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Sunday, December 31, 2017

Weekend of Fake News

The press has no shame. Reporters and editors believe they can get away with lies and bring down the  duly elected American president.

They should remember the Ninth Commandment: "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor."

Consider these gems so far this weekend.

From AOL: "White House intern appears to flash 'white power' hand gesture in photo with Trump."

The kid gave the OK sign.

What kind of fascist news Nazis work at AOL?

From HuffPost: "Trump Says He Has An 'Absolute Right' To Control The Justice Department."

That is absolutely true. The Constitution makes the president the chief executive of the federal government.

From the Toronto Star: "Donald Trump made 25 false claims in his latest New York Times interview."

The first claim was Trump's statement, “But I think it’s all worked out because frankly there is absolutely no collusion, that’s been proven by every Democrat is saying it … Virtually every Democrat has said there is no collusion. There is no collusion.”

The Star's rebuttal was "Democratic members of Congress have not said en masse that they are convinced that there was no collusion between Trump’s campaign and Russia. Some have acknowledged that they have not seen evidence of collusion, but they have pointed out that the investigation is ongoing."


Number 2 was Trump said Manafort worked for him "three and a half months." The Toronto Star said "just under five months."


Number 3 was Trump said, “I saw (Democratic Sen.) Dianne Feinstein the other day on television saying there is no collusion.” The Star said she said, “Not so far.”


Number 4 was Trump said she was the head of the committee but she is merely the ranking Democrat.


Number 5 was Trump said, “So, I actually think that it’s turning out — I actually think it’s turning to the Democrats because there was collusion on behalf of the Democrats. There was collusion with the Russians and the Democrats. A lot of collusion … starting with the dossier.”

The Star sniffed that the dictionary defines collusion as a “secret agreement or co-operation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose,” which it says means it could be something beyond the dossier. But the interview question was about the dossier.

But the Star did not own up to Democrats hiring an opposition research team whose dossier was a series of statements from Russian officials.

I didn't bother with the other 20. It was propaganda disguised as news. I wonder why Canadians feel it necessary to despise Trump while worshiping Obama. Maybe if they paid attention to their own politics, they would not wind up with a loser like Justin Trudeau as their prime minister.

Or maybe that's the plan.

From Breitbart on Thursday:
A Pew Research Center study found that the media was over three times more negative towards President Donald Trump in his first 60 days in office compared to former President Barack Obama in his first year in the White House.
The Pew Research Center found that the media’s coverage of Trump in his first few months in office was 62 percent negative, while Obama’s coverage was just 20 percent negative. President Trump received only five percent positive media coverage, compared to Obama who got 42 percent positive media coverage, the most positive media coverage of a president in recent history.
It's not gotten any better.

While the press savages President Trump with Fake News day in and day out, what does it ignore?

Well, this weekend, anti-government protests in Iran.

From News Busters:
But despite the widespread nature of the protests, ABC, CBS, and NBC have blacked out coverage from their morning and evening news broadcasts. The President’s tweet touting the peaceful protests and warning the Iranian government went completely unreported Saturday morning (the networks couldn’t cover the tweet Friday evening because it went out after they went off the air).
Instead of reporting on the uprising on Saturday, all three of the networks took swings at Trump for spending his Friday golfing even though it was spent with members of Florida’s National Guard.
In addition to criticizing Trump for golfing, which they didn’t do for President Obama, ABC’s Good Morning America mocked Trump for the political problems he was sure to face in the new year. CBS This Morning touted how the GOP could lose control of the House in the 2018 elections and hyped a protester at Disney’s Hall of Presidents shouting “lock him up” at the Trump animatronic. NBC’s Today actually reviewed other Trump tweets from the last few days but omitted his tweet about Iran.
Meanwhile on CNN, even though the news outlet has an extensive international arm, they put off covering the protests until early Saturday morning. And by that time, the only thing they found interesting about the demonstrations was the small PRO-government counter-protests that had sprung up. It has been the only article CNN has written about it the Iranian uprising.
CNN's support of the Iranian ayatollahs surprises me not. You may recall CNN served as a PR agency for Saddam Hussein broadcasting only positive stories about Iran for the 12 years between the Gulf War and the Iraq War.

Face it, CNN as an institution likes authoritarian governments. That's why it supported Obama. Trump is a democrat and a populist, which is why CNN hates him.

Much of the press corps hates him.


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  1. Sir, one typo and one possible mistake...

    "I didn't bother with the other 20. It n was propaganda" is the typo and in the final paragraph you refer to President DJT as a democrat. I happen to agree with that characterization, but some think he's GOP, since he ran and won under that ticket...

    1. I think Mr Surber meant PDJT is a "democrat" not a Democrat. The Pres is both. republican and a Republican.


  3. The Pew outfit is lefty as can be. I wonder what the real number was?

  4. A Canadian couple, vacationing in South Florida, asked me once why no Candian weather was on the nightly news. I wasn't surprised because I had lived in Toronto for a year. But on topic,
    In Toronto, the newspapers are worse than any here, and I choke as I write this.. The writing is almost imbecilic and the topics leaden. Facts are always irrelevant but showing you are a good PC lacky dope is very important. Sticking it to Trump, to them, reveals to their readers proud independence, bravery under fire, that you are not a forgotten nobody,as you are,but a real somebody, yes, and deserve an Equestrian statue, covered in Gold Maple leaf ,like Hadrian's, placed in every park in the land. I hardly exaggerate.
    Another little known fact: Most Canadians activity dislike the USA and Americans. They like their own indolent socialist life style and lousy medicine borrowed from the mother country, supported as it is by huge natural resources, although Without us to trade with they would be still be trapping mink. They sneer at our 'racism' but getting into Canada to get on the lifestyle Dole is much harder than here. My French bud says A language test was necessary for example and you have to have a well documented job.
    I had many good friends there but as a people to me they are not great. Their influence here is zero, as it should be. Even our worthless liberals won't go there to trade Trump for the Twit. Too bad.

    1. The CBC election night coverage was far & away the nastiest, most shamelessly anti-Trump of any major media coverage. Made my eyes cross.

  5. I appreciate the summaries of recent Democrat Media "news". Saves me the aggravation. I stopped paying attention to Democrat Media when it became unashamed Democrat propaganda during the Reagan years.

  6. "Much of the press corps hates him." It's in their contracts, I'm pretty sure. I also expect the enemedia conducts extreme vetting on their new employees.

  7. I picture the media sitting around like the writers for Johnny Carson’s monologue planning out the next set of fake news.

  8. The media wont say a word about the recent change in Trump's approval numbers. Talk about anything else but dont say anything...their big "talking point" seems to be going away. Ill bet it almost hurt Gallup to print 40% for Trump.

    1. Rasmussen Dec.29, 46% (same as Obama's at the end of his first year in office.)

    2. We all know how that was reported. Doesn't count because its just "Rasmussen" so therefore...

      I hope the combined average keeps climbing as folks see better paychecks and media finds a predictable "change the storyline" to something they fallback on...Russia. Or maybe something else they can invent like Iran. Perhaps they will link Iran's shoddy economy to Trump because he was "mean". Or the White Truck investigation part 1,006.