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Monday, December 11, 2017

Trump's winning bothers liberals

Amy Davidson Sorkin of New Yorker did her best concern-trolling in a piece sub-headlined, "In less than a year, the President, with help from the Alabama Senate candidate, has so damaged the Party that it may never recover."

Yes, a record number of appellate judges appointed, stocks up 30%, unemployment at a 17-year low, Marxist regulations repealed, the War on Coal ended, the Islamic State disappearing, illegal immigration down to less than zero as more people exit than enter, and tax cuts are on the way -- that is so much winning that Republicans may never be the Runner-Up Party again.

Trump is doing so well that the fellow who had the job before him -- oh what was his name? Barry Soetoro? something like that -- lowered himself to finally making the Hitler comparison.

And we all know that once you bring up Hitler, you have conceded the argument.

The left is sad.

From HuffPost:
Sadly, Trump Is Winning
Despite his widespread unpopularity, Trump has delivered on specific promises to wealthy donors and the far right.
By Earl Ofari Hutchinson
This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to write and admit: Trump is winning. In the brief space of a week, he won a brief court fight to shove Mick Mulvaney to head the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Mulvaney wasted no time in unhinging a spate of consumer protection rulings, regulations, and personnel hires made during the Obama years.
His SCOTUS pick, Neil Gorsuch, eagerly cast a vote to impose the Muslim travel ban. His EPA head, Scott Pruitt, delivered a couple million acres of public monument land in the West to oil, gas, and coal industry developers. Trump busily continues to pack the federal judiciary with a parade of ultra-conservative, strict, constructionist Clarence Thomas and Antonin Scalia clones.
He switched gears and backed alleged pedophile Alabama judge Roy Moore in the Alabama Senate race, who almost certainly will win. The Republican National Committee, which had practically declared Moore a pariah, quickly jumped in and said it would back him. He got another sweet perk when Senate Democrats turned with a vengeance on Minnesota Senator Al Franken and virtually ordered him out of office. His subsequent resignation got rid of a pesky thorn for Trump. Franken had a big voice, lots of name recognition and popularity, and was not afraid to take shots at Trump.
He pooh-poohed the guilty plea of his former National Security Advisor Mike T. Flynn as no big deal while shouting “no collusion, no collusion” and got away with it.
Well, at least Hutchinson said "alleged pedophile."

He ended his lament:
During the campaign, Trump loved to shout to his adoring throngs that, with him in the Oval Office, they’d win so much they’d get tired of winning. The giveaways to the rich, the gutting of Obamacare and the coming whittling away of Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security is hardly winning for many of his backers. They benefit from these programs and won’t get a dime’s more relief in their tax bill. But for Trump so far this has been a win-win, and a sad one to admit.
Elections have consequences.

Which brings me back to Missus Sorkin, who wants to taint Trump's triumphs over the evils of Marxism.

She wrote:
In less than a year in office, Trump has led the G.O.P. into situations and alliances so degraded that the Party may never fully recover, even as he watches an investigation into Russia’s possible interference in the 2016 election, led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, move ever closer to his immediate circle. Last week, Donald Trump, Jr., refused to answer questions before the House Intelligence Committee about his conversations with his father, and a plea deal that Mueller struck with Michael Flynn, the former national-security adviser, indicates that Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner, may be under scrutiny, too. Mueller may also have turned his attention to records related to Trump’s finances. Last Monday, the day that Trump endorsed Moore, Axios reported that one of the President’s lawyers, echoing Richard Nixon, had suggested that what might count as obstruction of justice for others would not in Trump’s case — because if the President does it, it isn’t really a crime. But each day dawns with a possibility that Trump will disgrace the Presidency more than he already has, whether he is insulting Native Americans or mangling relationships with our most trusted allies.
Of course, none of this is Trump's doing.

Hillary spent millions on that Russian Dossier in which Kremlin officials made all sorts of absurd lies -- urinating hookers -- to rationalize the unconstitutional electronic surveillance of Trump's campaign by the Obama administration.

This is where we are 13 months after electing Trump president.

He is fulfilling campaign promises, and the left is appalled.



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  1. If Earl Ofari Hutchinson is upset then Trump is doing awesome

  2. Keep in mind that the Republicans had Reagan and rather than try to maintain his momentum using the same ideas and methods promptly shit out the "kinder, gentler" David Cop-a-feel, and installed a pedophile as house speaker.

    The only way this keeps up is by maintaining Tea Party values and Trumpism.

    I'm betting they are too stupid to do so.

  3. Mis Sorkin missed her calling as a projectionist..TG

  4. its truly horrible how the GOP is running congress, governor statehouses and state legislators. I am appalled by it, and clearly, the end is nigh for the GOP.


    Thanks for your 'concern,' darling.

  5. The convoluted and elitist mindset of the chattering classes is staggering...unfortunately there are many sheeple.

  6. The rubes benefit nicely from 3%+ Gdp growth per year, sweetie.

  7. Don, I appreciate you reading the trash so that we don't have to!!!!

  8. Amer their yuuuuuuge win is that the media is losing.

  9. DJIA is up over 40 points as I type, my retirement investment account is up 19% for the year with one fund up 32% for the year, watermelon greenies are pissed, CNN and the NYT are going down the tubes, the tax reform bill passed, Obamacare is dying, unemployment is low, arrests of illegal aliens are up. It's a beautiful day.

  10. I'm not sure why, but when I read those excerpts, I kept hearing "Waaaaaa Waaaaa Waaaah!" in my head.

    I'm not tired of winning yet, but President Trump is trying to fulfill yet another campaign promise by winning so much we'll get exhausted from it.

    What stage of grief does that represent? Acceptance or Negotiation?

  11. Couldn't wait to see
    The Donald jammin
    Couldn't wait to see
    The Donald jam

    1. The Donald jammin': here ya go

    2. Sorry, wrong link

  12. I wonder if these people ever switch away from West Wing reruns and ponder... Why is it Repubs have the Presidency, Senate, House. More Govs, more State Legislatures and we're only a small act of God away a Repub Supreme Court.
    Why is that, guys? No, all white Americans are NOT Hitler. Keep pondering

  13. Actually Amy Davidson Sorkin is correct, President Trump is ruining the Republican party.

    Corker and Flake are out. McCain is seen for what he is - a Democrat. Collins and Murtkowski are having to modify their GOPe positions. And all GOPe members of Congress are on their way to either converting to President Trump's populism, or preparing for life after DC.

    1. That is why they're so desperate to see Moore lose in Alabama. If he wins that means none of their weapons are effective against Trumpism. That means the Repubocrat unipartei of Democrats and "true conservative" nevertrumpers is as dead as the 20th century to which they belong on the ash heap with.

  14. Damaged which party? The Government's Main Party or the Government's Other Party? Either one, it doesn't really matter to me.

  15. "alleged ... almost certainly win".
    Well, at least those two seem truthful.

    Another thing to remember is that the lying Moore accusers, after 40 years, are not only not credible, but are certainly lying about certain parts of their fibs. Not certain he didn't do something then, but such accusers, in an "October" surprise hit against a Rep, are not so credible.
    Except to Dems.

    And GOPe - GoPees. Pleeeese, Go.