislatures and Congress. The court had no business ordering the states to legalize abortion on demand, nor to require states to recognize gay weddings.

No. 4, reining in the federal bureaucracy also helps restore a constitutional government. If Congress wants the EPA to regulate puddles, then let Congress make it a law.

No. 5, national security and veterans go hand in glove. Yes, we have great technology but all is meaningless without patriotic Americans willing to serve.

Coal exports up 60%? Make West Virginia Great Again.


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  1. And the year is not even over. Between President Trump's patriotism and dynamism and the belated revelation of the myriad scandals perpetrated by the Obama administration I believe the National Institute of Health should be given the task of devising an effective medication for the treatment of schadenfreude.

    A very Merry Christmas to everyone! - Elric

  2. Sounds like a state press release out of North Korea. Did the Dear Leader manage a 34 round of golf? Putin's first year is shaping up nicely for the American Oligarchs.

    1. That is funny! Conservatives have had to suck up for decades; nice to see the boot on the other foot.

    2. Funny you say that,it sounds like when obama was seated at the throne,try and keep up.Dennis[aka]anonymous

  3. (Western mining metaphor alert)

    Without preamble this has been a startling week.

    I love it and I'll accept it, but I WOULD like to know how deep and how wide this vein runs.

    1. Deeper than the Mariana Trench, and wider than Michael Moore's waistline. Next question?