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Friday, December 15, 2017

Voters care not about net neutrality

The following post quotes liberals, which means it uses filthy language.Parental discretion is advised.

Democrats believe they have found the Holy Grail from 2018: net neutrality.

From the Verge:
Ajit Pai just handed Republicans a bag of shit
Killing net neutrality isn't just bad policy, it's bad politics
Well, it happened.
Republican Ajit Pai’s FCC voted 3-2 along party lines today to repeal virtually every open internet and net neutrality rule on the books, reclassify broadband service in a way that prevents further rules from being implemented, and hands consumer protection to another government agency that’s never dealt with these issues before.
Pai did this regardless of the millions of Americans who flooded the government asking for these protections to remain; regardless of the tens of thousands of fake comments that overwhelmed the FCC’s systems and prompted 12 states attorneys general across the country to demand further investigation; and regardless of the thousands of online businesses telling the FCC that their very survival is threatened by ISPs picking winners and losers. He also did it knowing lawsuits would be instantly incoming; the first ones are already here.
All I know about net neutrality is who is for it:
Not a damned one of them I like, even though I do business with Amazon and Google.

The argument from liberals is that scotching net neutrality will be a windfall for large companies.

There are no larger companies than Amazon and Google.

Liberals also argue that repealing net neutrality will lead to censorship.

Since net neutrality passed in 2015, Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter have censored conservatives.

But guess what?

Americans don't care.

This is a tempest in a teapot in a country that drinks coffee. And not that latte crap either.

From Yahoo:
Internet providers probably won’t block your favorite sites or demand they pay for fast-lane service. Why? Because the business model for that behavior seems doubtful.
“The major providers out there are smart enough to know not to get between their customers and their TV,” T-Mobile (TMUS) chief operating officer Mike Sievert said during a conference call after that carrier announced its plans to launch an online video service in 2018. “We’re not worried that we’re going to face throttling or prioritization issues.”
So all the talk of blocking sites is Fake News -- a fog of war from tho who want to control the Internet through FCC regulations.

Net neutrality is a ham-handed attempt by the government to take over the Internet.

Had the FCC regulated the Internet 20 years ago, you'd still be paying AOL $2.95 an hour to go online.

If ISPs really were the power on the Internet, Google would buy them all.


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  1. here's how I know this issue is a nothing burger politically - because it's hard to understand. If the average human who doesn't follow this stuff for a living can't understand the matter in 10-15 seconds, he or she moves along.

    And personally, here's my method of gauging an issue: If Obama supports it/enacted it, I'm almost always opposed. That clown wants federal control of my bowel movements.

  2. Nothing like good ol' (un)common sense! That's why I like your commentaries. --BJ54

  3. ISPs are relatively small potatoes, compared to Google. Yahoo, which seems leftish to me, is also a small tater.

  4. PayPal founder Thiel says on his video about startups that monopoly is the best business model to invest in and aim for, a simple proposition that sums up the opposition to Net Neutrality. Millennials are said to want everything for free so the shit the Verge is referring to is the threat access will cost something so turn them off. But they are already not R voters.
    Even before the FCC decision,in the UK and France regulation of the internet was being called for to keep hidden the disastrous political decision made on Muslim emigration. Net neutral would have been another path to the same stupidity here, but even worse, as power to express opposition to any liberal or globalist whim would be subject to suppression by 'fairness' regulation. Trump did the US and the world a favor.

  5. The most effective argument in favor of net neutrality was the idea that in charging for broadband the ISP's would be able to engage in de facto censorship.

    Then once they got it the very providers that argued as such began aggressively censoring people they disagreed with, banning and shadow banning, and controlling what political ideas could be seen on their sites.

    The idea that NN favors a "free and open" internet falls flat on its face.

    Turns out what "free and open" meant was that people who don't use much bandwidth get to subsidize that of people who do. Socialism.

    And use of the net is so widespread it would have taken decades for the free rider effect to be evident. Meanwhile the providers get to skim the hell out of us all.

    Let people pay for their own use.

  6. A few things about 'Net Neutrality'......

    o Like all leftist/Obama laws, it labels them one thing and delivers the opposite. Think 'The Affordable Care Act'.

    o The old law assured a sort of monopoly for the big companies. Much as cable TV had. Not so long ago, Microsoft and Apple controlled all operating system code, blocking out others from developing for the public. 'Open Source' came in and now we have "apps" all over the place that make our lives easier.

    o Many of the established companies - particularly Facebook and Google - openly censor content from Trump supporters and conservatives. Meanwhile, they have no problem with anti-American, anti-Israel, pro-terrorist content.

    o The repeal of the 'Net Neutrality' law means that now other means of communication of peoples daily issues are possible. Had the law remained in effect, points of view from the right of one-world governing socialists would have slowly been removed from the Internet, meaning that MSM would be all we could see and hear. Nevertheless, expect those people to fight back by blocking communications between free people.

  7. As always, the Lefties sell fear and hate.

  8. The only goddam thing the 2015 Act accomplished was to kill investment in new bandwidth. With 5g coming soon, bandwidth is going to get cheaper and cheaper.


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